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July 14, 2022

Sleep Training Little One’s Reviews

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A lot of the time, parents are concerned with the quality of sleep their little ones are getting. One of the reasons for this is that they feel like their little ones have trouble falling asleep after being put to bed at night. 

This may be due to them being restless during the evening that makes it difficult for them to fall asleep. During my intensive research, I've found a sleep training program, called Little One, that is very popular among moms. 

Even the best things have pros and cons, I was surprised to see how little negative feedback for Little One program. And I became suspicious. 

If you are on the edge of checking out the Little One program, or something else similar, let's find down if this program is as good as it sounds through my sleep training Little One's review below.

What Is The Little One’s Sleep Program?

Sleep Training Little One’s Reviews

The baby's alertness and naps are the emphases of the young one’s sleep program, thus the frequency of the frequent adjustments is determined by those two elements. Depending on how long your baby is awake and how long each sleep lasts, this may vary significantly from day to day.

Its handling of changes in your baby's habits, though, sets it apart from other applications. If a baby gets up early after a nap, for example, many programs will simply tell you to put him down for the next sleep when the X timer goes off. 

Little Ones has a variety of options depending on how early your kid gets up. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every situation, and each type of situation requires individual directions to ensure the correct bedtime every day.

Features Of Little One’s Sleep Program

Sleep Training Little One’s Reviews
  • Your baby will receive a one-time bill from 0 to 3 years old along with ongoing support throughout those years.
  • Suitable for newborns who have both breastmilk and formula.
  • A special supplement is available for purchase for twins or multiples.
  • It includes aging-related sleep problems such as solid food introduction and nap release.
  • It considers both private and communal sleeping arrangements.
  • The only sleep program on the market with a refund policy is this one.
  • It includes extremely thorough troubleshooting instructions.
  • Little One’s Village is a self-contained Facebook support group that is aptly called because it truly feels like an entire village is there for you.

As your baby grows and develops, they have precise feeding and sleeping patterns that alter frequently. Thus, Little Ones can be used from infancy to toddlerhood.

Believe me, new mothers: just when you think you've got it under control, your child will surprise you with something unexpected, like teething or sleep regression. 

I adhered to the suggested wake-up, nap, and afternoon regimen, which led to better sleep and improved our family vacation immensely. It's not fun to make young people grumpy while traveling. Even in various time zones, the Little Ones managed to keep us on schedule and entertained!


The Ultimate Sleep Package costs $138 once for children aged 0 to 3.Private sleep counseling costs between $700 and $1000 for overnight in-home consultations for children aged 0 to 5.

Books on sleep training are $10–30 for children aged 0–5.

How To Implement The Program

Sleep Training Little One’s Reviews

The timing of the regular shift hinges on these two elements because the tiny ones' sleep schedule emphasizes wake and nap times. Because of this, each day can vary slightly depending on your baby's wake-up time and the length of each nap.

Your baby's wake time might not be the suggested "standard" if he is not receiving a healthy nap.

If the infant has a catnapping tendency, this remedy will result in a lot of brief, ineffective naps per day and an unexpected bedtime, which in turn will result in an unpredictable awakening time. past the following morning. 

And as you can see, this can quickly spiral out of control, leading to unpredictable moments practically every day.

The program manages to maintain a reasonably regular nap time even, as well as a very delicate yet elegant balance of total wake + sleep time within 24 hours. As a result, days 7 to 7-7 are more or less predictable.


The Little Ones curriculum is divided into five age ranges: 0-3 months (beginning at 2 weeks), 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-24 months, and 2-3 years old.

Each program is offered as a downloadable PDF guide that includes regular, in-depth troubleshooting advice as well as useful details on age-appropriate problem-solving strategies, such as how to get started. napping and eating.

Your infant has clear instructions on how to run their program and what to expect, regardless of when you start it.

Starting a new schedule is never easy, and according to Little One’s recommendations, you should give your infant 1-2 weeks to become used to it. This indicates that progress is slow, and you'll initially find yourself checking this guide's Troubleshooting Section nearly every day.

But even when the nap or bedtime is off, I don't feel stressed at all because it is so thorough and detailed.

Sleep Training Little One’s Reviews

Sleep Training Little One’s Reviews

Here are some reviews from mothers who have used the Sleep Training Little One method:


Areeba A said:

"I got to learn so much about sleep science that when I spoke about it with family and friends using the terms awake window, sleep regression, feed to sleep associations, they would all be awe-struck with the knowledge I had gained and they would be left amazed thinking that there is so much behind a baby's sleep. I also liked the nutrition section as it broadened my horizons about what babies and toddlers eat and how veggies and fruit are an important element at each meal. I would like to pass my thanks to sleep consultants Josephine, Sarah Hann, Michelle, Jenna, Brooke Woods, and dietician Tara for all their immense help and kind support. The way they all guided made everything so much clearer and more manageable. I cannot imagine I have learnt so much just within a month and it has really improved my and my baby's sleep and daily schedule. "

Heather Y said: 

"I enjoyed the detailed troubleshooting notes in the programs and having access to sleep consultants at any time I had questions. I learned a lot from this program, although I was skeptical about some of the recommendations at first. The more I learn as a first-time mom, I think the Little Ones give practical and up-to-date advice on sleep schedules, techniques, and nutrition. I really appreciated having this guide for the first few months with my baby and plan to continue using this program for at least the first year. "

Beth R said: 

"So far I’m very happy with the app. I started using the sleep schedule when my little one was 3 months old and haven’t turned back. It’s so nice to have a routine set up each day knowing that my little one is getting the sleep she needs and when. I’m starting solids next month and will be following the nutrition guide. It’s reassuring to know that a dietician has created the meal plans and that my bub will be getting what she needs to grow nice and healthy. I’ve used the village to ask questions 4 times already and have had really good feedback on my questions on sleep. "


However, not everyone is a fan of Little Ones, take Lakshmi for example: 

"Do not waste your money on the programs. They take your money and restrict you from printing, downloading, or saving it. The only access is to view it online. It literally takes your money for nothing in return as the web links to the programs are broken. This should be illegal! It’s an absolute disgrace!

And when you ask for assistance to access the information, rather than fix it, they refund you! very very poor service. "

Or this:

"Little ones program recommends naps in the cot- especially the lunch time one. I have the program- in my opinion it’s not worth it. I got it when DS was 3 months and stopped using it about 2 months later, although I never stuck to it religiously. The nap schedules and wake times just didn’t fit my wee one. You can get all the same info online for free or on here, and a lot of it is just common sense.

Really, now that I think about, I don’t actually think that babies can fit a program or guide meant for so many. They are all so different. If you want to message me I’d be more than happy to tell you more about the program to see whether you think it might be valuable for you."

Or this:

"In case anybody on this subreddit was considering signing up to a Little Ones sleep program here is a word of warning: They don't publish all negative reviews. The negative ones that are visible will just say something along the lines of "worked for others but not for us." I myself was suckered in by their marketing and shining reviews only to find myself in a extremely worrying situation. They prey on vulnerable and desperate first-time parents and provide questionable advice. For example they refused to publish my review, calling it scaremongering to potential customers, because I questioned their recommendations for 2 hour awake times for 5-7 week olds. They even had the nerve to deny this recommendation, even after seeing screenshots from their schedules to prove it. It really fucked us up - I have so much guilt and anger and remain really shaken that I could have trusted this company with so many great reviews. So please think twice; there are so many dodgy products out there and when you're desperate it's so hard to have the brain power to navigate it all. Good luck."

Or this:

"I used Little Ones and Taking Cara Babies with my first almost 3 years ago. I know this will be an unpopular opinion but I hated both. LO was too strict (I'm going to feed my baby when he's hungry and not when the schedule tells me to) and TCB was too cold (how can I not make eye contact with my baby). I'm not sure if those programs have changed since then but they really didn't work with my baby's temperament or my parenting style. I ended up not sleep training and just continued nursing to sleep then cuddling to sleep.

But when he was 2.5 years old and I was 8 months pregnant I hired a consultant from Little Dandelion Sleep Consulting to work on my toddler putting himself to sleep. We did some attachment based strategies that worked so well for us. I then did their newborn course and started it with this baby when he was 4 weeks old and he's sleep is so much better than his brothers. Their approach is sleep coaching which is just a gentle version of sleep training but I'm way more comfortable with it."


Here are some frequently asked questions about sleep training little one.

Sleep Training Little One’s Reviews

Is the Little One’s Sleep Program good?

If you are anticipating a magic fix that will turn your child into a champion sleeper for the rest of his life, then sleep counseling or sleep school are not the right fit for you. You'll be disappointed.

The Little One’s Sleep Program, on the other hand, is by far the most affordable professional resource I have found that provides the highest level of support for my clients. Even though they have more degrees, training, and experience in the area of sleep, the company was created and is currently operated by moms, just like you and I, who have a great deal of empathy and comprehension for what we are going through. Therefore, this training is quite beneficial for mothers.

Is it OK to let a baby cry during sleep training?

Most parents still believe that putting their children through sleep training simply entails letting them cry until they can quiet themselves. Some specialists advise using newborns' cries as a sleep-training tool. Educate them. But there is no agreement on that. Some very well-known parenting experts have been embroiled in contentious discussions on the subject. In actuality, sleep training involves more than just letting your child scream themselves to sleep.

When a child cries, they may be trying to communicate with you about something, such as hunger, heat, uncomfortable diapers, etc. To safeguard your baby's health, it is crucial to put the new method into practice. There isn't a single way to put your infant to sleep on their own that will always be effective for all kids, not even for one kid. To make the process of putting your infant to sleep on their own the easiest and most successful, remember that parents are the ones who understand the youngest.

Can you sleep train a 1-year old?

Once your child turns one, they can express themselves clearly and loudly, which can often make sleep training difficult for them (especially teaching them how to fall asleep on their own and for a while). It's a little trickier for older people to sleep for a long time than for younger people. Though you'll need to psychologically get ready for the experience, it is possible to sleep coach a 1-year-old.

Some of these suggestions are rather obvious, but you might not have considered attempting others. You and your little toe will quickly make up for all of the lost sleep if you approach sleep training with an open mind and some serious resolve.

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Sleep Training Little One’s Reviews


Each of the aforementioned sleep training techniques emphasizes the importance of bedtime routines. They give newborns a continuous feeling that reassures them and aids in making them feel secure as they sleep. Infancy is also a time when newborns lack a concept of day and night, so bedtime rituals can assist babies in making this distinction.

If you are in need of someone or something to assist you during this period, the Little One’s baby sleep training program can be a good choice for you. However, as always, don't sweat too much over it. You are doing great already mamas.

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