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April 29, 2023

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The search for the best suited baby formula for your baby can be overwhelming.

Imagine when you go shopping for clothes for an extremely picky person. Alone. Without that person.

Then you multiply it by 100 times, that the amount of confusion and headache you will deal with when you look through all different brands of baby formula, from organic to non-organic, from GMO to non-GMO, from 2’FL to non-2’FL.

Some babies are extremely picky. Not because they want to give you hell, but because their tummies are super sensitive. Some babies cannot tolerate all the ingredients that are included in cow milk formula.

What happen to babies with sensitive tummies? Vomiting, diarrhea, gas, skin irritation, diaper rash, sensitive skins… Over and over again.

If your baby also has an extremely sensitive tummy, finding the right baby formula is a painful search, where you suffer by watching your little one suffer from the wrong formula.

During my own search, I came across a European brand called Holle. The EU sets out a strict ingredient guideline to make sure there is no trace present of dangerous artificial ingredients or GMOs.

Unlike other brands that exclusively make cow milk or goat milk formula, Holle has 2 different types of formula. In this article, we are going to compare Holle goat milk vs cow milk, to see the differences between these 2 types, and which one best suits your baby.

Holle goat milk vs cow milk: similarities

Both of these formulas are organic and free of any dangerous ingredients.

They come in a series of different stages, so that your little one can use one brand throughout his childhood.

Holle baby formulas have received the Demeter seal of approval. This Demeter seal is a big deal. Demeter is one of the oldest and most prestigious organic food groups in the world. If Demeter gives a nod, it means Holle is some big deal too.

Holle goat milk vs cow milk: differences 

The main ingredient: goat milk vs cow milk

Goat milk is pure white while cow milk is more yellow. This is due to the number of carotene, the more carotene, the more yellow it looks.

However, regarding nutrition, goat milk and cow milk formulas make no difference. Then what set the real differences between the two, and why you should take a look before picking one line over the other?

Answer: digestibility

If your baby tends to have a difficult time digesting her formula or displays signs of an allergy to cow milk, organic goat milk formula can help.

Goat milk contains more fatty acids. These help the bodies to absorb nutrition from milk, which makes goat milk more digestible.

What’s more, the protein in goat milk degrade faster than those in cow milk, which makes goat milk more tolerable.

Holle goat milk vs cow milk: probiotics

Holle goat milk vs cow milk

Your baby’s sensitive tummy needs probiotics to digest the milk properly, especially during his first few months of his life.

Holle goat milk contains a far greater amount of probiotics than cow’s milk. If your little one is facing some digestive issues, Holle goat milk is a better option.

Helps baby to stay full

Holle Goat doesn’t contain starch while Holle Cow does. Starch is a great source of carbohydrates.

Therefore, Holle Goat might slightly do a better job in keeping your little one full for longer.

Helps baby to sleep

Holle Goat can help your baby sleep better as it contains tryptophan.

Final thought

Imagine you feed your little one, burp him and then put him down.

You wait for the inevitable thing that always occurs after every feed: gas and vomit. You only hope this time it is not too bad for him.

You wait and wait.

And nothing happens.

Your baby is happy, healthy and smiling back at you. He is having some fun without gas or vomiting. He spit up some milk, like a normal baby, which is something you always wish for.

You are like, “OMG, is it for real?”

All because you select the right formula for him.

So if you or your baby is fed up with the US based formulas that do not solve the root cause, and leaving your baby suffer from his sensitive belly, you might want to try Holle. And now you have your comparison of Holle goat milk vs cow milk, you just need to make the move.

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