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January 15, 2022

vox on baby monitor

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Your baby needs constant attention, but you can't be in the room all the time. A baby monitor is all you need to keep an eye on your baby. Baby monitors are all equipped with screens and sounds to allow you to see and listen to your baby from another place.

Is a mere baby monitor enough? Absolutely no! You need more than just a monitor.

We mean VOX on a Baby Monitor.

The outstanding development of advanced technologies today has created a lot of devices used to support the care of young children. Precisely here is the VOX on a Baby Monitor. 

It will partly help parents in taking care of their children. With the help of VOX-enabled baby monitors, parents do not need to keep an eye on their baby 24/7. It will do it for them.

Do you know the best baby monitors with VOX technology on the market today?

I am sure that this article will help you a lot.

We'll let you know what VOX on a Baby Monitor is and introduce you to the top best products on the market today.

Okay, let's dive in!

What is VOX on Baby Monitor?

VOX is a mode integrated into the baby monitor used to assist parents in taking care of their babies. This feature will switch to "Sleep Mode" when your baby is asleep or quiet in the crib. If a child emits a sound and it is below the "trigger sound" threshold, the child monitor will not emit radiation pulses and will not send a signal to the parent's device. 

When the baby starts to cry, the monitor will start signaling, and you will receive a warning alarm. It's Voice-Activated Alert (VOX) mode. As such, the baby's sound will activate the monitor and send you a signal. Conversely, if the baby makes no noise, the screen will go into "sleep mode".

Features of VOX baby monitor:

vox on baby monitor
  • Consists of 2 main parts: signal detecting and sending part, signal receiving and feedback part.
  • The machine allows you to adjust the alert sensitivity and delay notifications.
  • If you want to monitor multiple children, you can customize each alert signal for each child.
  • During the day, the receiver can be clipped to the belt, allowing you to move around the house and still be alerted when your baby cries.
  • At night, plug the receiver into the charging dock next to your bed. The charger connects to the pillow shaker, ensuring you're alerted even while you're sleeping.

What to note when choosing to buy VOX baby monitor? 


The famous VOX baby monitor brands, widely used by many people, will have good quality. Take a look at the best-selling brands on the market. You can also ask about your friends' experience using that product or read articles, watch review videos of that brand to make a decision.

Supplier address 

A reputable supplier will provide you with quality products with the most prestigious warranty.


The more features VOX baby monitors have, the more modern they are. You can choose the type of machine with the features you need. There's no need to buy a machine with all the features to save money, because usually the more modern the machine, the more expensive it will be.


Finally, in terms of cost, high-priced machines will be more modern and feature-rich than low-cost machines. If you do not require too many features, you can choose low-priced machines to save money. However, you should choose VOX baby monitors with affordable prices, don't choose ones with too high or low prices to ensure quality.

Top 5 best VOX baby monitor you should consider

1. Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor

To help mothers dispel the insecurity when not being with their baby, the Eufy brand launched the Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor product line with a clear transmission system and VOX mode installed, always helping the mother observe and control baby control everywhere. 

With an extended range of up to 300m, moms can now have complete peace of mind when letting their baby sleep well or sing their baby lullaby even when they're not around.

Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor has a large screen and a modern monitoring system that allows mothers to observe their babies anytime, anywhere. Mothers only need to put 1 device near the baby and carry the other with her or put it in the office to monitor. 

When the baby cries, the mother will promptly run to see how the baby is. This smart device will help you be present when your baby needs it and make your baby always feel safe as if his mother is beside him.

With clear sound to help you easily recognize your baby's crying and a high-sensitivity microphone, it will immediately signal the mother to know the baby's condition.

This VOX baby monitor has a 2-way receiver and transmitter function. It has the same function as a phone, helping the mother talk to the baby, and the baby will feel that the mother is next to him, so he will feel secure and not cry.

The product has a compact design for the mother's device. It can be easily attached to the clothes, very convenient to carry around easily. This baby monitor has a soft lighting system and plays soft sounds, helping your baby feel secure and sleep better. You can customize the sound level that is best for your baby.

2. Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor

The next product we want to introduce you is the Philips Avent Digital Video baby monitor. It is a line of VOX baby monitors with cameras using A-FHSS technology for continuous connection with the highest transmission quality. 

Philips Avent SCD630 is equipped with a 3.5-inch screen with 2X Zoom with high resolution so that parents can observe their baby at a distance of 50m (indoor) and 300m (outdoor) with high-quality pictures and sound. 

Not only that but the VOX baby monitor with Philips Avent SCD630 camera is also equipped with a comfortable night light and 5 lullabies to calm your baby when he wakes up, as well as your voice to give him peace of mind. 

In particular, parents can personalize the notification signal with the Philips Avent SCD630 VOX baby monitor, with 3 sound lights to indicate the sound level in the baby's room even when the device is muted. 

Another highlight of the Philips Avent SCD630 VOX baby monitor is the ability to operate continuously for 10 hours when fully charged, thanks to the ECO MODE energy-saving feature, so parents do not worry about being interrupted by running out of battery and easy to install.

You can listen to every giggle, gurgle and hic-up with perfect clarity. Not only see but also hear your baby at any time with high quality, clear sound. Furthermore, it allows you to set the sensitivity of your device's microphone and monitor the temperature in your baby's room.

3. VTech VM3252 Video Baby Monitor

Vtech is a famous VOX baby monitor brand in the US. This smart safety device that optimally supports mothers to take care of their babies is convenient and safe, and very safe for young children. 

The machine is equipped with 1 LCD touch screen, and 1 sound receiver device, capable of sensing sounds very sensitively, easily distinguishing a baby's cry from other sounds.

Besides, the large and sharp screen also makes it easy for mothers to observe and zoom in on small and large images for easy monitoring. The device has a compact design and is easy to carry to observe your baby anytime and anywhere. 

If you still don't know what type of VOX baby monitor to buy, Vtech is the perfect suggestion. Vtech VOX baby monitor is very good quality, so mothers are completely assured of the device's effectiveness. 

You need to put one machine near your baby, maybe on top of the crib or under the loom and place the other screen where you work. Just like that, you can already know the state when your baby is crying to run in to see or say comforting words to make him feel like his mother is beside him and no longer crying. 

VOX baby monitor has the clearest transmission system, always helping you keep a close eye on your baby every moment. The system avoids maximum interference.

The device's camera can be rotated with a soft rainbow light ring that allows you to observe your baby without turning on the bedroom light, without affecting your baby's sleep.

The extended range is up to 300 meters so that you can observe your baby from anywhere in the house.

4. HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor

HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor is a high-end surveillance camera that gives parents peace of mind while working while taking care of their baby day and night. 

HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor is equipped with a 3.2 inches screen with an excellent color display, including auto night vision (black and white). You can even pan and zoom the cameras remotely using the remote without entering the baby's room.

With the option for on-screen temperature reading, parents can better monitor their baby with a remote-controlled night light and two-way micro communication mechanism that allows parents to soothe and talk to their baby at any time. 

This device applies Digital 2.4Gz technology, ensuring a private and secure connection with a range of up to 180 meters with clear picture quality.

This device will give parents peace of mind 24/24 thanks to the live camera features that allow the transmission of sharp images for the mother to observe the baby no matter the circumstances fully. 

The sound received and played is very clear, without interference, within a 180 meters range, mothers can freely work on their own and still monitor their baby well. 

In addition, this baby safety device also has the ability to record and display the room temperature on the screen for the mother to adjust promptly. The device can be battery-operated or electrically powered.

 5. Angelcare 3-in-1 AC527 Baby Monitor

Angelcare 3-in-1 AC527 Baby Monitor is a digital technology camera device with a 5 inches screen that helps intelligently monitor so that parents can take better care of their baby even though they are always busy. 

This VOX baby monitor gives parents peace of mind 24/7 thanks to the Live Camera features that transmit sharp images for the mother to observe the baby no matter the situation fully. 

This device has an LED screen design with 2.4GHz digital technology and a sharp, multi-color video display, temperature display so parents can monitor their actions and behaviors and the temperature to ensure the best for their baby.

The machine is designed to be lightweight. Mothers can easily carry it when working. VOX baby monitor Angelcare 3-in-1 AC527 is equipped with 1 signal receiver and 1 signal transmitter, helping transmit and transmit sound. 

The product has the ability to help mothers monitor all of their baby's activities even when they're not around, so mothers can safely work on their own and still grasp how their baby is doing through the device screen. 

In addition, when the baby shows signs of being unwell, fussy, the device will notify the mother so that the mother can comfort the baby in time.

Wrapping Up

vox on baby monitor

When welcoming the birth of an angel, the mother always wants to be with the baby and take care of the baby, but there will be times when parents are busy with work and have to leave the baby alone. And we think a good baby monitor with the VOX mode will be the ideal solution for you.

Buying a baby monitor with VOX mode installed is essential, but choosing a quality machine suitable for your financial conditions gives you quite a headache. Hopefully, the top 5 best products that we introduce above can help you choose the right machine for you!

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