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November 23, 2021

rocking animal for 1 year old (2)

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Your baby is in the process of perfecting and developing skills that support the movement process. Choosing children's toys not only gives your baby moments of fun playing but also needs to bring many other practical benefits in training the muscles, bones, and physical development of the baby. 

The rocking animal is a favorite toy of children from 1 to 3 years old. This is also one of the suggestions that we give to parents when choosing to buy active toys for their babies.

The rocking animal is a toy that is no longer strange to children. Children can freely bounce around playing with different types of rocking animals. Especially for children with high hyperactivity, this game always gives them moments of fun and joy.

What types of rocking animals do you need to choose to suit your baby?

This article will introduce you to the best rocking animals for 1 year old on the market today to help you make the best choice!

Rocking Animals For 1 Year Old: What Are They?

Rocking animal is a type of children's toy designed to help children play and develop physically. Most baby rocking models are usually designed with a curved base and a firm seat so that the baby can bounce in place.

Indoor baby swings are usually made of plastic and wood. In particular, the plastic rocking animal is more popular and widely used because it has outstanding advantages over the wooden one.

The most common rocking animal is the rocking horse. The legs are designed in a semicircle shape so that children can easily swing the horseback and forth like a running horse.

In the past, rocking animals were made of wood and were very simple. Today, they are designed more and more modern with different types of animals and can play music or have a stroller. This is a versatile toy that helps children move and supports a lot for their development.

A Quick Look At Our Top 3 Best Pick


Animal Adventure Unicorn Rocker


labebe - Baby Rocking Horse

Rocking Animals For 1 Year Old: Why Do You Want Them? 

rocking animal for 1 year old

Increase power

Toys for babies require the baby to move the whole body, from the legs, waist to abdominal muscles. This activity is very good for training and physical development. 

Children who regularly play with toys will have better physical strength, agility, and energy. Moreover, playing with this toy also has the effect of increasing height, good for children's cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Help children practice balance

When children try to use force to sway rocking animals, it will help the thigh and hand muscle movements to be flexible and toned. Moving with a rocking animal a lot helps the brain and skeletal muscles develop simultaneously. This helps to strengthen the baby's health and eliminate many diseases.

Support for baby vision

Most of today's rocking animals are designed with eye-catching colors that increase children's concentration, size their imagination, and enhance their ability to perceive colors. Today's rocking animal is also equipped with lights and sounds to help babies' hearing become more sensitive.

Help your baby develop comprehensively

The up and down movements of the rocking animal will bring children a very interesting and strange feeling. Thereby, it stimulates children's curiosity and enhances their motor skills, helping them exercise their health and develop their senses.In addition, it also helps children practice courage and conquer challenges. Your baby will enjoy playing with the rocking animals.

Rocking Animals For 1 Year Old: How To Choose A Rocking Animal For Your Baby?

rocking animal for 1 year old

Suitable for baby's age

The rocking animal toy is really only suitable for children from 3 years old and up. At this stage, children are strong and can handle situations quickly. Therefore, during play, children will be easier to handle than younger children. However, now on the market, there are also multi-purpose rocking horse toys that are suitable for younger children.


The main material of this toy model is plastic or wood, but currently, the most common is plastic. And the models made from plastic are very diverse and have versatile designs suitable for many different ages.

You should choose rocking horse products manufactured from high-quality plastic, free of PBA or other harmful chemicals that affect children's health. Besides, prioritize products with high bearing capacity, smooth surface, no sharp edges to ensure absolute safety for children when playing.


There are many brands of rocking animal toys on the market today. You can read reviews of other parents to know the reputable and quality rocking animal brands to choose from. Depending on your financial conditions and usage needs, you can choose the most suitable brand.


rocking animal for 1 year old

The main feature is rocking. However, you can choose to add multi-function rocking animals that can play music or can turn into a walker or stroller. This will stimulate children's exploration and enjoyment more than conventional rocking animals.


Baby rocking animals come in a wide range of prices. This price depends on a lot of factors such as brand, material, style, design, features. Depending on the needs and preferences of your child, you can consider choosing the rocking animals at the most suitable price. 

However, the most important thing is still the quality of the product because it will affect the baby's safety during development. Therefore, parents should carefully consider and learn about the product before buying.

Top 5 Best Rocking Animals For 1 Year Old

Here are some great rocking animals to consider.

Little Tikes Blue Rocking Horse

If your child is a toddler, this is a great product for him/her. This rocking horse can be used indoors and outdoors. The seat is designed with a high back to prevent your child from falling backward.

The frame of the back of the rocking horse is designed according to the latest version with a strong and fixed seat belt, ensuring absolute safety for the baby.

A special feature is the appearance of a hilarious multi-purpose music bear mounted on the rocking horse's head. The bear can play music with many modes, diverse in sound genres, creating a sense of excitement, stimulating the baby's auditory and visual development.

Plush Real Wood Unicorn Rocker

Let your little one go on an adventure with this colorful pink unicorn. The luxuriously designed unicorn head helps stimulate your child's interest. The base is made of durable wood. The seat is also quite comfortable to help your child have great moments of relaxation.

Furthermore, your child will also feel supported by the wooden handle to rock back and forth with his/her hands. If your baby does not like unicorns, you can choose other animals such as giraffes, lions.

Labebe Rocking Animal

A baby rocking chair in the shape of a baby elephant is made of durable ABS plastic and vivid colors. Product materials and colors comply with safety standards for children's toys, so parents do not have to worry about toxic factors affecting their children.

Smart design for baby easy to manipulate when playing. The seat section is designed to be spacious and comfortable, with an extra backrest to help reduce fatigue. The standard-designed pillar base helps keep balance when rocking. 

The front handle gives the baby a grip point to apply force when performing stretching or reclining movements. The base in contact with the floor has the right amount of friction to keep the rocking animal from rotating and sliding on the ground. The footrest for the baby is also covered with roughness to prevent the baby from slipping when applying force to the foothold.

The cute elephant shape is close to the baby like close friends, helping the baby to soon be aware of animals in nature.

Step2 Dino Rocker

Dinosaur-shaped rocking animal is manufactured from high-quality plastic material, does not contain BPA or other harmful substances that affect the baby's health. High-strength plastic material, the bright color coating creates durability over time, helping parents save money. The rocking surface is smooth, has no sharp edges, absolutely safe for children to play with.

The wide curved base creates an extremely solid rocking design. The curvature is not too deep, providing a gentle, safe rocking, suitable for even young children. The spacious seat with a large backrest ensures the safety of the baby, and at the same time, provides comfort when playing.

The footrest is placed right on the curved base with a reasonable distance to create the most stable and confident sitting position for your baby. The footrest surface has an anti-slip design, increasing safety when playing. The long and round handle fits the baby's hand to help your baby play safely and get the most comfortable sitting position.

Colorful rocking animals with funny dinosaur simulation design combined with exciting up and down movements will give your baby a feeling of excitement and relaxation. From there, it stimulates curiosity, enhances motor skills, and trains the baby's senses.

Dinosaur-shaped rocking animal is light in weight, compact in size, convenient to bring to many locations in the home or garden. by Batat Kazoo Wooden Rocking Zebra

This is a rocking toy that is made of high-quality wood, no termites. Industrial wood material has undergone careful honing, absolutely no edges, no warping, absolutely safe for babies to use.

The seat is designed with a soft and comfortable cushion to give your baby the most comfortable feeling when playing with the rocking wooden zebra. The sturdy, compact handle fits well with the baby's small hands, helping the baby to hold the handle firmly when playing.

Right from the time the baby turns 6, the mother can gradually introduce the baby to the habit of playing rocking zebra to help the baby be quick and active to increase the baby's motor ability. Children just need to sit on the back, bounce slightly under the guidance of their parents, and they can easily play the rocking zebra. The product brings children interesting hours of play and brings satisfaction to parents when a smile is always on the baby's lips.

The cute and lovely zebra design brings fun to the baby when riding. Elegant brown color combined with personality stripes is the characteristic color of a very unique and attractive zebra. The product has a compact design, not too bulky, so it only takes up a very small area in your home space, but your baby can still comfortably play.

Final Words

Currently, on the market, there are many types of active toys, both indoor and outdoor. In which, the rocking animal is a quite interesting toy and also supports children well in the process of physical development.

We hope that the above article can partly help you know the benefits of letting your baby play with these toys and the know-how to choose the best rocking animals for 1 year old for your baby.

Hurry up to own a rocking animal to help your child have great moments of relaxation and comprehensive development from today!

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