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January 24, 2022

Best Similac Formula For Constipation

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Your ears probably can’t take any more of your baby’s high-pitched cries.

Your little one is stressed and fussy while stooling. Baby’s tummy feels harder than usual, and he/she hasn’t pooped in a while. Or the baby might cry or sometimes appear to be red on the face from straining.

All these symptoms are signs of constipation. And the formula you're using is most likely the culprit!

It may take up to a week or so for a new formula to take effect, so be patient! It is essential for both new and seasoned mothers to choose and stick to a trusted brand. These brands, such as Similac, come in a variety of flavors, leaving parents wondering, "Which Similac formula is best for constipation?"

The good news is (well, not for me) that I tried about seven different formulas for my gassy son before finding the one that worked for him.

So, after reading this guide, you should know everything there is to know about the best Similac formula for constipation. And you should no longer struggle to find a reliable and safe Similac formula for your baby.

What causes constipation?


Because a baby's body is still developing, it needs to stay hydrated. If not, the body will absorb fluids from foods, drinks, and even waste, hardening the poop.

Introduction of solid food

what is cold pressed baby food

Introducing new foods to the baby can frequently cause constipation. Constipation can occur when insufficient fiber is in the diet to aid digestion.

Formula milk

can you mix colostrum with formula

Constipation is more common in formula-fed babies. Because the formula is more difficult to digest than breast milk, resulting in a firm and bulky poop. It's not unusual for your little one to become constipated for a short time when transitioning from breastmilk to formula. When making a bottle of formula for your child, it's critical to follow the instructions on the package. Too much powder can dehydrate your baby, which can contribute to constipation.

Underlying health conditions 

why a baby won't burp

Your baby's digestive system problems are less common. That is why you should see your pediatrician whenever you suspect something is wrong. So you can get medical advice and be sure of what your baby is dealing with. But don't be concerned; this affects less than 5% of babies and is usually easily diagnosed by a doctor. Your baby's constipation is much more likely to be caused by one of the above issues, which is easily treated.

Our top picks for best Similac formula for constipation


Similac Pro-Total Comfort™* Infant Formula


Similac Pro-Advance®* Infant Formula

5 best Similac formulas for constipation

Best Similac Formula For Constipation

Pediatricians recommend high-quality Similac formula for babies. Because it helps relieve constipation and other tummy issues. Similac is a well-known brand in the production of infant formula. Its formula comprises nutrients that provide all the essential nutrients and bioactive ingredients to babies while remaining as close to human breast milk as possible. Similac offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of different babies.

I have enlisted the cream of the creams in my top product list from my experience and after analyzing all the features, specifications, functionality, pros, and cons of the best Similac formula for constipation available on the market. 

A brand may claim that its product has the most advanced features, but what ultimately matters is customer satisfaction or the customer's experience while using the product in real life. So, I spent a couple of days analyzing all customer reviews to provide you with an actual product picture.

Similac® Advance* Infant Formula

Similac Advance is an iron-fortified cow milk-based infant formula. It contains human milk oligosaccharide, the most similar to breast milk, and includes all essential nutrients needed for baby growth, such as Vitamin E, DHA, and lutein. It is nutritionally complete and is used for regular healthy babies.

Besides, Similac Advance is a well-known formula that is ideal for constipation and aids in constipation relief. It contains no palm olein oil. Similac Advance is a non-GMO formula as well.

This one, too, is for babies aged one to one year old and is available in both liquid and powdered form. Parents also reported that their babies gained a healthy weight after switching to Similac Advance.

What we like

  • Designed to mimic breast milk
  • No added sugar
  • It contains iron and protein.

What we don't like

  • Hard to mix properly
  • May cause gas and tummy troubles
  • Stains clothes

Similac Pro-Total Comfort™* Infant Formula

Similac Pro Total Comfort Non-GMO Infant Formula has been referred to as "miracle milk." It is a gentle formula for babies with sensitive stomachs. This product is easily digestible. And it is intended for babies whose stomachs have difficulty digesting milk-based formula. It is made from lactose-free cow milk and helps children with fussiness, gas, and crying.

Besides, Similac Pro Total Comfort Non-GMO Infant Formula meets all your baby's nutritional needs. Protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals are all present. The formula is intended to mimic breast milk and provide your baby with everything he or she needs to grow healthy and strong during their first year.

This formula also contains iron powder, which is required to develop their blood cells and brains properly. Though the ingredient list may appear daunting at first, all the ingredients will help your baby through their first year with you.

Genetically changed ingredients may have higher nutritional value, grow faster, be more resistant to diseases, or perform better in other ways. However, with these changes come certain risks, such as introducing unknown allergens, the chemical makeup of the food source becoming unstable. Or other side effects that may not be obvious because no testing is officially required. Many parents prefer their baby food to be as natural as possible. So Similac Pro Total Comfort Non-GMO Infant Formula's switch to Non-GMO ingredients is a huge selling point.

Pediatricians sometimes prescribe this formula to help calm fussy or gassy babies. Because Similac Pro Total Comfort Non-GMO Infant Formula can quickly and gently help most babies' bowel movements become more regular, significantly reducing their discomfort.

What we like

  • Easy to open and use
  • Step by step simple instructions
  •  Easy-grip design
  • It helps soothe fussy babies
  • Complete nutrition

What we don't like

  • Some babies have more runny or harden up
  • Increased gas
  • Must use within the month
  • Expensive
  • Can cause stinky blowouts

Similac Pro-Advance®* Infant Formula

The Similac Pro Advance is an improved version of the Silimac Advance. The company claims it is the first infant formula to contain 2'-FL HM (Human Milk Oligosaccharides), which is beneficial to eye and brain development. Besides, 2′-FL HMO makes it more like milk got from a mother's breast. Its purpose is to strengthen the baby's immune system.

This non-GMO milk-based infant formula will help constipated babies. But it isn't the only thing that babies will benefit from when fed this Similac formula. It will aid in developing the baby's immune system. And it is one of the safest formulas for babies because it contains no artificial growth hormone. 

This formula revealed that parents who fed it to their babies said it helped with fussiness, spit-up, and constipation. It is possible because of the nutrients and ingredients found in it. This formula contains DHA, vitamins, and Lutein, making it ideal for a child's brain development, eye development, and overall well-being.

What we like

  • It promotes the growth and nourishment of babies
  • Eliminates gassy and fussy feelings in babies
  • Prebiotic composition
  • Supports eye and brain development
  • Includes vitamin E, Lutein, and DHA

What we don't like

  • Some parents say the powdered formula clumps up
  • Plastic packaging may have a smell

Similac® Alimentum® Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

Suppose traditional formula causes the baby to develop GI symptoms because of a milk allergy or intolerance. In that case, Alimentum may provide relief while still providing all the vitamins and proteins the baby needs.

Similac Alimentum contains few or no allergens, hence the term Hypoallergenic. It is lactose-free and is intended for infants with food allergies or colic caused by protein sensitivity. It is easily digested and absorbed.

Cow's milk proteins are still present in Alimentum, but they have been broken down to make them easier to digest. The formula is also intended to aid in developing the baby's tolerance to cow's milk proteins.

Alimentum, like all the brand's products, does not contain palm oil, which is thought to stiffen stools in some infants and reduce the amount of calcium and fats absorbed into the baby's system.

When a baby switches from a standard formula to Alimentum, the symptoms caused by the standard formula should disappear within 24-48 hours. It is one of the specialty formulas that doctors most frequently recommend.

So, if your baby exhibits any of the previously described symptoms of protein sensitivity, Similac's Alimentum Hypoallergenic Infant Formula is well worth a try because of its effectiveness. It is effective in resolving these issues in most babies.

It is, however, costly, so it may be worth exploring other options first. Generic options are typically the most cost-effective option. But there are currently no generic brands comparable to this formula.

What we like

  • Lactose-free and hypoallergenic
  •  Very effective for protein sensitivities
  • If deemed medically necessary, it may be covered by your insurance.
  • Reduces excessive crying
  • Hypoallergenic

What we don't like

  • Much more expensive than typical formula
  • Is milk-based, not soy-based (not for babies who are dairy intolerant)

Similac Pro-Sensitive®* Infant Formula

The pro-sensitive blend is designed for sensitive stomachs and relieves common digestion issues. The formulation and combination help with lactose sensitivity and reduce gas and fussiness. However, if your baby has galactosemia, do not use it.

This Similac formula is made with non-GMO milk and does not contain artificial growth hormones. Other ingredients in this formula help with brain and eye development.

This formula contains food nutrients that give it exceptional quality. The nutrients are precisely blended to meet your baby's needs during his or her first year of life. It is fortified with 2'-Fl HMO, which improves immune system performance and eases immune problems in formula-fed and breastfed infants.

In contrast to other types of formulas, the breakthrough baby formula, 2′-FL HMO in Similac, is quickly circulated throughout the body. The Similac Pro-sensitive Non-GMO keeps your baby as comfortable as possible by preventing vomiting, constipation, fussiness, and gassiness.

What we like

  • It has a pleasant taste and smell
  • No indigestion problems
  • It is affordable
  • Supports brain and eye development
  • It helps in developing immunity
  • Free of palm olein oil
  • It contains no artificial growth hormones

What we don't like

  • It foams sometimes
  • Requires to be refrigerated once opened
  • It does not work for babies with galactosemia

What to consider when choosing the best Similac formula for constipation

Best Similac Formula For Constipation

If you've read this far, identify constipation using some symptoms listed in this guide. It is best to have a good idea of what features to look for you to make the best decision for your child.

The first thing a mother should look for are formulas that boost metabolic activity and digestion. Because constipation weakens a baby's digestive system. The best Similac formula will help your baby's digestive system and his or her metabolic activities.

There are Similac formulas that can provide certain nutrients like breast milk. Because breast milk contains all the nutrients that your baby needs. Every child needs ARA, DHA, and vitamins, so a Similac formula that includes these nutrients is a win for both mother and child.

These vitamins help improve the baby's vision, brain, immune system, and mental ability. Before settling on any Similac formula, parents should know their baby's lactose intake, so Similac formulas containing lactose should have a low lactose content for babies.


Best Similac Formula For Constipation

It would help if you now had a good idea of the best Similac formula for constipation on the market. For formulas that help babies with constipation, the Similac brand is at the top of the list.

Mothers and doctors endorse its brand, and it is dependable for producing safe and reliable products. All the Similac formulas listed in this guide will relieve constipated babies, and you can choose any of the products here.

All varieties contain compositions capable of preventing constipation. They all have the nutrients for your baby's development. Each formula can reduce or eliminate constipation.

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