SNOO Vs HALO Vs MamaRoo – Which Bassinet Is Better? 

 August 9, 2022

By  maipham

While searching for a suitable bassinet for the baby, it may confuse you with their variety. 

We think you found and want to try the SNOO - an intelligent bassinet with many good reviews. However, its price is relatively high compared with other bassinets. 

Some alternatives for the SNOO bassinet are the HALO BassiNest and MamaRoo sleeper. People love them too, but you don’t know if they are as good as the SNOO.

In this blog, we will compare SNOO vs HALO vs MamaRoo bassinet and analyze their similarities and differences to decide which is better.

SNOO Vs HALO Vs MamaRoo: What Are They?

snoo vs halo vs mamaroo

Firstly, let’s explore what SNOO, HALO, and MamaRoo bassinets are.


The SNOO bassinet is a technological advancement created by pediatrician Harvey Karp, author of “The Happiest Baby on the Block’’. It has two motors to revolve the mattress and safety clips on the sides of the mattress attached to the sack. The SNOO bassinet can shush the baby with built-in speakers with various levels of white noise. 

It also has three microphones that can check the infants’ movements and sounds to adjust the level of sound and rotation. You can manually increase the level by the power button on the front of the device or by the SNOO smartphone app. 


The HALO BassiNest is a 360º swivel sleeper for your baby. It keeps the newborn close to mothers so they can care for babies from bed, especially for breastfeeding and C-section moms.

It has four soothing sounds: heartbeat, white noise, babbling brook, and rainforest, and two levels of gentle vibrations to make the babies feel comfortable. The manufacturer also makes two storage pockets on the bassinet for you to keep the baby’s essential things close. 


The 4mom MamaRoo sleep bassinet is designed to rock your baby to sleep for you. It has five unique rocking motions: kangaroo, car ride, tree swing, wave, and rock-a-bye, with 5 speeds, so you can customize it to find the best one for your baby. 

It also has a built-in white noise machine with four soothing sounds: rain, ocean, fan, and shush. You can adjust the sounds and movement on your phone by connecting the 4moms app to this bassinet.

SNOO Vs HALO Vs MamaRoo: How Are They Different?

We will compare three specific bassinets of these brands to analyze how they are different. 

SNOO Smart Sleeper

HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper 3.0

4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

Snoo vs Halo vs Mamaroo

Some features you only can find in an SNOO bassinet are cry detection, sewn-in swaddle, weaning feature, and prevent rolling. 

The price of the SNOO is about 3.5 times more than the MamaRoo, and seven times more than the HALO BassiNest. The SNOO’s included legs are not adjustable. You need to purchase a different set of legs. 

The vibration mode is not available on new MamaRoo Sleep® Bassinet models anymore. The effect of COVID-19 leads to the shutting down of manufacturing sites while the vibration function delays production. 

To maintain their high-quality products and meet the market's demand, the manufacturer removed this function and doesn’t have plans to bring it back. (Source: 4moms).

The feature that distinguishes HALO bassinets is the 360-degree swivel bed with a push-down bedside wall. It does not have the motion feature, and its weight and age limit is lower than the SNOO and MamaRoo. Its design makes it look bigger compared with the SNOO and MamaRoo bassinet.

SNOO Vs HALO Vs MamaRoo: How Are They Similar?

SNOO, HALO, and MamaRoo have many similar features. They are not the same, so we will analyze how similar they are. 

snoo vs halo vs mamaroo

Is HALO better than SNOO?

The price of the HALO sleeper is so low compared with the SNOO. But is the SNOO price worth it? Should you buy a HALO sleeper instead? We will dive deeper into the same functions of HALO BassiNest and the SNOO and answer these questions.  

Vibration and sound/white noise

Both bassinets have sound and vibration features to help babies to fall asleep. They are convenient to drift from one sleep cycle to the next without fully waking.

The SNOO has 5 levels of delicate features that include sound and motion. It detects fussiness via microphones. Then it will increase the levels of movement and sound to satisfy the baby. All these functions will happen automatically, and it will warn you and stop when the bassinet cannot calm the baby’s upset.  

The HALO BassiNest doesn’t have cry detection technology. You need to turn it on and adjust it manually. It has 4 soothing sounds and 2 levels of vibrations. HALO sleeper doesn’t rock; it only vibrates. However, the vibration mode is quite loud. You may feed the rumbling, too, if the HALO sleeper touches your bed. 

Mesh side

Both the SNOO and HALO sidewalls are breathable mesh fabric. It allows good airflow around the bassinet and protects the baby from overheating. 

The HALO mesh sidewalls are transparent to ensure better visibility. Parents can easily see the baby through the mesh. In addition, we can push it down to pick up the baby a lot easier. 

Ease Of cleaning

The bassinet will be dirty when diaper blowout or baby’s spit-ups. Thankfully, both these bassinets are easy to clean.

You can wipe the mesh walls with a damp cloth, warm water, and baby-safe cleaners. Besides, a duster or vacuum nozzle can be used to clean the dust between the mesh panels. 

Remember, don’t let the water get inside the platform.

Their mattresses are not machine-washable, so you should do the spot cleaning instead. The SNOO included sheet is 100% cotton, while the HALO’s one is not. But you can wash these sheets by the machine. 

Is MamaRoo as good as SNOO?

snoo vs halo vs mamaroo

The MamaRoo sleeper has many similar features to the SNOO. We will dive deeper into each element to check if MamaRoo is as good as the SNOO. 


Both these bassinets have the design of 4 legs. However, the design of the SNOO looks more simple but elegant. It has an excellent modern Danish that can fit any style of interior decoration. All the details are sturdy and work flawlessly.

MamaRoo bassinet has clean lines, neutral colors, and a modern feel to fit in with many decors. Its giant legs make the bassinet bulky, but its weight is 10 pounds lighter than the SNOO. It is something to consider if you think you may move the bassinet around. 


The SNOO provides 5 levels of motions that you can adjust as you prefer. The machine automatically changes the motion to rock the baby back to sleep gently.

If you want to adjust the speed of each movement, the MamaRoo bassinet can satisfy you. You can customize the movement to fit your baby.     

Sound/white noise

snoo vs halo vs mamaroo

Both bassinets provide sound/white noise to soothe tired babies. 

The levels and intensity of the SNOO smart sleeper’s white nose are adjustable through app settings. Suppose your baby prefers a softer sound. The bassinet will cycle through the settings when it goes off automatically.

The MamaRoo also uses white noise to calm the baby. However, the program will move from one to the next without a significant noise increase between them. 

App controlled

You can control the motions and sound of these bassinets through apps. The 4moms MamaRoo uses Bluetooth technology while the SNOO connects through Wi-Fi. They help you respond quickly to the baby’s wiggle and fussiness by adjusting the sound and motion.  

In addition, the SNOO app automatically tracks your baby’s sleep every day so you can understand their sleeping habits. One special feature of the SNOO app is its weaning feature. It helps the baby learn to sleep without motion so they can change from the bassinet to the crib when they age. 

Mesh side

Both bassinets provide mesh sides to allow plenty of airflows while still providing your baby with a level of protection. 

The SNOO’s mesh seems to be higher quality and softer to touch. It is thicker and more substantial than that of the MamaRoo. The MamaRoo’s mesh provides better visibility and seems lighter. 

Ease Of cleaning

They are easy to clean with water-resistant mattresses and machine-washable sheets (the SNOO’s sleep sack). Water-resistant is a little inconvenient, but they are better for the baby’s health since waterproofing doesn’t breathe. The cribs and mesh are easy to wipe down and clean with a damp cloth with a soft detergent. 

Weight/Age limit

They have the same weight and age limit - 6 months or 25 pounds. These bassinets are not for the baby that can sit up on the hands or knee. Once the baby starts to climb, the bassinet will not provide enough protection, and the baby will not be safe inside. 

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What Other Bassinets Are Most Comparable To The SNOO?

Besides the HALO and MamaRoo sleepers, some other bassinets can be a lower-price alternative for the SNOO. Their prices fall from $140 to $230, but they can perform a lot of similar features as the SNOO bassinet. 

The Graco Sense2 SNOOze vs SNOO

The Graco Sense2 SNOOze can be the most comparable bassinet to the SNOO. Unlike the HALO and MamaRoo, this bassinet also has cry detection technology. It can detect and react to the baby's cries to soothe them back to sleep. 

It also has soothing motion and vibration, including varying speeds to comfort the baby. This bassinet has white noise, music, and natural sound to calm the baby. 

Like the SNOO, the Graco Sense2 SNOOze also provides airy mesh sides for breathability and visibility. You can clean the bassinet easily by spot or wipe clean and wash the sheet with the washing machine. 

The distinct features of the Graco Sense2 SNOOze vs SNOO are storage, canopy, and wheels. 

The canopy is reversible, so you can position it to shield the baby from light while sleeping. The integrated storage is where you can put the wipes, diapers, and other baby essentials. And two integrated wheels will help you to move the bassinet throughout the house. 

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The Fisher-Price Soothing Motions vs SNOO

The Fisher-Price bassinet can be a low-price alternative for the SNOO. It also provides a safe sleeping place and a few extra tools to calm the baby down. 

Its size is smaller than the SNOO, and its weight is only 20 pounds. This bassinet will be suitable for room sharing because it wouldn’t take much space. The maximum weight recommendation ‎is up to 40 Pounds, but the manufacturer recommends that we only use it for babies who cannot push up on hands and knees. 

Its open mesh design with excellent airflow helps you to see the baby, and they can breathe easily. 

Like the SNOO, it has vibration, music, and sound to soothe the baby. However, instead of cry detection technology to automatically turn on the delicate features, the Fisher-Price bassinet requires 3C batteries for the light/sound/vibration box and works manually. 

Unlike the SNOO, the Fisher-Price bassinet offers a bottom rack for storage so you can put the essential things close to you and the baby. 

A special feature of the Fisher-Price is a hanging mobile with reflective mirrors placed inset into stars. Putting the batteries into it can project the stars onto the ceiling while playing rain sounds or song melodies. It will help you to soothe the baby when you need a minute to do anything else.

snoo vs halo vs mamaroo


These are the comparisons of the SNOO vs HALO vs MamaRoo bassinets. By analyzing, you can see each of them has its pros and cons that may meet your demand. 

You can also consider other alternatives of the SNOO like the Grace Sense2 SNOOze and Fisher-Price. We hope our article will help you to choose the suitable bassinet for your baby.


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