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May 27, 2021

best bras for after breastfeeding

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Many women find weaning to be excruciatingly painful. After I weaned my child, it took about a month for my breasts to stop hurting and my milk supply to dry up. I didn't want to wear a regular bra during this process. I desired comfort.

As a result, one thing I struggled with after weaning was finding the right bra for my new body. None of my pre-baby bras worked by the time my son was weaned.

If you're anything like me, this means you won't be able to go back to wearing the same bras you had before birth.

Your breasts, whether they're sagging or shrinking, need extra attention. I researched and compiled a list of the best bras for after breastfeeding available to give you the boost you need.

Our top picks


Glamorise Women’s Full Figure No-Bounce Sports Bra


Playtex 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wirefree Bra

5 Best Bras for After Breastfeeding

FITTIN Racerback Sports Bra

If you need a supportive and comfortable bra for exercise when you're in those delicate months after weaning, the FITTIN Racerback Sports Bra is the perfect option. This best bra for after breastfeeding is a great option for the midsize woman. This bra is well constructed and provides excellent support. The Climacool material helps you stay dry and cool by releasing heat and moisture. If you want more padding, this bra also has removable pads.

Besides, this bra features large straps and a racerback design. That is both comfortable and supportive when moving. It's safe to throw it into your washing machine, making it perfect for working women.

What we like

  • Good value for money
  • Super soft and comfortable, cool material
  • Small to plus 2X available
  • Light, breathable, and pulled the sweat away
  • Comfortable and supportive

What we don't like

  • The removable pads are kind of awkward

The Glamorise Women's Full Figure No-Bounce Sports Bra is perfect for your full-figured friends. Because it keeps everything in place while working out. This is a great, low-cost option as your body adjusts to life after weaning.

This bra is one of the best bras for after breastfeeding. It's ideal for women who need a lot of help and coverage when working out. The upper bust is contained by the breathable mesh camisole, and the reinforced wire-free cups keep you safe, supported, and relaxed. The two-way stretch back shifts with you to avoid riding up, and the moisture-wicking fabrics keep you comfortable and dry no matter what activity you're doing. Overall, this is a fantastic choice for women with larger busts.

What we like

  • Cami design breathable open-air mesh
  • Bottom strengthened cups give outstanding support
  • Extra big, non-stretch comfort straps with back change hold your breasts firmly in place
  • Help contain and supporting the upper chest

What we don't like

  • The material is scratchy and uncomfortable
  • Some users feel it does not stretch and feel binding

The Playtex 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wirefree Bra has gotten rave reviews from women with large busts. I appreciate Playtex's commitment to providing an accessible and convenient alternative for full-figured women. 

You want to keep everything in place while chasing your kids, particularly if you have larger breasts. The Playtex 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wirefree Bra has a supportive back strap and a breathable lining. I really like that this Playtex bra comes in a variety of colors to spice up your bra collection.

This bra provides excellent support. The many seamed side panels provide significant support and a contoured look under clothes while still preventing spilling. The thick padded straps and side panels provide extra back support to balance the weight of the breasts while the supportive molded cups ensure a smooth and natural roundness. This is a well-made and elegant bra that offers excellent comfort and fit, making it suitable for everyday use.

What we like

  • Provides full coverage
  • The large strap offers more support
  • The breathable full lining keeps you comfortable and wicks away moisture.
  • Stretchy 2-ply fusion fabric on the sides and back smoothes out bumps and bulges.

What we don't like

  • Cannot be machine washed

The Natori Women's Feathers Contour Plunge Bra provides C and D cup women with the support they need while also allowing for a sexy plunge. This semi-sheer lace bra will make you feel secure on your date night. The plunge is made to provide the support for great cleavage.

Although a bigger cup is perfect for holding your boobs in place all day, Natori's cups run a little thin. To stop spillage, go up a cup size.

I don't have very big or full breasts. So I rarely need to go up a size, but in this bra, I did. As a result, I strongly advise you to go to a shop and try on several sizes to ensure you're in the correct one.

What we like

  • It's very attractive as a potential t-shirt braIt gives a good boost without being too much
  • The cups are lined and soft, and they appear to be flexible enough to fit almost anyone
  • The foam is just thick enough to prevent headlights from shining through, but thin enough to appear natural

What we don't like

  • The lace is itchy or uncomfortable for some users

The lace on this bra draws me in. It's difficult to find a pretty bra in an enormous size, and this bra is well-designed on the outside. The interior of the cup is also extremely comfortable. So, if you want to regain your sexiness, the Chantelle Women's Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra is ideal!

The Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra is the best bra for after breastfeeding and is a must-have for the greatest comfort and support. Comfortable support is provided by the back band and shoulder straps. The bra is built with side support panels to help hold things in place and slim you down.

The full coverage, ultra-light, non-padded cups are made of comfortable, soft stretch lace that conforms to your shape. The cups' angled seaming provides full lift and support while still centering the breast tissue, giving the appearance of a longer, thinner waist.

Furthermore, despite the fact that this is a full cup bra, those with large full breasts can experience some spillage over the top because of the way the cup is cut. This should not be a problem for those with lower volume.

What we like

  • Unlined cups create a natural lift without the addition of padding
  • Twin mesh strip smoothes your back and sides subtly
  • The lace is soft and smooth.
  • Goes up to the size I

What we don't like

  • The under-wire is longer and higher.

What to consider when buying best bras for after breastfeeding

When finding the best bras for after breastfeeding, look for bras with adjustable bands and straps. Once you've finished weaning, your breasts may continue to shift and your rib cage may contract slightly. As a result, ensure that the bra fits comfortably on the loosest hook so that you can tighten as needed.

Remember that knowing your sister's size can be extremely beneficial. If you're having trouble getting a perfect fit despite getting measured by a professional, you might find that your sister's size solves some of your problems.

The most important thing to remember while shopping for bras is that size and shape changes that occurred due to breastfeeding is natural. So it may take some time to adjust to your new busts. Fortunately, the right well-fitting bra will help you regain your confidence. What are the chances? You might discover that you like your unfamiliar figure even more.

Finally, in the fitting room, put on various models to find the right match. You may be pleasantly surprised by a style you'd never tried before.

Tips for shopping for the best bras after breastfeeding 

Be patient with your body

According to WebMD, the growth of denser tissue that contains milk causes the breasts to grow just before and during breastfeeding. Those milk-making cells are no longer needed after breastfeeding, which is why your boobs can appear deflated.

The body will transition after weaning. To begin with, you will feel pain and discomfort. You don't want to go out and buy new bras at this moment. You can shop for new bras three to six weeks after you've completely weaned. Because this will give you a more precise measurement. Allow your body to adjust to its new normal size and shape.

Only buy a few bras to start

Following breastfeeding, I recommend purchasing the following bras:

  • A sports bra: Because whether you run marathons or attend a weekly Yoga class, a supportive sports bra is essential.
  • Every day or t-shirt bra: A bra that can be worn under t-shirts or sweaters and is easy to wear and wash.
  • A nice bra for special occasions or date nights: You want to feel sexy again after weaning a baby! A push-up bra is a bonus!

As the year progresses, gradually add to your bra collection. Take the time to consider what you like and dislike.

Get fitted

Your body has changed since pre-pregnancy. So it is normal to need help in determining your new size and shape. Fortunately, a friend suggested a bra fitting service and reminded me to be patient. Stop by your local shop and get fitted for a bra that fits perfectly.

Nordstrom, Victoria's Secret, and JC Penney all provide complementary and fabulous bra fittings. I highly recommend this service for finding the perfect fit. Because each store operates differently, you may prefer to measure yourself at home. The proper fit will assist you in pushing your chest where you want it and keeping everything in place.

FAQs for bras after breastfeeding

When should I get fitted for a bra after breastfeeding?

Before purchasing a new bra, wait at least one month after weaning. This is to ensure that all your milk has dried up and your breast tissue has returned to pre-nursing size. If you buy before that date, the cups will almost certainly be the wrong size. This also allows your rib cage, which has been stretched by the growing fetus, to return to its normal dimensions, allowing your band size to be comfortable and correct.

How many bras will I need?

We don't suggest stocking up on bras right after you've finished weaning. Your breasts will transform in the weeks and even months after you stop breastfeeding. Instead, after you've finished weaning, invest in about three bras that you can rotate during the week. Then, after five to six months, get re-fitted. Because you'll probably be in this size for a while, add some more bras to your collection.

Does wearing a bra affect the milk supply?  

It shouldn’t unless the bra is too tight. During the weaning process, many mothers try to wear tight bras to help reduce their milk supply. Since a too-tight bra is a leading cause of mastitis.

Final Thought

It's difficult to find the best bra after breastfeeding, mamma. But you'll be able to do it!

Remember to be patient when shopping for bras after nursing. I recommend you wait at least one month after weaning before going shopping. Take the time to have a professional bra fitting as well. This will help to reduce the stress and frustration associated with bra shopping.

Any option on this list will not lead you astray. You can find the best bras for after breastfeeding to reclaim your confidence and feel great in your powerful body that grew and fed a child or two or more.

Happy bras shopping!

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