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August 9, 2020

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It is exciting to watch your baby grow up. But the bigger your baby gets, the more work you have to do, and more things to worry about.

There is always a hot debate on if some sitting gears on the market are safe to use for baby’s development.

The question I found the most is, “is Fisher Price Sit Me Up bad for development?”

In this article, we are going to look at all the concerns that parents have regarding infant seats (sitting gears) and closely analyze if the Fisher Price Sit Me Up is safe for babies.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Why infant seats or baby floor seats are considered bad for baby

With an infant seat, you can leave your baby in it while you run to the bathroom for a few minutes, or need to stir the pot quickly.

You want to avoid dragging your little one with you around the house all day, for the sake of your arms, your back, and your hip, while entertaining him.

The risk on development

However, if your baby cannot sit on his own but you still make your baby sit on an infant seat, his pelvis is often tilted in a backward direction while his head is tilted forward.

This position badly affects his spine and neck, while the immobility negatively affects their development. It hinders your little one from using his body muscles and brings trouble for him to get pelvic control.

Being able to sit upright usually occurs after muscle strength in a baby’s legs, arms, shoulders, and back is well developed. As your little one needs to use his muscles and adjust his pelvic accordingly to sit comfortably on his own, infant seats do not help your kids to learn how to sit.

What’s more, if your baby cannot sit on his own for a short period, his bones are not strong enough to support his weight. Forcing him into an upright position will badly affect his spine.

More than often, due to its convenience, parents often put their babies on the infant seats for way too long while they do their things. And that’s the main reason why infant seats are bad for baby’s development.

Safety risk

Now that once your baby is on the infant seat, it doesn’t mean that the seat stays put no matter how much your baby moves.

It can flip over, especially dangerous if you put the seat on a high surface, and injure your baby.

How to use baby seats safely?

You can get your baby an infant seat as long as you use it right and safely. Here are some tips to use an infant seat.

Your baby can sit on his own on the tripod seat

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Bad For Development

The tripod seat is when your baby sits with an arm or both arms pushing against the floor for additional support.

That is the early stage of sitting for a baby. Once your baby develops more, he will be able to sit straight without arm support.

But you can help him to sit straight with an infant seat. It provides the support he needs.

You only use the baby seat less than 2 hours a day

You might not have heard of this, but doctors recommended not to put your baby in the car seat for more than 2 hours a day.

And the same thing applies to the infant seat.

Use the infant seat less than 2 hours a day, and each set is less than 15 minutes. Do not put your child on the seat for 2 hours straight.

Sitting surface

As your baby needs some additional support for a better sitting position, remember to check your baby’s posture once he is on the chair.

What you need to look at is to see if his back is straight and if his neck is up high.

Allow arms to move

The baby seats have to let your baby’s arms free so that he can use the arms to correct his position.

Leg support and position

To learn how to sit correctly, your baby needs to coordinate his body muscles, from his legs, arms, and back.

The ideal baby seat should not cialis vs viagra prevent your baby from moving, including his legs. Make sure he can adjust his legs and use his muscles to sit whenever he wants.

Is Fisher Price Sit Me Up bad for development?

Let’s take a look at the Fisher Price Sit Me up to decide if the Fisher Price Sit Me Up is bad for development.


It features a tray that provides arm support for your little one.

Legs and position

The leg holes are big and allow your baby to move his legs and his bum freely so that he can adjust the sitting position himself.

Sitting surface

With plenty of arms and legs movement and self-control, the sitting surface is soft and cushy. The fabrics prevent him from hunching and bending his back.

Age range to use baby seats

As mentioned above, your baby must be able to sit on his own in the tripod position before you put him on the seat.

Generally speaking, babies from 3 months up can use this seat.

Baby floor seat alternative

Of course, the first alternative is let your baby be a floor baby. That means, he will crawl on the floor first, once he is ready, he will sit up all by himself.

Or if you want to put your baby into something while you run to the bathroom, you can consider an exersaucer. An exersaucer is another great gear that helps baby with their development. Make sure you follow my guide on the age guide and safety tips regarding the exersaucer.

The verdict

Now you have it.

All the science-backed arguments on baby seats. Make sure you follow all the safety instructions and your little one is ready to sit up.

Now, back to our question.

Is Fisher Price Sit Me Up bad for development? No, if you use it right.

Remember to let Mother Nature do her job first, the entire baby gears are for additional support.

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