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September 19, 2021

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There are contradicting opinions whether babies need mittens or not, but we all know that tiny mittens are being produced every day, and we often see a newborn baby with full mittens and socks on.

So I was confused as heck. You know, some baby care books suggest not to use mittens, some suggest mittens are must-have items. My sister told me that I needed mittens for my son, my mom told me it was ok not to.

Ha! So which side should I be on?

Why do babies need mittens?

When a baby is born, many parents discover that their baby's hands are bluish in hue or feel cold to the touch. In addition, some babies have long, sharp fingernails that scrape the skin. Mittens seem to be an excellent answer for both issues. When your baby is awake or asleep, these baby mittens help protect them from scratches and abrasions.

Besides, there are several compelling reasons to use mittens. According to the National Sleep Foundation, these can be an effective tool in preventing accidental newborn scratching while sleeping. The U.S. National Library of Medicine also recommends it. 

do babies need mittens

Why don’t babies need mittens?

The necessity of wearing mittens for babies is apparent.  But there are still some objections. For example, if you wrap your baby in a swaddle, you don't need mittens. Or if you're afraid the baby will scratch his/her skin, trimming your baby's nails regularly is fine.

More importantly, babies lose a lot of heat from their heads, hands, and feet. And babies are very susceptible to heat. So babies getting too hot is much more dangerous than being cold. Therefore, many people insist that socks and mittens are very harmful to babies.

The handy benefits of mittens

While infant mittens aren't necessary, they can come in handy in some situations.

Ensures that babies do not scratch themselves

do babies need mittens

This is one of the most prevalent reasons people need baby mittens. As their motor abilities develop, infants also make restless movements with their hands toward their faces. These unintended motions can easily result in nicks and wounds, especially if they are made close to the front.

By wearing mittens while taking in sights and sounds, your infant will avoid unneeded ouches. You'll also feel more at ease knowing that your child is safe.

Protect mom's breasts from scratching

When babies are breastfeeding, they grip their mothers' breasts, which might be painful for you. But, if they wear mittens, it will be less uncomfortable. And you will be more comfortable while breastfeeding them.

Keeps babies’ hands clean

Babies enjoy grabbing things and putting their hands in their mouths. Using mittens to keep their hands clean will keep them from getting sick.

Avoid thumb sucking

do babies need mittens

Sucking one's thumbs is a common practice among infants. The fabric of mittens is uncomfortable to nibble on. So, wearing mittens can help your infant avoid thumb sucking. Aside from thumb sucking, another common baby habit is hand biting. This is avoidable by using baby mitts.

Keeps babies warm during winter

Mittens are also great for keeping babies’ hands warm, especially in the winter. It keeps their fingers warm and makes them feel more at ease during the cold season.

When do babies stop wearing mittens?

Although mittens protect the newborn, several experts advise avoiding wearing them for too long. Because babies will not have a chance to touch things around them with their bare hands, it can obstruct sensory development. In addition, the product, or lack thereof, of sensory functions will have a significant impact on the development of the baby's brain connection.

So when should babies stop using mittens? Babies can stop wearing mittens if they can already control their hand movements. Some parents also choose to prevent the use of mittens before their baby reaches the age of six months. Babies at this age need their hands to improve their senses. They need to touch and feel things to learn about their new surroundings. This is the stage where they can discover new things and experiment with different textures.

How to choose baby mittens?

Choosing the right mittens is like selecting the right clothes for your baby. You can choose from a variety of designs and colors to match babies’ outfits. It's also a good idea to have a lot of extras. Because there's a good chance they'll get stained while your baby is wearing them. Here's how to pick the best mitten for your baby.


Most mittens are made of cotton. But, bamboo fibers are also used to make some mittens. Whatever it is, you ensure it is safe for your baby to use. In addition, you can buy hypoallergenic mittens so that your baby can use them without fear of developing allergic reactions.

Many mittens are made of cotton you can consider, such as Burt’s Bees Baby Girls’ Mittens. These baby mittens are made of Burt's Bees hallmark 100 percent organic cotton, which is noted for delightfully soft and gentle on fragile skin while also being super-durable after endless washes. So they will not pill or fade.

Because Burt's Bees is a healthier organic product, their mittens both safer and more comfortable. This material contains no pesticides or other harmful chemicals. They are also incredibly soft and breathable, so your child will not overheat while wearing them. But keep in mind that these mittens appear to run a little large and may not fit a preemie or more miniature newborn.

One of the other cotton mittens is Gerber Baby Boys' Organic Mittens. Try these fantastic baby mitts made of lightweight, super-soft cotton if you want to keep your baby scratch-free while also looking stylish. Each has a cute design and an elastic band around the wrists. There are four in a package, and they fit babies up to three months old.

Elastic or straps 

You certainly want those mitts to always stay in your baby's hand. So, a mitten with elastic or straps is a suitable choice.

If you want a pair of mittens that will last, Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson Cap and Mitten Set is the best choice. The elastic around the wrists prevents the mittens from coming off, and the gloves give plenty of area for your child's fingers to stretch.

They are soft and comfortable. Because they are made of organic cotton. This setting includes four pairs of mittens and four matching hats. The set is also available in three different color options. So you can choose the best one for your boy or girl. They are of high quality and long-lasting. As a result, they will most likely outlast many babies. One minus point for this mitten is a little big. 

Besides, for parents looking for a less expensive option that still protects their child, Gerber Mittens is a good option. This mitten also has elastic around the wrist, making it a breeze to put on and take off.

They're made of organic cotton, so there aren't any harmful chemicals in them. They are also available in natural, neutral colors, making them suitable for any gender. For a low price, you get two pairs. This allows you to stock up on mittens, which is great because you'll go through many of them. 

But, many parents report that these are light and thin. So they are not intended to keep your baby’s hands warm.

Type of fabric holding

The fabric holding style you choose is determined by your preferences and how frequently your baby moves and uses his hands. 

Babies often move and use his/her hands most often when teething.  But, this part of growing up can be difficult for both the baby and the parents. When the first buds appear, babies often become incredibly fussy.

Some babies teeth quite early. Teethers are excellent for relieving itchy gums. Younger babies, on the other hand, may struggle to grasp an object. A built-in teether could solve this issue and help your baby self-soothe. Nuby Soothing Teething Mittens is a solution.  It resembles a standard mitten, but it has a soft silicone top that a baby can gnaw on.

This pair has a silicone teether at the end. So it can cover your child's hand while also soothing their gums. The mitten itself is soft and flexible, allowing the child to move their hand freely. Because most babies struggle to grip teethers, this mitten is ideal. Because it keeps the teether attached to their hands. It also comes with a small hygienic bag, allowing you to transport this mitten wherever you go safely.


So do babies need mittens? The answer is, it depends.

A good temperature room and some proper clothes will keep your little one comfortable. But in some cases, mittens are a terrific method to keep your youngster from scratching themselves and relieve you of one more worry. 

One of the most important things to do when buying baby mittens is to choose the proper fabric. When purchasing baby mittens, the safest option is to make sure that you pick the hypoallergenic material. Everything will be alright as long as they are comfortable while wearing baby mittens.

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