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May 6, 2022

how to fold a BOB stroller

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For first-time parents, baby gears open up a new world where everything they know or they think they know is literally at 0. I mean, I didn’t even know how to open and fold a stroller for instance.

My first stroller was a used one, I thought all strollers are made equal, and I didn’t know what I needed. After it was given to me, I used a hose to rinse it off. And then, I needed to push the full open stroller somewhere sunny to dry it. I didn’t know how to fold it, I thought it was broken.

If you own a BOB stroller of any model, or maybe you are a grandparent and do not know how to fold a BOB stroller, this short guide is for you.

And rest assured that all strollers on the market now feature a collapsing mechanism. It isn’t hard, it is only getting easier and easier between different models.

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How to fold a BOB stroller

Step 1: Empty the stroller baskets.
Step 2: Set the parking brake.
Step 3: Find the levers or collapse button.
Step 4:
For stroller with collapse button: press that collapse button while twisting the bar.
For stroller with levers: squeeze the levers and fold the seat forward, then tug the red handle on the back of stroller.

Let's go in detail step by step.

Step by step guide on how to fold a BOB stroller

Step 1: Empty the stroller baskets

The first step seems to be very apparent, but don’t forget to check the storage compartments of the stroller. Because not every time the person putting food and stuff into the storage and the person who folds the stroller are the same one.

Step 2: Set the parking brake

For the pros, setting up the parking brake to fold a stroller is redundant. However, for first-time parents or grandparents, it can be a pain when trying to fold the stroller and it keeps moving or rolling away from you. 

I didn’t set up the parking brake at the beginning, I also tore my used stroller apart trying to fold it.

All strollers have parking brakes somewhere, and most commonly are on the back of the stroller or on the wheels themselves.

You just need to push down the brakes and your stroller is secured. Remember to set up the parking brakes for at least 2 wheels. This will ensure the stroller stays in place when you are trying to fold it.

Step 3: Find the levers or collapse button

All BOB stroller models have levers or collapse buttons somewhere depending on the models. Sometimes it’s very easy to find right on the handlebars, but sometimes it’s quite difficult as the button is located under the mattress. 

Below is the table of different BOB stroller models, and where to find the levers or collapse buttons. 

Single stroller - All-terrainAll-terrain pro

Single stroller - Revolution Flex & Rambler Jogging Stroller

Double stroller - Revolution Flex Duallie

Lever or collapse button

Collapse button - 1 step fold

Levers - 2 step fold

Levers - 2 step fold

Where to find

Under the seat fabric

2 sides of handlebar

2 sides of handlebar

Staying folded


No. Need to lock manually

No. Need to lock manually

Step 4: Fold the stroller and lock it

Depending if your BOB stroller model has the 1 step fold with the collapse button, or 2 step fold with levers, folding and locking it is slightly different. Some models can lock automatically after folding, some require you to lock it manually using buckles. 

Let’s go through each stroller model.

Single strollers: All-terrain and All-terrain pro BOB strollers

BOB All-terrain and All-terrain Pro are the 2 models that feature the 1-step folding. Currently at the time of writing this (Apr-2022), these are the only 2 models of BOB strollers that have a collapse button and allow 1-step fold.

Once you find the collapse button under the seat fabric, press that collapse button while twisting the bar. You don’t even need to use 2 hands as the stroller will fold and lock automatically. 

Another good thing about the All-Terrain and all-terrain Pro model is that it will stand when folded for easier one hand lifting. So BOB promises you the 1-hand feature, and this 1-hand feature continues from folding to lifting it.

Single strollers: Revolution Flex & Rambler Jogging Stroller

Currently BOB has 2 jogging stroller models: Revolution Flex and Rambler Jogging stroller. Both of these models don’t have a collapse button like the all-terrain models, but they have 2 levers on the sides of the handlebar.

Remember, as the BOB jogging strollers are very easy to push, you must set the parking brake before folding.

To fold these models, you squeeze the levers and fold the seat forward. Then find the red handle that is on the back of the stroller and tug it. It will completely fold the stroller.

One thing is that you need to lock the stroller manually once folded by connecting the red buckles.

Double stroller: Revolution Flex Duallie

The BOB double stroller is Revolution Flex Duallie. It is basically the same as a single stroller BOB Revolution Flex, but for 2 babies. 

So the BOB double stroller folding process is the same: squeeze the levers and fold the seat, then tug the red handle to completely fold it. And don’t forget to lock it.

Step 5: Remove the wheels - if you require more compact

As BOB is known for their jogging strollers with big wheels that can go on all terrain, and ideal for active parents who want to go out and about with their kids, the big wheels can make the stroller quite bulky even after folding.

If you are traveling and need as much space as you could, you can always remove the wheels of your BOB stroller. 

BOB stroller front wheel has a quick release lever. Open it and loosen the nut and the front wheel is removed.

For rear wheels, you need to unlock the parking brake. Then push the release lever and gently pull the wheels out.

how to fold a BOB stroller

There you have it. The clear step by step guide on how to fold a BOB stroller for all models.

Your job is to: figure out the BOB stroller you have or the folding mechanism it features. If you don’t know the name, try looking for the levers at the handlebar and the red handle at the back of the stroller. If you can locate these things, then you are owning a BOB stroller with 2-step folding. Otherwise, it is 1-step folding.

The next thing is easy peasy. 

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