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May 15, 2022

how to sleep train a five month old kid

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When my son reached 5 month old, I started searching how to sleep train a 5 month old. Simply because I was too tired.

Imagine this.

You have had enough of the sleepless nights. You are dizzy from sleep deprivation, and you are almost crying because your child keeps staying up at night and sleeping in the morning. Also, you start noticing that babies usually cry when you lull them to sleep. Well, you and your whole family have to overturn the schedule due to the sleep deprivation of the infants. 

At that point, you begin to question if it is time to start sleep training your infant. You, on the other hand, are concerned. What methods are the most effective? How long would it take to sleep train your baby? Do not worry because I will give sleep training tips for tired new parents as an experienced mom.

What is sleep training?

how to sleep train a five month old kid

Sleep training is the process of teaching your infant to sleep without your assistance. This means that the baby is placed to bed tired but aware, and she does not get rocked, swayed, hugged, nursed, or shushed.

Sleep training also teaches your baby how to go back to sleep if she wakes up during the night.

When will babies be ready to be sleep trained?

According to pediatrician Noah Schwartz, sleep training should begin when your kid is about four months old. Babies at this age are usually mature enough to learn to comfort themselves and may no longer be required for midnight feeds. Your baby's sleep patterns begin to mature about four months, and the circadian rhythm (the hormone cycle that regulates our sleep-wake cycles) begins to take effect.

Some babies can begin sleep training sooner, while others do well around the six-month mark. If you're unsure whether or not your infant is old enough or prepared, consult your pediatrician first.

How long does it take to sleep train a 5 month old?

how to sleep train a five month old kid

Depending on the method you use, the time taken to effectively sleep train your infant will differ. However, it should take roughly three to four nights in general. Some approaches may take more time than others, but according to Dr. Schwartz, most of it boils down to parents making a strategy and sticking to it.

If you've been trying to bed training your kid for two weeks and haven't had any results, it's time to see your pediatrician.

How to sleep train a 5 month old fast

The following sleep training guidelines will assist ensure an easier transition to the dream world, depending on whatever approach you use:

Make a sleep ritual

To help your child transition from alert to sleeping time, mommies should stick to a 30 or 45-minute infant sleep ritual. For instance, infants often start to fall asleep after being fed or listening to the stories mommies told, so if you want your child to sleep at the right time, you can set up your sleep rituals by feeding the babies before sleeping for 30 or 45 minutes. Also, start early enough so that you can complete it before the babies get too weary

The perfect timing 

When there's been a recent change in her life, it's not the time to mess with her sleep (new nanny, ear infection, traveling,...). Before beginning sleep training, wait till things calm down.

Notice when your child is sleepy 

Keep an eye out for sleep signs such as yawning, eye rubbing, or grumpiness, which may occur every night at the same time. It's crucial to place your child to bed when she's weary but not overtired. Because overtired newborns have difficulty falling asleep and are more able to sleep restlessly or wake up early.

Place the babies back while they are still awake 

The goal of sleep training is to instruct your babies to take naps. Remember that they won't learn if you nurse her to bed in your arms before moving them to the cot.

Reduce the time to respond 

At the first whimper, don't rush into the baby's room. At night, babies produce a variety of noises, including screaming, before napping on their own. Responding to every noise or cry could startle a sleeping infant or disrupt her attempts to self-soothe.

Keep minimum interactions at night 

To prevent overstimulating your infant, perform any checkups, feeding, or diaper changes calmly but swiftly.

How to sleep train a 5 month old

There are various sleep training techniques to select from, but the three listed below are the most frequent. You may discover that one of these methods is a perfect match for you, or you may find features of each plan that appeal to you. I advise caregivers not to feel obligated to follow a specific strategy to the letter. Make your strategy work for you!

Cry it out (CIO) with checking

how to sleep train a five month old kid

Weissbluth’s CIO Method

Starting a normal nightly routine early and letting babies cry for 10-20 minutes before checking on them is recommended by Dr. Marc Weissbluth. When their newborns reach the age of four months, parents should use "full-extinction" and let them cry until they fall asleep.

Cry it out (CIO) without checking

The Weissbluth Method

All you have to do is go through your regular evening routine, putting your baby to bed awake, kissing them goodnight, and leaving. The key to this strategy is not checking on your kid after bedtime, even if they cry.

The idea behind this method is that when your baby can learn to comfort themselves and go asleep without relying on you, they will fall asleep sooner and be able to fall asleep again on their own if they wake up during the night.

The Pick-Up-Put-Down 

45 minute nap intruder

The pick-up, put-down sleep training method's main concept is self-explanatory by its name. Put your children in their crib and if they wake up and are crying, get them out of the crib and hug them for a few minutes to quiet them down before returning them to the crib.

Repeat these instructions as needed until the baby falls asleep. This strategy is thought to help babies develop to self-soothe while also allowing the parent to participate rather than leaving the baby crying alone in their crib.

Bedtime fading: how to adjust your baby’s bedtime

how to sleep train a five month old kid

This isn't so much sleep training as it is a way of relocating your baby's bedtime. If you usually put your babies to bed at 7 p.m when they cry for around thirty min in their cribs, their natural bedtime (also known as their circadian rhythm) is probably closer to 7:30 p.m. If you want to move forward with their natural bedtime, start by moving it back 15 minutes each night until you reach the desired time.

How to sleep train a 5 month old successful?

Depending on the method you choose, sleep training will be a little different for each family. To be successful, the various ways necessitate different techniques from the parents. Take detailed notes about the time your child:

  • The name of the technique you tried
  • Start to sleep
  • Begin to wake up
  • How long did they sleep?
  • How long does it take for kids to fall asleep?

All mommies have to do is try all methods and use a book to take notes, so you know which one fits your child best.

Wrap it up

In conclusion, it takes a long time to get used to being in parenthood. Sometimes, caregivers may feel exhausted from lulling your children and you will get worried because your infants just stay awake and cry all night while you do not know what to do.

If mommies find it hard to help children fall asleep, you should be patient and try different techniques of sleep training. Even though I understand that sleep training is a complex subject for which there is rarely a single solution that can be implemented overnight.  

Never hesitate to seek advice or assistance from your physician regarding sleep training or any other query or concern you may have.

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