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November 21, 2021

best nose suction for babies

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One of the most difficult and frustrating parenting challenges is soothing a baby with a cold or a runny nose. As you know, newborns are more vulnerable to new viruses and allergies. The nasal passages of your child are at their narrowest when they are a baby; congestion is especially distressing for them. But, they are too young to comprehend nose-blowing. 

It's a frustrating problem for parents, and all you want to do is reach inside their tiny nose and suck all that horrible snot out. Well, handily, there are tools available to assist you in doing so. That is nasal aspirators.

It aids in removing mucus from your baby's nasal passages and the relief of congestion, allowing them to breathe, eat, and sleep more comfortably. But, many nasal aspirators choose from, and it's difficult to determine which one is best for your baby.

To help you make your decision, we’ve conducted the best nose suction for babies on the market and come up with a list of the best.

What Is A Nasal Aspirator?

best nose suction for babies

A nasal aspirator is a device that safely suctions the nasal passages mucus from a baby's nasal passage and clears your baby's nose so they can breathe freely. It's used when a baby's airway is clogged to the extent where he or she can't breathe, feed, or sleep.

When looking for a nasal aspirator to assist your infant to breathe easier, three primary models are on the market.

Bulb Syringe

It is the classic snot-sucking gadget, sometimes known as a "bulb aspirator." It's made of rubber and is fashioned like a balloon, with a spherical one end and a pointed, tapering other.

You press the spherical end into the baby's nostril and gently insert the pointy end. It will suction out the mucus from the baby's nose by gently releasing the spherical side. Bulb aspirators are inexpensive and simple to use. It is the most basic option available.

Electric Aspirator

It generates suction force with the help of a battery. Insert the suctioning end of the aspirator into the baby's nose and press a button to clear the baby's nasal passages.

Oral Suction Aspirator

These blew up the market a few years ago. A tube is inserted into the baby's nose, and the other end is inserted into the caregiver's mouth, where oral suction is used to remove the boogers. Don't worry, there's a filter in place to keep you from inadvertently eating them.

5 Best Nose Suction For Babies

A nasal aspirator is simple to use and will make it easier for the baby to breathe. As always, consult your pediatrician if you are concerned about the baby's congestion or if it persists. But, with so many options available, how do you know which nasal aspirator is best for your family? We've listed our top picks for you and your baby below.

OCCObaby Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator

Every parent understands what it's like to wrangle a child with one hand while also cleaning their nose — or any other everyday task! As a result, a product that can operate with one hand is essential.

The Occobaby Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator is an excellent choice for children who cannot sit still. That's why it takes the first spot on our list for best nose suction for babies. This electric nasal aspirator is intended for use with infants and toddlers. The angled head and three different silicone tip sizes make this product much easier to use.

The smaller, waterproof base easily fits into a diaper bag or purse, making it an excellent choice for on-the-go use. We also appreciate the dual operating modes. It runs on batteries, but if you run out, use the included oral suction tool.

While there is a lot to like about this pick, one common complaint is that there is only one suction level. To loosen stubborn boogies or thicker mucus, you may need to use an enormous amount of nasal saline.

What we like

  • Long-term use and versatility.
  • The small size allows it to fit into purses and diaper bags.

  • It can be powered by batteries or by oral suction.

  • Its single-button operation makes it simple to use.

  • The electric unit has a long reach and delicate tips, making it excellent for babies.

What we don't like

  • Some parents complain that the suction power is insufficient.
  • To get the most mucus out of the baby's nose, you must also move the tip in a slow circular motion.

Frida Baby NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

With so much positive feedback, Nose Frida is one of the best nose suction for babies. A Swedish doctor invented this minor miracle, which allows you to use your mouth to suck mucus right out of a baby's nose.

The original oral suction-powered aspirator is the NoseFrida. It enables you to gently control the level of suction with your mouth while keeping the "ick" factor to a least with a disposable filter, ensuring you do not inadvertently inhale the baby's mucus during treatment. It has been clinically proven to trap not only mucus but also associated germs.

The disposable filter also promotes hygiene because it can be discarded once it has become contaminated with bodily fluids and replaced with a clean, hygienic filter. The aspirator is simple to disassemble and clean—you can even wash it in the top rack! Besides, it is BPA and phthalate-free.

Parents report that it works best when combined with a saline nasal spray to help loosen the mucus first, so buy one of these as well.

Each Nosefrida'snotsucker' comes with four replacement hygiene filters and more than 20 hygiene filters, which we believe will last you at least two or three colds.

What we like

  • Easy to clean.
  • Disposable filters help to maintain hygiene.
  • Control the strength of the suction.
  • BPA, phthalate-free.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cheap
  • Easy fine-tune the suction.
  • Because the nostril piece does not enter the baby's nose, it is safe.

What we don't like

  • Some parents have found the parts disconnected during use. 
  • To make the aspirator work effectively, you must be able to suck hard – its power is just as powerful as you allow it to be.
  • It works better on visible runny noses than on very clogged, difficult-to-reach nasal passages.
  • You'll have to buy filters regularly.
  • The nasal tip is only available in one size, which may be too small for older infants.

NeilMed Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator

NeilMed Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator is ideal for use on a newborn. Unlike other nasal aspirators, the design of this device eliminates the need to insert it directly into your baby's nostril, making it less invasive and an overall easier experience for everyone.

It operates similarly to the Nosefrida in that you use your suction to power it, and you can also buy a solution to help soften the mucus before using it.

What we like

  • Less invasive than some
  • Silent to use
  • No batteries

What we don't like

  • You must power the device yourself, which may be difficult for some users.

American Red Cross Nasal Aspirator

Traditional bulb suction aspiration devices have been around for a long time and, while they may appear intimidating, they can be an effective method of snot removal. American Red Cross Nasal Aspirator is such a product.

Insert the tip into your child's nostril, press the pump, and a vacuum is created. When you slowly release the pump, all those nasty bogies will exit the nostril via the spout.

What we like

  • Easy to use the method of mucus extraction

What we don't like

  • Bulb syringes are ineffective compared to other types of nasal aspirators.
  • When placed too high in a baby's nose, it can irritate and even bruise the mucous membranes, producing inflammation and increased airways obstruction.

Braun Baby Nasal Aspirator

Braun is a well-known brand, which is why their electric baby nasal aspirator makes our list of the best. It comes with two different sized silicone tips, one small enough for infants and one larger enough for toddlers. 

You can switch between high and low suction levels, giving you the option of more surface-level nasal suction or deeper into the nose canal.

What we like

  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Easy to clean
  • Good battery life
  • Two suction levels and two nasal tip sizes. 

What we don't like

  • It is not as powerful as other aspirators

Best Nose Suction For Babies: How To Use A Nasal Aspirator Correctly 

Correct use of the nasal aspirator can make breathing easier and thus make the child feel better. Regardless of the baby's age, you should always know the amount of suction power you use. Begin with the least amount of suction and accumulate it, keeping an eye on baby's comfort as you go. Also, look for BPA-free, phthalate-free, and latex-free baby nasal aspirators, such as those on this list!

Keep in mind that nasal aspiration should be done slowly and carefully. If you suction too forcefully, your baby's nasal tissues may become inflamed (or even bleed), exacerbating the congestion. If your baby resists suctioning, stop and try again later. Use a nasal aspirator only three times per day, and clean it after each use to prevent bacteria from growing.

best nose suction for babies

To loosen the hardened mucus:

  • Insert a few saline drops into the baby's nose.
  • Before using the aspirator, read the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Consult the baby's pediatrician if in doubt. 

Best Nose Suction For Babies: How Frequently To Use A Nasal Aspirator

Nasal aspirators are extremely useful for clearing nasal passages. But, you might be astonished to discover that there is a time limit on how often to use snot sucker?

Medical professionals advise against using them over three to four times per day. Excessive use can cause nasal irritation and even nosebleeds in your baby.

uRegardless of which nasal aspirator you use, cleanse it with soap and water after each use to avoid bacteria buildup.

It is possible to use them with or without nasal drops, depending on which version you prefer. But, saline nasal drops can help loosen stubborn mucus, allowing you to quickly clear your baby's nose and get on with your day.

The Bottom Line

Congestion is especially distressing for children because of their immature lungs, small airways, and inability to clear mucus. Nobody wants to see their child suffer from congestion. Choosing the best nose suction for babies will hygienically remove gentle mucus, making babies and parents feel much more at ease.

Whether you use a traditional bulb syringe, oral suction, or electric aspirators, always keep your aspirator clean between uses to avoid bacterial growth.

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