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July 29, 2020

best stroller for rough terrai

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An important part of raising a healthy kid is to set a good example for him.

You keep your house clean, make healthy food choices, and work out frequently. So that your kid can see what you do and try to mimic it.

A good way to take care of your kid while working out is jogging with your kids. You can burn a lot of calories, increase your resistance and strength while introducing the world to him.

You want to walk 10,000 steps, but your little one cannot push any further than 2,000 steps.

What do you do? Give up and return to the house?

This is where a jogging stroller comes to rescue. Put your kid into the jogging stroller, then you can keep up your good work.

For a bigger toddler, you cannot use the same jogging stroller as he is 1 or 2 years old.

In this article, we will help you to find the best jogging stroller for 5 year old kids, so that you and your little buddy can work out together while enjoying the fresh air.

Do you need a jogging stroller for 5 year old kids?

Let’s be honest. You already have a jogging stroller that you used a while back for your babies when they were little and light as feathers (attached with some big ass rocks).

Now your kids are much bigger, heavier, and can walk long distances. When they are so tired, you still put them in the same old stroller they used. The stroller could barely hold their weights and is on the verge of breaking. You know it is not very safe to do that, and when you push the stroller, you feel like the bars are falling apart.

But honestly, do you really need a jogging stroller for 5 year old kids?

No, and yes. It depends on you and your kids.

If you are active parents and often take your kids on walking, trekking, running, and other outdoor activities, then yes, you should get a jogging stroller.

But if your plan is to take your kid to the park once in a while, then you don’t have to get any more gears. Maybe try to carry your baby on your back when he is tired. If you are afraid of him falling off your back, a carrier for big kids will work just fine.

If you need to find a jogging stroller for 5 year old kids, then look at my review of some of the most popular strollers to decide which one to go for. Note that you should buy a jogging stroller that is good to go until your kid is 5 years old, even though your kid is only 2 years old now.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in.

jogging stroller for 5 year old

Top 9 jogging strollers for 5 year old kids

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

There are some good reasons that the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight is one of the most popular strollers for big kids. It is a very large yet lightweight stroller thanks to its aircraft aluminum frame.

This jogger stroller features 16-inch air-pumped tires in the back and 12-inch in the front. What’s more, the front wheel can be locked straight to enhance stability during running or walking fast. It also features a shock-absorbing suspension, with a straight rear axle and dual-sided parking brake.

A good jogging stroller must bring comfort to your kid. This Joovy Zoom makes a good jogging stroller for 5 year old kids as the seat is high and allows extra leg space. The headspace is spacious around 22 inches from seat to top. The maximum weight it can hold is 75 lbs.

It has a large sun canopy to make sure your child is always under the shade while you are outside. There is a peek-a-boo window so that you can always check out your little one. It also provides great air-flow, so your little passenger won’t get too hot in the stroller. A 5 point safety harness keeps kids safe.

You don’t have to carry a different bag or fanny pack while going out with your kid. As this jogging stroller features a small storage basket and handlebars. You can take with you two drinks, phone, keys in the zippered pocket, and all the food and snacks for the kid.

This stroller can easily fold up to 19 inches high so it won’t take up too much room in your house.

What I like the most about this stroller is that, even though it seems to have everything you need on the go, it is one of the cheapest jogging strollers on the market. It is light, functional, and wallet-friendly.

What other parents think: pros

  • Easy to push and control
  • Shock absorbing system works smoothly
  • Lightweight
  • Features a big storage basket and cup holders
  • Large canopy
  • Affordable

What other parents think: cons

  • Quite bulky even when folded
  • Handlebars are not adjustable

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0

If budget is not a problem, and you are looking for a good high-quality jogging stroller for your 5 years old kid, you have to look at the Bob Revolution Flex 3.0. This is one of the pricier strollers but has super high quality, it can even handle the weight of a 6 years old kid.

It features a swivel front wheel that can be locked straight for easy pushing and running. The tires are air-pumped and there is an advanced suspension system, allowing a smooth ride even on the roughest terrain. It provides comfort and ease of use for both you and your little kiddo.

Although it is a bulky stroller with the weight of 28 lbs, it has a 9-position handlebar, you can lower it or set it higher for better control even if you are not big or tall.

Folding size is similar to other jogging strollers, you can also take off the wheels so the stroller would take less space in the trunk of your car.

There is plenty of room in this stroller both for your child and for storage. It has a safety strap for your wrist and a foot brake. It can accept some compatible infant car seats to create a travel system. It can hold up to 75 lbs, which tells you how sturdy and solid it is.  

It is equipped with a large cargo basket and 6 pockets to keep your belongings like phone, keys, etc. The seat features a nice air-flow system that keeps your kid from sweating.

What other parents think - pros

  • Huge canopy
  • Great harness system
  • Deep recline position
  • Very high-quality, solid and sturdy
  • Works great on the roughest terrain
  • Adjustable handlebar to fit all small and big parents

What other parents think – cons

  • Quite pricey
  • Requires some work to fold it
  • Rusting or corrosion issue of the frame
  • Car seat adapter is not included, some accessories are costly

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

This jogging stroller for 5 year old kids is one of the cheapest strollers on the market today. Even so, its weight limit is 50 lbs and it features many great qualities.

The expedition jogging stroller features large bicycle tires and a front swivel wheel that can be unlocked for low-speed maneuvering or locked into place for jogging. The lightweight rugged steel frame construction holds the padded reclining seat with 5-point safety harness and tether strap.

The seat is multi-position reclining and has a vented top which can be used in a fully reclined position – which is really deep and comfortable, in case your 5 year old kid wants to take a quick nap. The seat has a child tray for snacks and a cup holder. It also includes a storage compartment and a parent tray with 2 cup holders. It can accept a compatible car seat to make a travel system. A small but fully adjustable ratcheting canopy covers the seat

Other big safety features include the footrest reflectors to provide greater low-light visibility. This stroller folds up quite flat with a trigger fold that helps the folding process effortlessly.

However, it still requires quite some space and some muscles to carry its 27 lbs weight.

It is a very cheap jogging stroller, but quite heavier and bulkier than others.

There are two big 16″ wheels in the back and one smaller – 12″ in front. Swivel front wheel gives better maneuverability when you’re getting through crowded space, but it can be locked to increase stability on harsher terrain. It rolls smoothly and pushes with minimum effort.

What other parents think: pros

  • Easy to push and provides a smooth ride
  • Big storage basket
  • Have both parent and child trays
  • Fully adjustable canopy
  • Very cheap compared with others

What other parents think: cons

  • Can be quite small for a 5 year old kid.
  • Folding is not as easy as others
  • Footrest is small
  • To lock the stroller, both pedals are needed
  • No suspension, it is not a good fit for fast running

Britax B-Lively Liteweight Stroller

Another high-quality yet pricey option from Britax for a jogging stroller for 5 year old kids. Like other high-quality strollers, it has a footrest to provide comfort for your kid. The 3-wheel configuration with dual and swivel front wheel is great for going over city sidewalks and gravel paths. It also features an all-wheel suspension for a smooth ride.

It has a click n’ go system to attach Britax car seats so you can still go out with your young toddler. Although there are some adapters out there, only some types are compatible with this one.

It has a 5-point harness and single hand folding system. It can recline all the way down, allowing your kid to take a short nap if he wants to.

This Britax B-lively includes a large canopy with built-in visor that can cover your kid completely while allowing you to watch them through the peek-a-boo window.

The weight limit is 55 lbs. For bigger 5 year old kids, this weight limit seems a little bit small though.

Britax B-Lively offers a mesh basket underneath the seat which can hold your essentials. It’s not huge, but should be sufficient for your stuff when you go on a day trip with your toddler.

However, this is not an all-terrain stroller – but it works amazing as a city stroller.

What other parents think – pros

  • Large canopy
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Smooth ride
  • Sturdy
  • Can recline deeply

What other parents think – cons

  • Not for rough terrain
  • No cup holder
  • Small storage basket

gb Pockit+ Lightweight Stroller

If you want a stroller that is really lightweight and can hold up the weight of your kid, you must look at this Pockit+ stroller. By far it is the most lightweight jogging stroller for 5 year old kids.

The most outstanding feature is that it is only 9.5 lbs. And when folded, it consumes a crazily small space: 11.8’’ x 7’’ x 13.8’’. Built using high quality, durable materials, the Pockit can hold a child from 6 months up to 55 pounds as well as 11 pounds of gear in its convenient storage basket, a total of 66 lbs.

The Pockit is equipped with a secure safety belt and protective comfort pads that can be set at different height and fastened or loosened for a cozy and secure fit allowing the stroller to grow with your child.

Other valuable features include the easy, one-hand pushing and steering, sliding back panel with adjustable torso length, lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame, lockable front swivel wheels, overhead canopy, rear-wheel parking brake, and padded handlebars

What other parents think – pros

  • Easy to use
  • Very light and small when folded, great for travel
  • Sturdy and made of high-quality materials

What other parents think – cons

  • Small canopy
  • Small storage basket
  • No reclining seat

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller

This is another jogging stroller for 5 year old kids that I love. It can hold a big little treasure up to 65 lbs with a roomy seat and nice features without being too bulky.

It has the “forever air” rubber tires and all-wheel suspension that can support the weight of your kiddo. It features an adjustable handlebar so that you can lower it or raise it higher to suit your own height. What’s more, it has the hand brake on top and an extra-large storage compartment underneath.

You can always check on your little one through the peek-a-boo window and close it with the magnets when your baby wants a nap. The seat can be adjusted near flat, so if your little one gets tired, lay the seat all the way down, close the canopy window and he can take a quick rest. The 5 point safety harness keeps kids safe during the activity time.

This Baby Jogger stroller has a swift and compact fold. Lift a strap with one hand and the City Mini GT folds itself: simply and compactly. It really is as easy as it sounds. And the auto-lock will lock the fold for transportation or storage.

However, there is not a parent organizer (there’s not a kid one, though it can be purchased separately).

What other parents think - pros

  • Sturdy but not bulky
  • High-quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Good suspension and shock absorbing system
  • Easy to use, fast and easy folding

What other parents think - cons

  • No parents or baby tray
  • Storage compartment is small


Another super lightweight stroller that can hold up to 55 lbs. This Uppababy is a very stylish stroller that is made with high-quality fabrics. The fabrics are breathable with the stain-resistant seat are great added features.

It includes the 4 wheel suspension system with 5.5 inch wheels to help maneuver easily and effortlessly. Whether boarding subways or maneuvering off curbs, with one simple click, your stroller is brought to a safe stop thanks to the one-step brake.

The hand-level triggers make it easy to fold the G-LUXE with just your fingers, no foot action required. Once folded it stands on its own – great for storing out of the way. The seat can recline almost flat, allowing some quick nap for your little one.

The storage on this stroller is okay. The large, easy-access basket holds up to 10 lbs of on-the-go essentials. However, besides a clip-on drink holder for parents, that’s all the built-in storage this stroller has. There is no parent or child tray for snacks. The canopy has 3 extendable panels and additional pop-out sun visor which gives a really great amount of shade for the little passenger.

 What other parents think - pros

  • One-handed and deep recline: easy nap time
  • Spacious seat
  • High canopy
  • High-quality material
  • Smooth ride and easy to use

What other parents think - cons

  • No peek-a-boo window on the canopy
  • No closure on the storage compartment
  • Expensive

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

Graco has a great reputation over car seats and strollers for years, and this stroller does not disappoint. If you own a Graco Click Connect car seat, with one step you can convert it into a travel system with this stroller.

It features an innovative one-hand fold with a multi-position, reclining seat. When reclining all the way down, the seat is nearly flat, allowing a quick nap on the go.

It is lightweight, nearly 18 lbs with the maximum weight is 50 lbs, which means a big kid can comfortably sit on it. The convertible 3- or 5-point harness keeps your baby safe during the run.

It has lockable front-swivel wheels with suspension to give you stability and maneuverability for a smooth ride. Extra-large canopy with UV 50 protection keeps your child comfortably shaded and the pop-out visor provides maximum coverage.

What other parents think - pros

  • Easy folding
  • Compatible with Graco Click Connect
  • Multi-position reclining seat

What other parents think - cons

  • Quite short for tall parents 
  • No adjustable handlebar

Delta Clutch

Delta Clutch is a great lightweight stroller for big kids and thanks to a roomy seat and impressive sturdiness, taller and older children may feel comfortable in it.

It has a slim and simple design, with light construction and compact fold. It meets Disney size requirements so if you are a frequent Disney customer, this is a perfect one. This extremely lightweight stroller weighs 11.7 lbs. and comes with a travel bag, which makes it easy to take on day trips or vacations. When folded, it is crazily small, makes it possible to fit in overhead compartments on planes, on subways, in cars, and takes up little space in city apartments. 

It includes swivel front wheels with suspension for easy maneuverability and a smooth ride with a spacious undercarriage storage so that you can take along some snacks or baby essentials on the go. 

It doesn’t have a canopy but it has a sun visor.

The seat doesn’t have a rigid frame. The backrest is fixed and doesn’t recline. It can hold up to 50 lbs.

What other parents think - pros

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and very small when folded, great for travel
  • Open and close easily
  • Sturdy construction

What other parents think - cons

  • The basket is rather small
  • No recline
  • No canopy
  • Kids don’t seem to be very comfortable sitting on it
  • Padding is thin
  • No cup holder or parent or child tray

Final thought

Finding the best jogging stroller for 5 year old babies or for bigger toddlers is not an easy task. There are just so many stroller types and brands out there, which can easily confuse you.

Good thing is that you are now armed with this guide, so you can make your own decision.

This is a monster and very detailed review and you might not read the whole thing. No problem, just bookmark this page, and when you stumble upon any jogging stroller for 5 year old babies, you can always search to see that stroller is what we recommend.

Imagine you don’t have to hesitate to take your baby out and about anymore. No more Disneyland cancel just because your little one’s feet are too tired to walk.

Now you have a jogging stroller with you. You can always say yes to any trip or walking and jogging, and still, be able to offer your little one a comfortable seat.

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