Tinyhood Online Birthing Classes For Couples Honest Review: Worth It? 

 November 20, 2021

By  maipham

When I found out I was pregnant, I imagined of how the following nine months might look like:

  • Leisurely shopping for pregnant clothes at the mall.
  • Accompanying my hubby to ultrasound appointments.
  • Pampering yourself with prenatal massages and pedicures.
  • Attending childbirth preparation classes at a nearby parenting center.

I was lucky to be able to do them all because it was in 2018. But most moms today can’t. Because of the current state of the global pandemic, pregnant mothers have had to make some unexpected alterations to our birthing plans because, as many of us have learned, a baby does not wait for anyone.

But don’t complain just yet. Just a few clicks away, you realize that there is more parenting information available than ever before. Because there are many internet support groups and ways to connect with doctors and midwives.

Even though it doesn't feel quite like the real thing, taking an online course can still be productive and helpful. There are always new options available to expectant parents. These online birthing classes for couples will, at the very least, make you feel a little more prepared to welcome your baby into the world. I had a friend who joined Tinyhood online birthing classes for couples, which is one of the outstanding class that I like the most. 

Overview About Tinyhood

This is what they show on their website. Pretty cute, right?

online birthing classes for couples

Tinyhood was founded by two engineer moms who were dissatisfied with the lack of clear parental guidance offered to new parents. Tinyhood was born because of this experience.

Their vision was to reimagine a day when parents all over the world would exclaim, "OK, we've got this."

They have a curated collection of online birthing classes for couples taught by certified experts on the essential topics you need to know as a new mom or dad.

Baby 101 By Tinyhood

The Baby 101 course is a Tinyhood online birthing class for couples. It includes 15 different classes covering everything from breastfeeding challenges, establishing sleep habits to infant CPR and tummy time tutorials. Besides, because of the COVID-19 outbreak, they are currently providing free breastfeeding classes.

Tinyhood also offers various other options, such as meal planning for parents, solid introduction, toddler nutrition, newborn sleep, and more. Online classes, taped speeches, one-on-one consultations, and moderated communities are all available.

Class breakdown

This comprehensive flagship program, led by specialists in their disciplines, will educate you for infant nursing, sleep, safety, and care during the first few weeks and months of caring for your baby.

The sections

The course has four parts:

  • Breastfeeding (5 video segments)
  • Sleep (2 video segments)
  • Safety (2 video segments)
  • Baby Care (5 video segments)

A subject expert also leads each course section. A certified pediatric sleep consultant discusses how to get your baby on a healthy sleep schedule. The two-part installment of performing infant CPR and taking action during choking is performed by a Registered Nurse and certified CPR instructor.

The baby care section includes advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics on common activities such as diaper changes, bath time, burping, nail clipping, and tummy time.

Breastfeeding is the first topic covered and one of the most impressive aspects of this course. The Breastfeeding section includes five videos taught by a trained lactation consultant covering everything from latching and positioning procedures to tips on increasing milk supply and overcoming typical breastfeeding issues. 

The instructor in the first video breaks down day by day what to expect during the first thirty days of breastfeeding a newborn—extremely useful information. 

Like the other course sections that follow, each video has its own "takeaways" section, which includes PDF handouts and smaller video guides of the most important information mentioned in the videos.

Course Length

This course has 15 online classes, each with five to twenty video/text lessons.

What You Will Learn

  • Breastfeeding: what to expect in the first 30 days, how to tell if your baby is getting enough breast milk, common problems, increasing supply, and pumping/storing
  • Sleep: forming habits and avoiding mistakes
  • Safety: choking and infant CPR
  • Baby Care: diaper changes/gas, holding/carrying, bath time, nail care, and tummy time

The Good Stuff

  • Tinyhood's content is highly consumable, with handy "Takeaway" print-outs for quick reference
  • You can return to the course after two years
  • If you're lost, there's a private Q&A section for you
  • Tinyhood has a lot of free content to supplement
  • Tinyhood is the leading online learning platform for modern parents, providing them with trustworthy information and strategies to help them feel empowered throughout their parenting journey
  • Every Tinyhood course is taught by a top expert and covers topics ranging
  • The courses are 100% flexible, allowing parents to watch them at their leisure, on their own time, and in the comfort of their own homes

What You Should Know, and What’s Missing?

  • The mobile app is a pain to use sometimes.
  • There isn't much information on what equipment to buy or how to prepare.
  • They do not provide courses on formula or bottle-feeding.

My Experiences

This course has received overwhelmingly positive feedback for a reason. Just keep an eye on the app, as it can be finicky! Don't worry, the people at Tinyhood are quick to fix and assist you, so don't be too concerned. It is, without a doubt, one of the best online parenting courses.

One of my favorite parts is the easy-to-digest content for busy parents. You can print out "Takeaways" and keep them on hand if you have a question that requires you to use a computer or phone. Not everyone wants to use their phone on the changing table– that's why there's a printout!

While I want to reiterate the safety instructor's recommendation to get certified in CPR (rather than taking this video course as a substitute), I also want moms to know that the information she presents is exactly what I learned in my American Heart Association-certified CPR course.

I'm very impressed with the quality of these videos and the content they contain, and I'm very excited to have watched them. After finishing the Moms on Call infant course (also taught by two nurses), I feel like it was a huge missing piece that they didn't include a safety section.

Overall Thoughts

Tinyhood online birthing classes for couples are a great place to start if you're looking for a new-parent crash course. Overall, I thought this was a good, fundamental birthing class. On most of the topics discussed, I would have liked to see more information presented. There is nothing wrong with giving parents the option to learn more if they so desire


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