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March 22, 2021

best infant car seat for tall babies

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Finding the best infant car seat for tall babies is an important task of any parents.

An infant car seat helps to care for your babies and helps them feel safe, and creates a sense of comfort when sitting in the car.

If your baby is tall, he can outgrow the normal infant car seat quickly and you need to re-invest on a new ones, which is very costly.

However, it is quite tricky to find an infant car seat if your baby is a little taller than his peers. Don't worry. We've got you covered.

We have done our research to find the best infant car seat for tall babies, to make sure your little one is safe, comfortable and happy in any route.

Ready? Let's dive in.

Our Top Pick For Best Infant Car Seat For Tall Babies

How To Find The Best Infant Car Seat For Tall Babies?

Not all infant car seats are created equal. Therefore, you need to check several things before pull in the purchase.

Suitable for your baby's age, weight, and body size

Before deciding to buy a car seat for your baby, you must know how much weight your baby weighs or the baby's body size to choose the most suitable car seat. Only when the product fits and is appropriate can you ensure absolute safety for your baby.

The best infant car seat for tall babies must be able to accomodate your baby's long legs or body, while ensuring there is no extra pressure on his spine or neck.

Features of the infant car seat for tall babies

Currently, there are many lines of baby infant car seats from different brands so that each product will have different features. 

For example, there will be car seats that focus on shock resistance, or there are seats that are designed for the back to hug the body so as not to affect the baby's skeletal system. 

Therefore, mothers should clearly determine the baby's age and what kind of seat to use to choose to buy exactly. If in the case of a little child, the mother should buy a multi-function seat that integrates many of the car seat's optical features to protect the baby best and can be used for a long time.

Product price

As mentioned above, car seats for babies have many types with different features, so their price will undoubtedly be a little different. Therefore, you need to carefully consider your family's needs and economic conditions to choose the right product.

Utilities for parents and comfort for babies

Parents should choose a seat that is designed to be easy to install because it will be very convenient to use. Proper installation also contributes to ensuring the safety of your baby when sitting in the car.

In addition, when buying, check to see if the baby is comfortable or not by trying to put more than two fingers between the seat belt and the baby's chest. If two fingers cannot be inserted, make sure it is safe, and remember to wear a firm seat belt for the baby.

Color and style

A car seat with a scientific and luxurious design will contribute to making the space in your car more lively. Besides, car seats with eye-catching colors will also help stimulate the baby's vision better.

Some other considerations 

  • Mothers should choose car seats with reputable brands, safety certificates, labels proving the origin to avoid buying inferior quality goods for babies.
  • You can choose to buy an infant car seat with a stroller, which can be removed as a cradle or stroller for your baby when getting off the car.
  • Do not choose to buy seats that are too small for the baby's size and weight.
  • Do not buy used or unsafe seats.

Top 5 Best Infant Car Seat For Tall Babies

1. Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

This is the best car seat for tall babies according to the majority of users. Compared to other products, Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seats have a similar design but more features. 

Although this seat model does not have all the seat's advanced features, it ensures the best child safety, avoiding unfortunate accidents.

Britax Marathon ClickTight car seats are designed with durable materials and well-ventilated with soft cushioning, creating a comfortable feeling for your baby. The head and neck support function reduces the impact on the head and brain, effective even in a sleeping position. 

The seat cushion and the backrest help your baby feel comfortable sitting in the car for a long time. The ventilation system is also equipped to help regulate the baby's body temperature.

Britax Marathon ClickTight car seats are equipped with Dacco cushions to create the most comfortable feeling when sitting in the seats. With 3 functions adjusted according to the child's development, based on medical and neurological research.

The seat has 5 levels of height adjustment based on the child's development. Besides, this product also has an extra seat leg, which increases the stability when the seat is mounted on the car. The 360-degree rotation function makes it easier to take your baby in or out.

What we like

  • Supports head, neck, and shoulders for optimal protection
  • Supports the back with 5 adjustable levels
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Simple and fast installation

What we don't like

  • Expensive
  • Difficult to disassemble for cleaning

Evenflo car seat is one of the very quality and safe brands, trusted by many parents for their baby. Evenflo EveryStage DLX All-in-One Car Seat is a product with modern design, color, features, convenience, and variety at an extremely reasonable price. 

Evenflo EveryStage DLX car seat is a type of seat designed with European quality to ensure absolute safety for your baby, so you can completely rest assured for your baby to use. Products are designed with outstanding features of Dacco mattress, cool, smooth, safe, secure.

The seat is designed with a non-slip stand. When there is a collision, the seat does not rotate, absolutely safe for the baby. Dacco cushion design with shock-absorbing panels on both sides of the seat and a protective rim on both sides of the seat will help protect your baby in case of impact and side-impact.

Seat cushions are made of 3D fabric with super-breathable Ho-cooling technology, maximum sweat absorption, and comfort for your baby. Besides, the seat also has a seat belt latch design with a blue-red indication to indicate whether the rope is firmly secured or not.

The seat is designed with a sturdy seat frame that can be adjusted to the tilt so that the baby can sleep comfortably and not get back exhausted during the journey. The belt is firmly designed with 5 safety points to ensure that the baby will not slip out of the seat.

Evenflo EveryStage DLX car seats are appropriately designed to make them easy to fix with all car seats, so it is very easy to install. Besides, every detail is designed to ensure a maximum connection with the car to help your baby bring absolute safety and comfort.

What we like

  • Soft seat cushion
  • Seat belt, easy to operate
  • Convenient design
  • Solid seat frame
  • Easy to fix in the car
  • Can hold up to 120lbs

What we don't like

  • Not super easy to install

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat is a product that guarantees the criteria of safety, comfort for users, and modern design but is no less luxurious.

Graco car seat is designed with a 5-in-1 safety buckle belt to create a secure hug to keep the baby firmly during the journey. In addition, the buckle also helps to reduce shock well to prevent the baby from falling forward. In particular, this buckle belt is also equipped with a soft cushion to create your baby's absolute comfort.

This car seat is manufactured from high-quality synthetic fiber material to form a thick cushion. However, it is still breathable, both bringing safety to your baby and creating a sense of comfort and comfort when your baby sits. In particular, the cushion is not deformed when sitting, does not tire the body, and is safe for the skin of your baby.

Graco car seat is designed with a sturdy seat frame that can be adjusted to the tilt so that the baby can sleep comfortably and not get back fatigued during the journey or affect the spine's development. 

Properly designed seats make it easy to fix to all types of car seats, making them easy to install. Also, every detail is designed to ensure the maximum connection with the car to help your baby bring absolute safety and comfort.

In addition, this product is also equipped with an extra cushion to help protect the baby's head and neck effectively. At the same time, help your baby sit in the right position to ensure safety for the development of his spine so that he or she is always comfortable when traveling long distances with parents.

What we like

  • Seat belt 5 in 1
  • Safe material
  • Easy to fix in the car
  • Solid seat frame
  • There is a cushion to protect the baby's head and neck
  • Create a sense of comfort for your baby
  • Ensure safety for baby's spine
  • Cheap

What we don't like

  • Not suitable for vehicles with a small area

Safety 1st Grow and Go All-in-One Convertible Car Seat is also the most valuable car seat for your baby on the market that you cannot ignore. In particular, the seat has up to 65 adjustable modes perfect for protecting your baby in both the rear and the front of the car.

Safety 1st Grow and Go car seat is a premium quality product uniquely designed. The seat is made of airy material. The soft mattress is suitable for the baby to sleep well during the trip with parents. 

The seat belt is also cushioned smoothly, which can be adjusted to hug the baby's shoulder, providing optimal protection without causing pain or discomfort for your baby's delicate body.

The seat's cushioned design will create an extremely comfortable feeling for the child. Its weight is also relatively compact, making it suitable for small family cars. Also, the seat frame is designed firmly, which can hug the baby's body to ensure the baby's safety. 

In addition, the back cushion has a wonderful smooth design like a mother's bracelet to help hold and protect the baby in the best way, creating a suitable development posture for the spine.

Besides, the seat also provides a perfect anti-thrust effect, and if you want, you can wash the cushion by hand to ensure more hygiene for your child's private seat in the car. In short, this is an extremely useful car seat with full seat belts in all positions, so please rest assured to order it as soon as you need it.

What we like

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Compact size
  • Ensure safety for your baby
  • Reasonable price

What we don't like

  • Difficult to install
  • The headrest is not high compared to other products

With this product, mothers can completely rest assured for their baby to use. Specially designed products with smooth mattresses are premium quality products of the Zaracos brand.

Chicco NextFit's self-adjusting seats are very safe in the event of a crash and ensure the safety of children while sitting in the car. 

This seat model's highlight is designed according to Supercinch technology to help parents easily tie the seatbelt for children, adjust the seat belt without the need for hyper-threading technology, and easy to install. 

This product has many modes of sitting, straight, leaning, helping your baby to be comfortable sitting in the car.

Chicco NextFit car seats apply the most modern technologies to provide comprehensive protection but still extremely safe and comfortable for babies to use. Easy installation thanks to superior technology simplifies the commute in the everyday life of the whole family.

The seat is intelligently designed with many outstanding features, safe design, and in many eye-catching colors. The seat is designed with a newborn buffer to ensure a standard lying position for the baby, helping to position the spine straight without curvature. 

The seat belt of the car seat is a 5-point locking belt that threads through 2 pins and 2 shoulders to protect the baby anytime, anywhere, and at the same time protect the baby in all positions. 

In addition, the seatback is conveniently designed to help support and protect the baby's back to ensure no harm to the development of the baby's spine system.

What we like

  • Soft mattress
  • Seat belt, easy to operate
  • Ensure absolute safety for your baby
  • The seat frame firmly covers the back of the baby's seat
  • Many eye-catching colors help stimulate the baby's vision to develop better
  • Modern and unique design
  • The design is easy to install and disassemble.

What we don't like

  • It takes up a lot of space in the car
  • The design is quite bulky
  • Very high price

Frequently Asked Questions

#Q1: How do you know if your baby is too tall for a car seat?

When the child sits on a seat, if the top of his or her ears reaches the top of the seat, the baby is too high compared to the seat. 

When your baby meets the weight standards, switch to a booster seat. If your baby is too young, you must choose a child-safety seat facing forward.

#Q2: Can a baby be in a car seat too long?

Children cannot sit for too long on the car seat. This will affect health, especially the nervous system and bone development. 

Although there are products available for car safety seats in your car nowadays, you should not let your baby sit in the car seat for too long. 

About 2 hours drive, parents should let the baby out of the seat to rest.

#Q3: Where should the headrest be on a baby car seat?

The headrest should be aligned to sit just above the seat belt's position away from the seat. That is an ideal location. In case the headrest is too low or too high and deeply embedded in the baby's shoulder, you need to adjust again.

#Q4: How can I make my baby more comfortable in a car seat?

You can create a familiar feeling for your baby with the car seat by bringing a car seat for them to sit in. This will help your baby feel more excited when sitting in the seat.

You can also add extra cushioning to help your baby sit more comfortably. When wearing a seat belt, pay attention to the rope crossing over the baby's chest and shoulders. 

If the seatbelt catches over the baby's neck, you need to add an extra cushion to help the baby sit higher and avoid neck injury for the baby during an accident.

Wrapping Up

Many parents always hold children in their arms when traveling by car because they think their children are better protected and safer in their parents' arms. 

However, that is actually wrong thinking. It is this protection that will make it easier for children to fall into danger many times when a collision unfortunately occurs. The safest way for your child to sit in a car is to get them a suitable car seat.

The above article has introduced 5 best infant car seat for tall babies today. We wish you would be able to choose for your baby a suitable car seat so that each family trip is no longer a worry when your child is young.

Thanks for reading our article!

best infant car seat for tall babies

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