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August 19, 2022

mamaroo bassinet vs snoo

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Choosing the ideal bassinet for your infant might be a difficult undertaking. Which bassinet baby product is best for infants given the wide range of options available? 

Smart bassinets like SNOO and Mamaroo are revolutionizing the baby gear industry. Consequently, keep reading as we contrast Mamaroo Bassinet vs SNOO which bassinet is best?

How Does The SNOO Smart Sleeper Work?

SNOO Vs MamaRoo

The most sophisticated smart crib available right now is the SNOO smart bassinet.

When your baby starts to fuss, this crib will react by gradually increasing the white noise and motion until it finds the ideal combination to calm your fussy baby.

To keep your baby in the crib and to stop potentially dangerous rolling, it has a SNOO bag that fastens to safety clips. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends placing your infant to sleep on his back, and this is the only method that does so safely.

The cry detection feature of the SNOO has an inbuilt voice recorder. The algorithm of the device can distinguish between noises made by your infant and background noise outdoors. The bassinet starts to sway as the infant starts to cry.

The motion helps the infant calm down because it is comparable to what they experienced in the womb. It's the same as having someone rock them to sleep, but automatically. The white noise programs on the SNOO will also play in order to calm the infant.

What we like

  • Scientific evidence that prolongs infant sleep
  • A patented swaddling method prevents the infant from rolling around
  • The bassinet adjusts the motion and sound when it detects your baby screaming
  • The app enables tracking of sleeping patterns and motion control
  • As a baby transitions to a crib, a bassinet has features to promote better sleep and wean the infant off rocking

What we don't like

  • Costly to purchase outright, however renting one is an option
  • Not easily portable due to size and weight

How Does The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet Work?

SNOO Vs MamaRoo

Mamaroo baby swing is a cutting-edge infant bouncer that combines a baby swing and a baby rocker into one practical item. These baby swings are incredibly safe, comfortable, and ergonomic.

A mechanical baby swing called a Mamaroo will rock your youngster for hours every day! Additionally, the swing's speed can be changed. You can even choose how far it swings as your child gets older. 

It has a unique mobile device holder that enables you to easily snap in and out different attachments to meet your needs and the needs of your infant.

It is also transportable and versatile enough to be used throughout the house. To play music for your baby, you can connect this to your phone or mp3 player.

Five different movement patterns are included in the creative settings of the Mamaroo. If your child loves the car and falls asleep while you're driving, they even have a motion that simulates a car journey. Depending on your preference, you can preprogram the sleep cycle or manage it via a mobile app.

Plug it in and download the 4Moms app to get going. You may quickly set up the app by following the directions on it.

What we like

  • Utilizes a timer and a mobile application
  • Possesses a built-in white noise generator
  • Utilizes five original movement patterns
  • Caters to those who like to give their kid some mobility

What we don't like

  • There is no function to aid in weaning
  • Missing cry detection

The Mamaroo Bassinet vs SNOO Comparison

The ability of smart sleepers to use motion and sound to calm kids and put them back to sleep without requiring mommy or daddy to get up is leading to an increase in their popularity. Please welcome SNOO and mammaRoo, our two items of the day!

Compare their characteristics to get a better sense of the product you like.

SNOO Vs MamaRoo


Your baby won't need some of the capabilities on the numerous baby gadgets you own because they are nice-to-haves. However, all of the functions on smart sleepers are designed to make it simpler and more comfortable for your baby to go asleep. It's crucial to decide which qualities of these two goods will be most advantageous for your child while making your choice.

The following are some additional noteworthy qualities of the Mamaroo:

  • There are five different rocking speeds to choose from to choose the one your baby prefers.
  • An ingenious timer that may be used to build and recognize bedtime habits so you can work around them.
  • Your child will be comfortable and in the right posture thanks to a flat sleep surface that complies with the AAP's Safe Sleep Guidelines.
  • If you place the bassinet next to your bed, its height adjustment feature enables better visibility or simpler accessibility.
  • Because your child has enough airflow, a sleeping space with mesh sides is safe.

The SNOO has the following features:

  • Your kid will feel less stuffy and hot on warm days because to the dual mesh fabric walls that promote breathability, safety, and maximum comfort.
  • Your infant is kept safe and immobile on their back by the swaddle wings.
  • You may easily move your baby from the bassinet to the crib thanks to the gradual weaning option.
  • Various white noise sounds to mimic womb sounds and reduce screaming and fussing.
  • To pinpoint the precise source of noise, use many microphones with audio processing.
  • Adaptable ambient light sensor for LED intensity adjustment.
  • A fitted sheet made entirely of organic materials is included with SNOO as an extra.

Weight Limit 

Babies shouldn't spend their first year of life sleeping in a bassinet. Your little one can fit in the Mamaroo or the SNOO from birth up to roughly 25 pounds. This often indicates that your infant will need to transition to a crib or other sort of bed at the age of six months. It may be necessary to transition your infant to a crib as early as 4 months because some babies are more active than others.

Your infant will need to be taken out of the cot if they can crawl and climb up on their hands and knees since an active baby risks injury. It's critical to understand up front that a bassinet is not a durable sleeping arrangement. Considering this factor may have an impact on your budget because you will also need to purchase a crib.

Cry Detection 

SNOO Vs MamaRoo

The first few months of a baby's existence are typically spent by parents listening for small cries or fusses. As a result, both parents and the infant get very little sleep. It might be a very difficult period if your infant fusses a lot.

The cry detection feature of SNOO detects fussing or crying and then activates the rocking motion and white noise sounds to calm and soothe the infant. Most of the time, white noise paired with rocking motion will simply lull the infant back to sleep. This is due to the fact that it simulates the noises and activities heard and felt in the womb.

The Mamaroo also has four commonly used calming sounds to respond to your baby's cries and fusses. These include rain, the ocean, and fan noises. When weeping is detected, a choice of five distinct rocking patterns soothes, calms, and improves sleep.

The sounds on both of these devices can be tweaked or improved using the app. This means that if you hear your baby fussing in the next room, there's no need to get up and try to comfort them back to sleep. Babies learn to fall back asleep without becoming overly reliant on a caregiver to soothe them.

Sounds and White Noise

The SNOO smart sleeper gives five levels of white noise to help exhausted babies sleep. The degree and intensity are entirely customizable for your infant. Once you've determined what your kid prefers, simply change the settings on the app.

Reduce the volume if your infant prefers quieter sounds. When the SNOO turns off automatically, it will cycle through the settings.

The Mamaroo employs four different varieties of white noise: ocean, rain, shh, and fan. The programs transition from one to the next without a considerable increase in noise. The SNOO has a more abrupt transition from one sound to the next, which has been observed to irritate some newborns who are sensitive to noise.


SNOO Vs MamaRoo

One of the SNOO's most appealing features is the inclusion of a swaddling blanket. To accommodate your growing infant, the sleep sacks come in three sizes. The baby is swaddled in the sack and then strapped into the bassinet.

The swaddling option provides further confidence to parents concerned about their children rolling in the bassinet.

The Mamaroo touts itself as a natural sleep aid. 4moms does not include a swaddling option. It is entirely up to the parents to decide whether or not to swaddle their baby.

If your baby likes to kick and wiggle at night, the Mamaroo allows them to do so more freely.


You could be let down if you were hoping for expensive bassinets. Considering their numerous functions, both items appear relatively basic.

With metal legs and wooden accents surrounding the base, the SNOO has a slightly contemporary appearance. The Mamaroo, on the other hand, resembles a plastic chair. The bassinet itself has a wire mesh that is also white, and the complete item is composed of white plastic.

Natural sleep training is possible with the SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet, a bedside crib with soothing white noise and automatic rocking motions.

The Roo Sleep Bassinet from Bluetooth Baby Furniture is made of birch. It has four built-in white noise options and five unique motions.

The constant airflow offered by the mesh sides is one of their benefits. You won't have to wonder if your baby is getting enough ventilation while lying in their cot.

You shouldn't place too much importance on how these models appear on the outside because they accomplish the job despite having simple exteriors.


SNOO Vs MamaRoo

Both of these goods are Bluetooth-enabled apps because they are both intended to be smart gadgets.

One essential feature that the Mamaroo bassinet lacks is the ability to automatically recognize your baby's cries using an integrated microphone.

In order to soothe the baby back to sleep, the bassinet will then switch on the chosen white noise and begin gently rocking.

The SNOO bag, which fastens to the mattress and has only one main function—holding your baby firmly in place—is another significant distinction between the SNOO and the Mamaroo.

In essence, it prevents your baby from moving while the bassinet is in motion. However, the Mamaroo lacks a mechanism to stop the infant from rolling or moving while the bassinet is in motion.

To prevent the baby from rolling about too much, if you decide to go with the Mamaroo, you may choose a motion setting that simply shakes the bassinet softly.


When picking a smart sleeper, pricing is frequently a decisive issue for many parents. The Mamaroo is currently much less expensive than the SNOO.

The fact that SNOO does provide rentals for its smart bassinets is a perk that might be useful to some parents. You might not realize the advantages of purchasing a bassinet because infants only use them for a short period of time and you might end up needing to purchase a crib a few months later.

The renting option is helpful in that situation. To prevent any problems when it comes time to return the unit, make sure to read all the terms and conditions. Renting an SNOO for three months may be less expensive than purchasing a new Mamaroo.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Mamaroo Bassinet vs SNOO:

SNOO Vs MamaRoo

Is The SNOO Bassinet Really Worth It?

It's a wise investment, especially with the 30-day trial, if your budget allows and you want to use it again in the future.

There is no assurance that it will work for you. If you're lucky, your child will be one of those unicorn babies who sleeps through the night from birth, saving you from having to spend more than $1,000 on a bassinet.

I strongly advise renting one if you're unsure or don't think you'll need it again. Additionally, you don't have to store it when your child outgrows it.

Is Mamaroo As Good As SNOO?

The Mamaroo has its benefits, but SNOO outperforms it when it comes to automatically calming and reassuring your baby.

However, it's a fantastic SNOO substitute, especially if you're on a tight budget.

Can You Use A Mamaroo As A Bassinet?

The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet can be paired with various devices, yes. It can only be controlled by one device at a time, though. Close the 4moms app on your phone completely to let another device operate the bassinet.

Who Made The Mamaroo Bassinet?

The SNOO bassinet was designed by Dr. Harvey Karp, the well-known California physician who founded the Happiest Baby company. The 4moms Mamaroo is a product of Thorley Industries in Pittsburgh, which employed a team of engineers to create the Mamaroo sleep bassinet.

What Bassinet Is Most Comparable To The SNOO?

The top bassinets that compare favorably to SNOO are listed below:

Sense2 SNOOze Bassinet by Graco

Bassinest Sleeper with Halo Swivel

Baby bassinet by Roo

This innovative bassinet is, in my opinion, a better choice than the SNOO. Similar to its more expensive rival, it recognizes your baby's screams and instantly responds by turning on calming features.

One of the most well-liked and least expensive alternatives to the SNOO is the Halo bassinet. The bassinest Swivel Sleeper comes in 3 variations, and depending on which one you choose, it might cost you up to six times less than SNOO!

This cutting-edge bassinet is a fantastic substitute for the SNOO. I adore its five distinct motions, and newborns do too! It is appropriate for use from birth to 25 pounds (or when the baby is able to roll over, whichever comes first).

Which One Should You Get?

A basic bassinet, such as the Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet, should enough for most people—it allows baby to sleep with you so that breast-feeding can be established.

When should you use a SNOO or Mamaroo bassinet? We can see the benefit of this technology if you had a fussy baby (or one with colic). However, colic affects only a tiny number of babies (approximately 10% to 25%).

At this time, the SNOO is more of a tried and reliable product, and enthusiasts adore it. The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet is still too new to receive much feedback, but we expect it to have a large following.

mamaroo bassinet vs snoo


In this article, we compared two fantastic bassinets: Mamaroo and SNOO. Their features are highlighted to assist you in selecting a bassinet that works not only for you but also for your baby!

In my opinion, the SNOO sleep sack in the SNOO bassinet is a definite winner! The incredibly soft, simple-to-swaddle sack helps babies be happier, calmer, and asleep for longer

Your infants are kept secure in the bassinet and safe on their backs thanks to the SNOO wings. There is virtually no possibility that your infant will roll over when the bassinet is rocking.

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