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November 6, 2022

Best shoes for toddlers with fat feet

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Recently I ordered a pair of walking shoes for my little son, who is 15.5 months old right at the moment.

I strictly followed the measurement instruction, ie., to use a tape and measure from the longest toe to his heel, it showed 13.5cm or 5.3 inches. So it means my son’s feet will fit a size 7 (US size) pair of shoes.

The biggest size for that particular pair of shoes was 8. And I had my experience with ordering a way too big pair of shoes, they often come loose when my son walks, so this time I got smarter and got size 7. It should be a perfect fit!

After nearly a week of waiting, I finally received the pair. They were really cute, just what I expected.

Ever since I had my boy, buying things for him and seeing him try them on are even more pleasant than buying things for myself!

So I rushed home, tried them on my son.

And they are too tight. Or more accurately, my son’s insteps are too big for them. Yes, my son is on the "thick and strong" side, but still!

So now I'm in for a search for the best shoes for toddlers with fat and wide feet. 

If you are reading this article, I assume that you are like me. Let's join me for a search. 

What do you need to consider when finding the best shoes for toddlers with fat feet

Rubber sole

Safety comes first. When it is about walking, you will notice that either your little walkers walk too fast or they don't know how to pace or keep their balance. Therefore, a slippery surface is very dangerous for them.

The good thing is that almost all types of rubber create a non-slippery sole, allowing your baby to walk safely on a floor even when the floor is wet.

It's not a slip-on pair of shoes

Slip-on shoes are beautiful and simple, and seem that they are easy to put on.

This is probably true for normal babies. But if your baby has big, wide and fat feet, likely, the insteps of the shoes won't fit him (like in my scenario). 

Therefore, get your little one a pair of shoes that can open easily.

Do not simply go for a normal pair of shoes and size up

Because many times, the shoes are very long compared to your little one's feet while the insteps are still tight.

Babies grow up quickly and so are their shoes. It is a good idea to size up 0.5 size of his normal fit though.


Your baby's skin is very fragile and sensitive. Make sure you select some good material that won't rub against his skin or scratch him.


Not all shoes, especially walking shoes are made equal. If your baby is very young, normally less than 1 year old, his feet are flat. While this condition is completely normal for such small babies, make sure the shoes you choose can provide arch support.

With that in mind, I'm in for the search of shoes for babies with wide feet. 

Here's the list that I found. 

Best first-time walking shoes for baby with fat and wide feet

I primarily focus on shoes that can fit our little first-time walkers, as they need to be soft, comfortable while securing the feet and provide good support.

Crocs Kid's Crocband Clog

Crocs shoes are famous for their flexibility and comfort. The shoes are normally very wide and can easily fit chubby feet.

They are soft, lightweight and comfortable. They come with a heel strap for a more secure fit if your baby’s feet are small. Generally speaking, if you tuck the heel strap to the top of the shoes, your baby can keep using this pair of Crocs even when he sizes up.

However, there are several things you need to keep in mind about Crocs shoes.

They do last a very long time, however, once worn out, they are very slippery. It is unlikely that your baby’s feet can still fit in these once they are worn out, but I will not advise you to store and save this pair for your younger children.

Make sure they are completely dry when you let your baby wear it. Because even if they are made from foam and have ventilation ports, they won’t dry out themselves once your baby puts them on.

What we like

  • Soft, comfortable and lightweight
  • Plenty room for wide and fat feet

What we don't like

  • Very slippery once worn out

ikiki Squeaky Shoes

Ikiki shoes are recommended by physical therapists and pediatricians because they reinforce good walking habits as they squeak when walking heel to toe. They have a single strap that allows fastening or tightening the shoes to secure a better fit. 

They have super adorable designs for both boys and girls, and the squeaking sound can be turned off.

However, a lot of customers feedback that after a while of wearing, they become very dirty because of the rubber top that attracts dirt and is hard to clean. Besides, there is no ventilation so if the weather is warm, your baby’s feet will get hot quickly.

What we like

  • Made for toddlers with fat feet
  • Cute design
  • Encourage good walking habits

What we don't like

  • No ventilation
  • Not so durable

Stride Rite Soft Motion

There are a lot of Stride Rite that can easily please you. But this Soft Motion deserves a mention. Stride rite shoes are perfect for first walkers; they’ve got rounded toes– perfect for helping tiny feet balance better. They have flexible soles that can bend easily and soft memory foam, offering great comfort, reducing stumbles and falls.

They are made of high-quality material that doesn’t stimulate your baby's skin. Besides, they have adjustable hooks and loops for a better fit while offering easy on and off.

What we like

  • Rounded soles to reduce stumbles and falls
  • Non-slippery
  • Easy to put on and take off

What we don't like

  • The top material might attract dust


When talking about ventilation, you cannot miss the BM City shoes. They have a fly knitting upper for high breathability that allows kid’s little feet to stay cool and dry. The rubber soft spikes and sensory pods under the outsoles prevent your baby from slipping, and help the baby learn to balance as their toes grip the ground. 

They also come with hook-and-loop closure designs that make it easy to take on and off.

These shoes are great for fat and wide feet, the soft top material offers plenty of room and comfort.

What we like

  • Great ventilation, allows baby’s feet to stay cool
  • Non-slippery, easy on and off and comfortable
  • Soft and gives room for chubby feet

What we don't like

  • Sizing can be tricky


When choosing shoes for a toddler with fat feet, you need to pay attention to the design. Slip-on shoes tend to be very tight on them, except for this one.

The soft top offers plenty of flexibility and stretching while keeping your baby’s feet warm and secure. The sole is made from soft rubber, providing anti-slippery properties. They also come with many designs and colors, all of them are ridiculously cute!

The only thing to consider is that these shoes come from China, so the sizing may be tricky sometimes.

What we like

  • Super cute design
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Non-slippery and great for fat feet

What we don't like

  • Sizing is tricky


If you have a pair of converse and wish your baby can have a mini version of it, this pair is the one you are looking for.

They have a classic design and come in many colors for you to choose from. They are also made from high-quality material that is safe for baby skin with an anti-slippery sole.

What we like

  • Classic design
  • Non-slippery
  • Great price

What we don't like

  • Sizing is tricky

Best sport shoes for toddlers with fat feet

When your baby gets a little bigger, these above shoes still work wonder. However, there are other shoes, which don’t really need to meet all of your first-time walker conditions, but are worth taking a look at.

K KomForme Toddler Sneakers

KomForme kids sneakers equip dual hooks and loops to adjust tightness degree, your kid can put on sneakers by themselves. But what is more than that, hook and loops can prevent a stumble compared with lace type.

The soles are non-slippery and durable while the top material doesn’t stimulate baby skin. They come in a variety of designs for you to choose from.

However, while the adjustable top means they work well for fat and chubby feet (which means thick feet), if your baby has wide feet, you might need to look elsewhere. Some reviews mention that these shoes are quite narrow.

What we like

  • Have hooks and loops to adjust
  • Very cute design

What we don't like

  • Sizing is tricky


They have adjustable straps to secure a better fit while allowing easy on and off. With the rubber sole, they are also anti-slippery. 

They have plenty of small holes in the top material, which allow ventilation so that your baby’s feet won’t get sweaty. Lightweight material offers comfort even if your toddlers wear them for a long time.

While they don't have a lot of arch support, due to the design, they still make their mark in our list of best shoes for toddlers with fat feet.

What we like

  • Good for sport and activities
  • Strong and sporty design

What we don't like

  • Not a lot of arch support
  • Sizing is tricky

Finding a good pair of shoes for your fat feet toddler doesn’t need to be frustrating

You don’t have to look everywhere over the internet and read 2000 reviews of other customers.

You don’t have to cross your fingers when you decide which one to go for, only to feel disappointed when you receive them.

You don’t have to worry if your baby is comfortable in the shoes, if the blood is circulating, if his feet get hot.

Now you have gotten a list of the best shoes for toddlers with fat feet. Your search can end now, it’s time to get your baby a pair and let him explore the world.

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