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November 27, 2021

Best Roller Skates For 7 Year Old (1)

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Skating is a healthy and rewarding sport. Many parents encourage their kids to skate and notice many practical benefits to their children's health and spirit.

If you are reading this article, we know that you are looking for the best roller skates for your kid, and you got lost in deciding which one.

We’ve done our research to find the best roller skates for 7 year old, which is the age range that many young children start their roller skating. We’ve gone from giving you tips to find the right roller skate for your 7 year old kid, to listing down our favorite pairs. From there, you can choose a suitable and quality roller skate product for your baby to practice.

Here we go!

Features to look for in roller skates for 7 year old

To choose the best roller skates for 7 year old, let's take a look at all the features that are worth noting when choosing a pair.

Bearing sole

Best Roller Skates For 7 Year Old (1)

The bearing sole is the connecting frame between the wheel and the roller, which must bear the user's full weight.

A good pair of roller skates must have an aluminum bearing base, which is lightweight and has an extremely high bearing capacity. Some cheap roller skates have a plastic sole, which will affect the durability of the product in the long run.


To ensure the comfort of your kid while skating, make sure to choose a roller skate pair with a soft and thick lining.


Pay attention to the size when giving your baby a pair of inline skates that fit their feet to ensure effective skating.

The common feature of children's roller skates is that the size can be adjusted. Parents should choose to buy skates with the same size as the push button to use them more easily and conveniently.


Best Roller Skates For 7 Year Old (1)

The ideal roller skate wheels are made from solid rubber material with high elasticity. In particular, the wheels made of rubber help the baby feel smoother when sliding and do not chip or break. 

A set of rubber wheels can support the bodyweight much better than plastic wheels.

Colors and designs

Best Roller Skates For 7 Year Old (1)

Children are very emotional. If they like pink, they will choose pink for every object. And if they already like black, no matter how beautiful the pink skates are, they will not catch their eyes. 

Therefore, when buying skates for your child, know in advance his/her preferences to choose the color he/she likes. Let each roller skating session be the most exciting and fun time for your children.

Safety equipment

Best Roller Skates For 7 Year Old (1)

Equip your children with the necessary protective gear such as hands and knees protectors, helmets to avoid the risk of skin abrasions, falls, and unnecessary limbs.


Some cheap children roller skates products are of poor quality, damaged after use. In addition, poor quality and materials of skates can cause accidents when used.

Therefore, you should not choose roller skates that are too cheap. You should buy products that have a reputable brand and warranty.

Top 4 best roller skates for 7 year old

Circle Society Craze Sugar Drops Quad Roller Skates

The Circle Society Craze Sugar Drops Quad Roller Skates features a comfortable, stable, lightweight design and durable performance that maintains comfort during long play. It is designed with many different colors and sizes for you to choose from, helping to develop leg and arm muscles and help the baby keep better balance.

High-friction wheels combined with a skate frame made of solid aluminum alloy help support your feet and body in the best way. This pair of slides will give your baby firm, smooth movements and easy turning, thanks to high friction.

The inside of the skate is designed to be soft. The outer body of the skate is arranged with a hard plastic frame to protect the ankle and foot from strong impacts from the outside. The collar has foam mesh for good breathability.

There are cushioning layers, soft sponges to prevent the feet from touching the hard parts causing scratches.

The adhesive strap of the skates is smartly designed to fit the size of the foot. This product will help children develop limb muscles, agility, flexibility, and good balance. It will bring hours of exciting sports fun for your baby.

With the information we provide above, we hope to make it easier for parents to choose the best roller skates for 7 year old.

What we like

  • Many colors to choose from
  • Lightweight

  • Sturdy aluminum shoe frame

  • High friction

  • Laces allow for a tight fit around the entire foot

What we don't like

  • The laces are long so you may want to trim them

Crazy Skates Rocket Roller Skates

Crazy Skates Rocket Roller Skates with soft soles. Foam mesh upper body, sturdy aluminum alloy frame. Bearings with hardness ABEC 7 are suitable for beginners and want to try their hand at genres like Slalom, Speed Slalom, Slide, Freeride.

This skate has a strongly sporty look. A soft plastic layer protects the outer part and heel against trauma to the toe, ankle, and heel. The inner parts around and the soft insole prevent foot pain for a comfortable and smooth feeling when used.

This skate has a quick adjustment of foot size, so it is suitable for many different ages. Children can adjust the skate width to fit their feet. It has soft PVC leather with beautiful embellishments on the skeleton, wheels, and skate leather.

The brake behind the right foot has good friction to help players easily control the speed of play. Wheels are made of PU material which features durable, elastic, good impact resistance on all terrains.

ABEC 7 bearings ensure wheel sensitivity and operator safety. Wheel frame made of solid aluminum alloy, light, durable, stainless.

What we like

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Strong sporty look
  • Comfortable when sliding
  • Wheels withstand shocks well on all terrains
  • Solid aluminum frame

What we don't like

  • Quite expensive
  • The wheel-base on this skate is much too wide

Fun Roll Jr. Adjustable Roller Skates

Fun Roll Jr skates. Adjustable Roller Skates are designed with a sporty fit that hugs the baby's feet well. It will give your baby better movements, limit injuries during practice. Skates are designed with many colors and many different sizes to choose from, helping you find the right skates for your foot size.

High-friction skates combined with a skate frame made of hard aluminum alloy, combined with a sturdy frame. This design helps to support the baby's feet and body in the best way.

This is a soft skate interior construction. The outer part of the skate is arranged with a hard plastic frame to protect the ankle and foot from strong external impacts such as falling or jumping from high places.

Foam mesh collar for good breathability, there are soft sponge cushions to help prevent the foot from touching the hard parts.

In addition, the balls in the bearings are stabilized in the bullet clamps, ensuring uniformity in size and temperature stability during operation.

Wheels with high-quality material, high wear resistance, scratch resistance, excellent impact resistance. The wheels of the same size are of a general design, quite stable and suitable for beginners, providing good balance and maintaining a steady speed.

What we like

  • High friction
  • Good ventilation
  • Solid aluminum frame
  • The padded boot is extremely comfortable.
  • Versatile skates that can be used inside and outside.

What we don't like

  • Only one brake
  • Not the best option for newbie skaters

Sulifeel Rainbow Unicorn Adjustable Light Up Roller Skates 

Sulifeel Rainbow Unicorn Adjustable Light Up Roller Skates is specially designed, sporty, youthful, and dynamic, suitable for both boys and girls. This roller skate has an aluminum alloy support frame, ensuring stability when sliding while providing full foot and ankle support.

ABEC 7 hardness bearings have a good bearing capacity, high strength, wear resistance, are enclosed in bullet clamps, ensure uniformity in size and temperature stability when in use. The 4-wheel design has the same diameter, has good friction on all sliding terrains, making it easy to turn and turn when sliding.

The skate lining is soft. The cover is not too soft to protect the ankle and foot from strong impacts outside when climbing and descending. This product is also equipped with a shock-absorbing lining and multiple air vents for comfort in sliding air.

This skate has a smart design to fit the size of baby food. It has a lightweight and durable performance.

In particular, the product is designed with street sports style, with LED lights integrated with 8 wheels when spinning to make your baby stand out when performing with friends!

What we like

  • Adjustable design, you won’t have to buy new skates every few months.
  • Extra thick
  • Double strap closure
  • Suitable for both boys and girls
  • Equipped with anti-shock lining

What we don't like

  • The skates are straight, making it difficult to tell left from right.
  • Too expensive

Safety notes when letting your kid use roller skates

Always wear protective gear for your baby

You must make sure to wear full protective accessories such as helmets, knee pads, elbows, or gloves. Protective gears are very important.

Must warm-up before roller skating

It is important for all sports, not just skating. The warm-up helps the body become more flexible, gradually increases cardiovascular and respiratory activities to prepare for heavy exercise.

Use high-quality roller skates 

A very important thing is that parents need to buy a suitable pair of roller skates for their kid, ensure quality and fit his feet. You should buy roller skates from famous brands, trusted by many people. You can ask those who have experience in choosing roller skates to know which product you should purchase. 

Best Roller Skates For 7 Year Old


Children's roller skates on the market are full of different types, models, and prices. This makes it difficult for parents to decide to choose a quality roller skate that is safe and easy to skate without experience.

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