Moms Can Be Fit: Tips To Engage Your 2 Babies In Your Outdoor Exercise 

 May 11, 2022

By  maipham

It's always so hard to stay active once you have a baby. But it become nearly impossible if you have more than 1 baby.

My son is 3.5 years old now and as soon as he wakes up, he wants my attention. Sometimes I wonder how other moms (on the Internet - of course) with many kiddos manage to stay fit and healthy.

When I did a little bit of research, I've realize that there are some tips to get both of your babies into the exercise routine. In this articles, we will go through some ideas how moms can have some good outdoor exercise with your infant and your active 3 year old toddler.

Keep moving

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The key to stay fit or get back in shape is to keep moving. It's also good for your infant and your 3 year old, as they get to explore the world when you take them outdoor.

Your infant might not resist any activity just yet, but your 3 year old can get tired and bored quickly. Therefore, in order to keep your toddler stick with your outdoor exercise routine, make sure you keep moving to change the environment.

Another tip is to rotate where you take them out. It can be a park, or into the nature, or just simply a new block.

Remember to always watch your 3 year old as they are very active and can run so fast at this point. But on the bright side, as long as you stay close to your 3 year old and carry your infant (maybe with a stroller or a carrier), you are guaranteed to get some serious exercise done.

Play games 

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Your infant doesn't require much games during this outdoor exercise but your toddler will. 

Integrate into this active time some entertaining games. You can play I Spy or scavenger hunt to keep him interested.

My son loves to play with ball. So sometimes when I take him out in the morning, I carry a ball. 

You can even do so if you have to look after an infant and a 3 year old at the same time. By continue kicking the ball forward, you will make your 3 year old run and stay engaged with the game.

If the game doesn't require your toddler to run or jog, you can do some on the spot exercise like squats, standing crunches, lunges, etc.

Use a scooter

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A scooter, a trike or a bicycle is a great option if you decide to go for a run with both of your babies. 

Your toddler can use the scooter to keep up with your speed, and you can run with your infant. 

However, remember to invest in a jogging stroller, as even you can carry your infant with a carrier, too much running and bouncing can be dangerous for your infant.

Use a double stroller for infant and 3 year old

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This is the ideal option. As your 3 year old can get tired and bored quickly, sometimes it's best to reserve a seat for him to hop on and enjoy the outdoor air with his little brother/ sister.

A double stroller for infant and 3 year old is the best option as it will require you to work out harder while allowing you to keep an eye on both of your babies at the same time.

However, there are many types of double strollers, and they are not made equal. 

Make sure you invest in a jogging double stroller. As using a double stroller for infant and 3 year old allows you to run, which is one of the fastest way to get back into shape.

Make it a habit

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The last and final note to stay active is to make it a habit. This is good not only for you but also for your children.

They will learn from a good example (yourself) at such a young age to stay active and keep moving. 

If you have more than 1 baby and want to stay active, I highly recommend using a double stroller that can accommodate both of their weight at the same time.

I've written a guide on how to find the best double stroller for infant and 3 year old, make sure you check it out to figure out the right one for you. 

I personally recommend you to use Evenflo along with a car seat adapter to accommodate both of your children. The reason for recommending the Evenflo is that it is good for all terrain, and you can change from pulling to pushing to move it.


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