Best Nursing Pillow For Tall Mom That Most People Search For 

 July 12, 2022

By  maipham

Are you seeking the best nursing pillow for tall moms? 

In the development after birth, moms usually meet many difficulties in breastfeeding so nursing pillows have become one of the most popular materials for babysitting. 

In the current market, there are a thousand nursing pillows. Therefore, you will have a bewildering range of nursing pillows to choose from. 

Never mind, you’re in the right place. We are going to introduce to you the best nursing pillow for a tall mom through the following article.

My top recommendation for the best nursing pillow for tall moms

Best nursing pillow for tall moms

There are a lot of types of nursing pillows with price differences. Based on my own experience, our top recommendations for the best nursing pillow for tall moms are: 

  • Nurit Basic Nursing Pillow: Best for long-legged moms, safe, thick, and comfortable.
  • My Best Friend Original Nursing Pillow: Best for long torso moms, convenience, simple, reasonable price.

What is a nursing pillow? 

Best nursing pillow for tall moms

It is a type of pillow widely used by mothers today. Different from regular pillows, this is a pillow specially designed to give mothers a lot of help in breastfeeding. 

When using a nursing pillow, the baby is brought closer to the mother's body. Make it easy for your baby to latch on to the nipple, lie in the right position, and suckle breast milk

It’s very important to let the baby lie in the right position. It will avoid reflux, and spitting up milk. 

At the same time, when using pillows, mothers will not suffer from hand fatigue, having pillows as objects to support the baby. In particular, in the stage of learning to sit, the baby can sit without a holder.

According to an expert doctor’s advice, all moms should invest in a breastfeeding pillow. To feel that raising children is no longer stressful and easier. Of course, there will be many different types of nursing pillows suitable for each mom’s body to choose from.

How to use a nursing pillow

Best nursing pillow for tall moms

Nursing pillows are used in a variety of ways to suit the baby's position when feeding. To prevent your baby from puking up milk when eating, you should choose the right position where you and your baby are both comfortable. 

The positions that most mothers apply are lying face up or lying on one’s side. You can put a nursing pillow to feed your baby on the sofa or a chair without hugging when you are tired, or hot. 

At the same time, the nursing pillow still promoted its effects of supporting the head and the baby's neck. Here are steps for you to use nursing pillows correctly to help your baby safely breastfeed.

  • When the baby sucks the mother's milk, place the pillow along the arm.
  • Then, the mother holds the baby quietly and places the baby's feet under the mother's arms, and the baby's belly facing the mother's body.
  • The nursing pillow will assist moms in supporting the baby so lay the baby down on the nursing pillow during feedings.
  • Double-check carefully that the baby is in the correct position before feeding.

How to choose the best nursing pillow for a tall mom

Best nursing pillow for tall moms

Nursing pillows are produced a lot, even redundant. Therefore, mothers are bewildered when faced with many choices. Today we will introduce you the criteria to consider when choosing a good nursing pillow.

Choose the size which is suitable for your body and baby

A pillow with a large surface area of 60cm - 70cm is large enough for the baby's body and suitable for the mother's body.

Mothers with long backs should use a higher thickness than other normal nursing pillows to avoid bending their backs while nursing while mothers with long legs just need a pillow of normal size. 

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The babies they will quickly not fit the pillow for a short time so moms consider choosing size carefully.

Made of safe material

Mothers should check the quality of the nursing pillow before buying it to avoid harmful diseases to the baby. Choose products made from benign, safe materials such as cotton or bamboo fiber shells. 

In particular, the material used to make the pillow must be pre-sterilized with modern equipment. Safe materials will have good sweat absorption, breathability, and mildew resistance which help the baby has a healthy life.

Easy to clean

Besides being made from good and safe materials, choosing nursing pillows’ easy cleaning criteria will be a top priority.

While breastfeeding, mothers cannot avoid overflowing milk or babies spitting milk on the pillow. If not cleaned, the filling and pillowcase will be dirty, and smelly, which over time will lead to mold. 

The products that can be washed from filling to pillowcases to ensure hygiene will avoid the appearance of many bacteria that are harmful to the baby's skin, and resistance.

Top 5 best nursing pillows for tall moms

The period of raising a newborn is always a difficult challenge for all mothers, especially for first time moms. To avoid the worst cases, experts have advised that mothers use mother and child support items while taking care of the baby.

Here are the top 5 best nursing pillows for tall moms that we highly recommend:

Best nursing pillows for tall mom with long torso

For mothers with a long torso, let’s choose products designed for a taller than usual breastfeeding without fatigue.

Leachco Natural Boost – Adjustable Nursing Pillow

Leachco Natural Boost Pillow is a brand of nursing pillows made in the US. In particular, these are nursing pillows with a higher height than the normal nursing pillow, suitable for mothers with long torsos. It is trusted by lots of mothers thanks to the following characteristics:

The design: Usually designed in a minimalist style with dark colors and delicate and luxurious borders. Dimensions 21.75 x 16 x 11.75 inches spacious for baby to lie comfortably.

The materials: These pillows use polyester 65% and cotton 35% for good absorbency to keep your baby comfortable in the hot season.

What we like

  • There are 2 convenient sides to help your baby change the feeding position without getting tired
  • The contoured nursing pillow fits around the waist so it also gives comfort to the mom's back
  • Lightweight pillow easy to carry even when you travel
  • Made of fabric that's easy to clean and dry

What we don't like

  • When you wash too much, the quality of the fabric will be affected a little

Bamibi Nursing Pillow

Bambi Nursing Pillow is a brand of nursing pillows widely used by long torso moms in the US. Currently, this product is among the top quality products worldwide. Let's look for more information about the features that make this popular product.

The design: The pillow is composed of a u- or semi-circle shape, and the outer case is eye-catching in gray and heart-shaped.

The materials: Soft, gentle, smooth cotton material helps support the mother's belly, back, and baby's head safely. The thin, drying fabric helps mothers always keep the nursing pillow hygiene. From there, babies can avoid diseases from mold viruses in the pillow.

What we like

  • Mother and baby will feel comfortable sleeping well and have sweet dreams
  • Machine washable to save time and money for the family
  • Because of its large size, the baby and mother can use it for a long time through all stages
  • It is a reasonable idea to be chosen as a gift

What we don't like

  • The price of the product is quite high

Best nursing pillows for long-legged moms

For mothers with long legs, let’s choose pillows with an average height of about 15cm-20cm. 

Nurit Basic Nursing Pillow 

Nurit Basic Nursing Pillow is a brand launched in 1946 in China. This product is always contested by investors and has become one of the most purchased products in the pillow market in the world. 

The design: Designed with a variety of colors and designs for moms to choose from. Bright colors are for moms who like sweetness, and dark colors are for moms with personality.

The materials: Different from other products, the pillow is specially designed when it is made from 100% recycled paper, creating a dark color that contributes to environmental protection.

What we like

What we don't like

  • Sometimes you got the zipper broken 

Boppy Best latch nursing pillow 

They are trusted by many mothers around the world. This is a nursing pillow specially designed for mothers with long legs because it can be adjusted to the size of the user's wishes.

The design: Designed with bright colors, thick fabric, and long-lasting. The patterns on the pillow are diverse, customers can freely choose according to their preferences.

The materials: Made from a cotton blend. The main component of cotton blends is natural cotton fibers mixed with artificial fibers such as rayon, polyester, or linen bringing a light feeling.

What we like

  • Can use both surfaces of the nursing pillow
  • The size can be adjusted to your liking
  • Machine wash without having to remove any part of the pillow
  • Easy to use and hold

What we don't like

  • Sometimes you got the zipper broken 

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow 

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is a brand of nursing pillows made in the US. In particular, these are the nursing pillows with a normal height, suitable for mothers with long legs. 

The design: The pillow has a circular design that wraps around the body, having the optimal use of protecting both mom and baby. It also helps them feel very comfortable during breastfeeding.

The materials: My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow structure consists of the following main parts:

  • Pillow frame: Designed in an open circle, it can safely support mom and baby.
  • Pillowcase material made from bamboo fiber cotton fabric, easy to absorb sweat, gentle for baby's skin.
  • The material of the pillow is made from young rubber, which is a benign, excellent material that does not irritate the baby's skin, and is safe for the baby.

What we like

  • Lightweight easy to carry
  • Create a habit of sitting with correct posture, alleviating pain in body parts
  • Reasonable prices
  • Various colors and designs to choose from
  • Specially designed with a small bag attached, so that moms can carry more of their cosmetics

What we don't like

  • It takes a long time for the My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow to completely dry

How to use the nursing pillow for tummy time?

Best nursing pillow for tall moms

This is a question that many users ask when using a nursing pillow. And a nursing pillow can be used for tummy time.

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Let's refer to a few tips below to help mothers be able to safely put their baby on the nursing pillow.

  • Lay the nursing pillow on a flat surface, under the nursing pillow is a thin blanket, then you lay the baby on his stomach on the nursing pillow. 
  • Make sure to keep a close eye on the baby at all times so that the baby's arms and shoulders rest on the nursing pillow.
  • Letting your baby experience what it feels like to be on his stomach while breastfeeding will help him see things around him from a new angle.
  • Only put your baby on his stomach on the nursing pillow when he is in a good mood. 

When your baby shows signs of fatigue and fussiness, bring them back to bed or hold them in your arms. Normally, developing babies will maintain the prone position on the pillow for about 5-20 minutes.

Always make sure that when the baby is on his stomach on the nursing pillow, the baby's body parts should be on the pillow. If a baby's arms, legs, or head slip off the nursing pillow, they can lose their balance and fall.

How to use the nursing pillow as a sitting aid?

A nursing pillow is a great tool to help young ones stay propped up in a sitting position before they have the core strength to sit fully on their own.

As your baby gets to the stage of learning to sit, pillows can act as a support tool to help your baby learn to sit better. There are some ways for moms to create a safe position to avoid falling.

Always place pillows on a safe surface, preferably the floor. Do not place on high places.

Make sure the baby's back rests against the curve of the pillow, legs facing forward. Sit in the middle of the pillow so you don't lose your balance.

Monitor the baby anytime and anywhere, the baby moves very fast. Therefore, you must always make sure the baby is sitting in the correct position to avoid bad situations

In addition to feeding the baby, the nursing pillow is used to support the baby to practice sitting ability. Promotes strong bone growth. Please experience all the functions of this nursing pillow.

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Best Nursing Pillow For Tall Moms


A nursing pillow is a convenient, affordable, easy-to-buy item that is widely sought after by mothers. Try to experience it to have a comfortable feeling during the feeding session.

Through the above information, hopefully, readers can better understand the types of pillows. From there, you can choose the best nursing pillow for tall mom for you and your baby easily.


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