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December 14, 2021

robot toy for 3 year old

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Buying a robot toy for your 3 year old is a tough call.

How many times have you spent a small fortune on the ideal toy for your three-year-old? But, given their fickle nature, they are unlikely to find those toys amusing for long. And sometimes, all that money and effort is squandered in a matter of days or minutes.

The days of children playing with legos and bouncing balls are long gone. Nowadays, the best toys for kids will keep them entertained while also learning. If you're looking for a toy that will keep your 3-year-old entertained while also developing their motor skills, robots are the way to go! 

Robots allow children to explore various scenarios, from friendly robot helpers on a space station to battling evil robots on an alien planet. Robot toys are also an excellent way to introduce them to the fundamentals of coding, STEM concepts and even improve their problem-solving abilities.

But, for most children at the age of three, a robotic toy is more akin to a “companion.” It is more of a toy for entertainment and fun to fuel his interest in robotics. With so many new and fascinating toys on the market, selecting the one for your three-year-old can be challenging. That's why I've scoured the internet and relied on my experience to bring you the best robot toys for 3-year-old that are sure to impress your child and provide hours of great creativity and fun.

Our top pick for best robot toy for 3 year old


intelino J-1 Smart Train Starter Set


WEofferwhatYOUwant Electronic Pet Dog Interactive Puppy

The best robot toys for 3-year-old

Here are our top picks for the best robot toys for 3-year-old on the market. Whether your child is bored with his old toys, has a penchant for robot toys, or you've run out of gift ideas for kids, you can be confident that our list of super cool robots will brighten up your child's playtime.

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

Look at this adorable little guy! The Fisher-Price Dance Move was nominated for a Mother and Baby Award in 2017. BeatBo is a colorful and fun critter that is simple to use and has three modes that will grow with your baby.

It sings and dances to catchy songs that will have your preschooler dancing around the living room. It has a fantastic record function where your three-year-old can record a phrase, and the BeatBo remixes it into a song. There's a excellent selection of songs to listen to, as well as games to play. It also has a button for learning and games that introduces your child to songs about ABCs, counting, colors, and other topics.

To me, it is a fantastic all-arounder and a fun interactive toy. BeatBo is a lot of fun, and he has since become my daughter's favorite toy. My little girl is fascinated by the flashing LED lights on his tummy, and she adores the various songs he plays. He gets her up and dances around with BeatBo, and they have a great time. His moves are incredible, and he is such a sweet little boy. He's a sturdy, well-made toy with a fantastic design.

What we like

  • A fun, interactive, educational toy
  • Very durable
  • Easy clean surface
  • A great size
  • Can change the volume control
  • Value for money

What we don't like

  • Use a lot of batteries
  • The face is dark and doesn't change expressions
  • Must have the volume on full to compensate for the actual movements of the toy
  • The mechanics are not quiet

Intelino J-1 Smart Train Starter Set

The Intelino J-1 Smart Train Starter Set is a fantastic little train set that includes one smart engine and one wagon, as well as many pieces of track that can be placed and rearranged.

Because of the simplicity of the train's design, it is suitable for children aged three and up. No technical ability is required. Like a preschooler's first train set, a preschooler can enjoy screen-free entertainment with a simple modular train track for little ones to click together, ready for hours of train-playing fun.

Kids can add different colored tiles to the track to make things even more exciting, affecting how the train moves. The engine comes with 17 snap-based actions pre-installed on the train. Even without the app, the intelligent engine's color sensors continuously scan the track while the train moves, responding to each of the seven tile colors differently. The Intelino train included in the beginner set is compatible with most major brand wooden tracks made by BRIO, IKEA, and others, a bonus for the younger group.

Later, when paired with the included free app, your child will interact with Intelino J-1 Smart Train on a more complex and sophisticated level. The Intelino Smart Train expands with kids, becoming an intelligent train with advanced robotics that will engage with new STEM skills as children grow, learn, control, and interact with the train.

When scanning for color action snaps, the train can also change colors, control its speed, and plan different routes. It is a lot of fun for kids. And it's an enjoyable activity for parents to take part in as well, thanks to the use of their smartphones. You can also control the train's sounds using the app. 

What we like

  • Both screen-free and connected modes options
  • Not only suitable for ages three upwards but also engage older children
  • Develops STEM and coding skills
  • Free IOS App and Android App to customize commands
  • Encourages learning through play
  • Easy to set up
  • USB charger included and gave 100 minutes plus playtime
  • Works on most wooden tracks

What we don't like

  • Few commands to choose
  • Some parents complain it doesn't fit wooden track

WEofferwhatYOUwant Electronic Pet Dog Interactive Puppy

It's all about the robot dogs this time! The Robot Harry is a sweet little dog who will enjoy playing with your children! Harry, the cheerful robot dog, is a three-year-best old's friend. He engages your child in interactive games such as chase. Even he lets you know when he is going for a nap. Besides, he also walks, barks, sings, talks, plays music, and dances to the beat of the music. If you're finding a canine companion for your child but don't want the responsibility (or mess), look no further.

Harry is a cute little barking puppy with a cartoon-like dalmatian appearance. Harry walks around, barks, talks, sings, dances, and makes other dog noises. Kids will laugh as they pet him—a cute dalmatian toy dog for family entertainment.

You can interact in new ways thanks to extra sensors in Harry's body. When you touch his bottom, he will say, "oops." If you grab his tail, he'll tell, "Oh no, stop it," and wiggle away. When you touch it back, it will chase you around and make realistic dog sounds children enjoy.

These sensors are long-lasting. They are sensitive and responsive as well. Finally, its movements are crisp and well-controlled across all surfaces. It does not topple over as quickly as some low-quality children's toys do.

A bonus feature is the bump and turns function, so if Harry collides with an obstacle, the dog will turn and run in a different direction. In the end, children aged three and up will appreciate this robot dog. Because the material is non-toxic and BPA-free, all mothers can have peace of mind about their child's safety and health.

What we like

  • 2 available in black and white or pink and white.
  • A variety of pre-programmed phrases.
  • Various functions
  • Easy for kids to control
  • Many versions available

What we don't like

  • He runs on wheels rather than walking.
  • Rated for the kid at three but still requires close supervision.
  • Hard for kids to touch and grab
  • It only runs on batteries
  • It breaks easily, so it may not stand up to kid rough play

For Cozmo Robot Face Screen Guard

The Anki Cozmo, like the Vector, is a friendly robot that can interact with you in various ways. The Cozmo, an easy-to-use user interface, is primarily an educational bot for both children and adults.

All you need is a device compatible with Android or iOS to get started. Cozmo can recognize your kid, remember his/her name, and express dozens of different emotions thanks to recent advances in artificial intelligence. The more you interact with the Cozmo, the more personalized it becomes.

Even more intriguing, Cozmo has an Explorer mode in which you can direct him, prompting him to greet people and lift small cubes. Cozmo is an excellent addition to any family for children because he has a plethora of interactive puzzles, memory, and math games.

Cozmo allows both advanced users and children to code, learning new ways to express ideas by programming the robot to do new things. Kids can change Cozmo's functionality in beginner mode by snapping together code blocks. Intermediate programmers can use a Sandbox coding platform to create even more complex projects, games, and display changes.

What we like

  • Using advanced AI
  • Much different interactive math, logic, and mental puzzles
  • A little one can learn to program in Sandbox mode

What we don't like

  • Anki has ceased product development so that the Cozmo won't receive new updates

Remote Control Robot Dog Toy

This remote-controlled and voice-controlled dog puts your child's ability to give clear and executable commands to the test. This dog, which takes the form of a cute yet futuristic dog, allows children to program the commands it will listen to.

It means that your child's only limit when playing with this robot dog is their imagination. Giving children the opportunity to create their toy by first programming the toy to perform actions is an innovative way to get them to program.

With this programmable dog, your child will have hours of fun singing, dancing, and imitating other animals. Your kid will develop a sense of responsibility as they are tasked with caring for their new dog friend and working hard not to mislead it.

What we like

  • Responds well to voice commands 
  • Easy to understand manual

What we don't like

  • The shooting disc mechanism may jam at times
  • No volume controls

Benefits of robot toys for 3-year-old

 robot toy for 3 year old

We all want our little ones to have fun, but if they can learn while they play, that's even better. Playing with robotic toys can teach a child a variety of skills. They can aid in fine motor coordination, critical thinking, and various other skills.

Some robots must be assembled, which can improve your child's manual dexterity. It will assist them in reading and following instructions and encouraging analytical thinking. Working on their robot with their parents or friends will teach them how to work as part of a team.

Many robot toys are appropriate for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and learning. Later in life, it could help them if they want to work in one of these fields. They assist your child in learning cognitive skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving while having fun.

How to choose the best robot toy for a 3-year-old

Consider robot toys if you're looking for a toy that allows kids to design their creations. It's a good idea to double-check to research thoroughly before picking up your wallet. Not these nifty little bots have the exact specifications. And knowing what features to look for will undoubtedly assist you in obtaining an excellent one.

Robot toys come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from inexpensive and straightforward robots to technologically advanced kits. While shopping, keep in mind the recommended age, safety, educational value, and price to narrow down your options and find the perfect fit.

When selecting a robot for your 3-year-old, several factors to consider. These include:


 robot toy for 3 year old

We are all aware that many things do not survive the 3-year-old, so we want to ensure that they can play with it safely without snapping their head off. You don't want to buy a robot only to have it break down after a few days of use. Children can be rough on their toys, especially when their bots battle supremacy. Please make sure the toys are sturdy enough for small hands, which may not always be as careful as we would like.


When choosing a robot toy, consider the safety precautions you would like any other toy. Many robot toys and kits have complex construction, which can be dangerous for kids. Adult supervision and oversight are the best to connect electrical and mechanical components. Follow the manufacturer's age recommendations. It is especially true for younger children, as small parts pose a choking hazard.


Many robot toys include learning features, ranging from fine motor skills in toddler toys to science lessons and problem-solving in intermediate toys to basic coding through advanced programming in higher-level toys. Developing a child's interest in robotics can encourage them to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) studies.

According to the National Education Association, it is critical to raise scientifically literate children. Getting children interested in science and math concepts will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Robots can help to foster that sense of wonder and excitement.

Robots are an excellent way to incorporate STEM principles into play. Many tasks cause using one's imagination during the design and construction phases. Bots are effective at encouraging coding and mechanical design skills. Certain robots are ready to impress kids right out of the box, whereas assembling them is part of the fun with other models.


 robot toy for 3 year old

Consider what your child is most likely to play with. It's pointless to buy them a Lego robot if they don't enjoy playing with the classic bricks. Choose something that will pique their interest, and they will be more likely to play with it.

It is an essential consideration because the toy you choose must keep your toddler's attention. As a result, it must contain enough colors and sounds to keep them interested in what they see and hear and keep them coming back for more.

Entertainment Value

Of course, robot toys can be fantastic instruments or tools to pretend to play with. It can help improve children's imaginative and creative thinking while also facilitating the development of social skills. Such toys can help children develop a stronger sense of self-confidence, leading to a healthier self-concept and a sense of self-worth.

Final word on robot toy for 3 year old

 robot toy for 3 year old

So there you have it, a list of some of the best robot toys for 3-year-old. There's no denying that we've entered the technological age, and toys are quickly catching up. Many are entertaining and educational, preparing our children for life ahead.

But, it is critical to select only those developmentally appropriate robots for your child's age group so that you can feel safe that your child's best growth and development are ensured to the fullest extent possible. So we believe you will find our list of the top 5 robot toys for kids beneficial.

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