Do I Need A Rocking Chair For Babies? ( Benefits And Drawbacks ) 

 June 23, 2023

By  Mei Lele

Many expecting parents now consider a nursing chair—also referred to as a glider chair or baby rocking chair—to be a necessity. Mothers use nursing chairs for feeding and comforting their babies but is a rocking chair worth it for nursery?

Although the basic concept remains, the same, nursing chairs have different benefits and drawbacks for parents to consider. 

They now include a variety of extra functions to guarantee that mother and child may unwind in the utmost comfort and, of course, enjoy their priceless bonding moments.

Otherwise, the rocking chair may be expensive for some parents, making us think: "Do I need a rocking chair for babies?".

How Necessary Is A Rocking Chair For A Baby?

Do I Need A Rocking Chair For Babies

Well, it mostly depends on your choice.

Any fussy or distressed babies can be comforted in the rocking chair. Imagine how pleasant it would be when you can soothe your babies while lying on the rocking chair when you are under the weather without having to ask anyone. A rocking chair helps to lull young children to sleep without the mom's effort.

Also, the rocking chair will simplify the mother's work. This warm, inviting space will soon serve as her home base. For mothers who have had C-sections, a rocking chair is a must since it allows them to position themselves more comfortably than on a sofa or bed and promotes healing.

However, if mommies put kids on sleep training, then a rocking chair will not be a good solution. Instead of buying a new rocking chair, mommies can use other sleep training methods to save money, like crying it out ( with or without checking, the pick-up-put-down plan, or sleep training baby with a pacifier.

Is A Rocking Chair Worth It For Nursery?

Do I Need A Rocking Chair For Babies

Any nursery should have a rocking rocker since it provides the calm and comfort that the mother and the nursing kid desperately need. 

When a baby is soothed and calmed down, she feels more like she is in the womb and will eat and then go asleep more easily. The mother's workload will immediately reduce, and frenzied feeding sessions will stop.

Benefits Of Using A Rocking Chair 

If you struggle with nursing your baby in that chair and sitting, dozing, and generally cuddling with your infant, investing in a good rocking chair for the nursery will be worthwhile. 

A rocking chair might bring some surprising benefits that you have not expected. 

Developing Of The Prenatal Phase 

We are all closely associated with the theory and research of using the rocking chair to calm babies and comfort them to sleep. 

According to some research, the motherly rocking of infants is calming and essential for developing mother-child bonds.

During their pregnancy, the 120 participants got instructed to rock themselves in a rocking rocker for 10-15 minutes each day while also massaging their abdomen and rhythmically patting the fetus' bottom.

Suitable For Breastfeeding

Although you can breastfeed your baby almost anywhere and in any position, a nice nursing chair will be much easier on your back and help you position yourself so that you can do so comfortably.

Ensuring that your feet are comfortable, some chairs have a footrest. Therefore, you may kick back and unwind while feeding your child, especially at night when you might be a little more exhausted.

Feed Your Infant Comfortably

Do I Need A Rocking Chair For Babies

Infants consume large amounts of food throughout the day. You will need a comfortable chair to rest your arms and legs as you give your baby healthy milk so you can concentrate on their comfort.

Do you require a rocker to nurse? Maybe not, but it indeed makes the procedure much smoother.

If you feed a kid with a bottle, you might find that sitting on a standard chair or a bed hurts your back. You can feel comfortable while caring for your infant since a rocking chair is kinder to your body.

For feeding, a giant rocking chair with padded arms works best. The upholstered cushions offer the required level of comfort, and the plush-wrapped arms relieve your limbs from bearing the weight of your infant. These chairs frequently have easy-to-clean linen and polyester materials.

Lull Your Infant To Sleep

Babies enjoy the sensation of being rocked and moved around. They find comfort in repetitive motions, which is why having a rocking chair in your nursery is a fantastic idea.

A rocking chair is a great temporary solution if your kid is teething or going through a fussy stage. Although rocking your baby to sleep every night is not ideal, it can be your only option when they are fussy.

So that you may conserve your energy for the remainder of the day, soothe your baby to sleep, and take some time for yourself. 

A rocking chair is also perfect for that critical skin-to-skin time during the baby stage. Parents and babies can spend quality time together while relaxing and rocking comfortably.

Pick a rocking chair with an attached bassinet if you want a rocking chair with a particular purpose. While your infant sleep, you may do your tasks from your chair. You may separate the bassinet after your child outgrows it and turn it into a standard rocking chair.

Set Aside A Place Where You Can Sit

A rocking chair next to your child may provide the comfort they require as you help them get accustomed to sleeping in their bed in the nursery. 

A rocking chair enables you to stay close while delivering comfort, whether you are stroking their chest while they sleep gradually, humming a soft lullaby, or simply reassuring them that you are still there.

Because of developmental or transitional phases, you will inevitably spend some nights sleeping in the nursery. A rocking chair for nursery room tasks also provides you with space to sit and take advantage of your much-needed downtime if you stay in the nursery while the baby rests.

While relaxing in a luxurious rocking chair, pick up your favorite book, have a cup of tea, or make posts on your social media feeds. Keep in mind: You deserve some downtime too!

Have Fun Playing And Reading

You may spend valuable time with your child on a comfortable rocking rocker. Reading aloud to your child is an excellent approach to help them learn the language, human emotion, and social connection. 

Additionally, while they are still young, you can let them practice on your chest if they are reluctant to perform stomach time on their own in a bed or cot. When you hold them, they can feel more at ease moving around, and they can practice tummy time on your soft skin.

Drawbacks Of Using A Rocking Chair

Even though nursing chairs are beneficial, there are a few reasons why you might want to delay purchasing one. These are three reasons:

You Might Not Immediately Require One

If you are still carrying, you will likely not require a nursing chair until after your child's birth. You might decide to share your main bedroom with your infant even after they arrive.

If you decide to room share, you can breastfeed your child while side-lying in bed with you for the first few months.

There Is A Lot Of Room Required For A Glider Rocker

An enormous piece of furniture, a nursing chair can be. A giant glider rocker might not fit your small nursery or crowd it even more if you have a small nursery or bedroom.

The Expensive Cost Of Nursing Chairs

Although purchasing a nursing chair can be expensive, several more cost-effective solutions are available. Additionally, you might be able to find used chairs through local mom's groups or online classified ads.

So, if you consider buying a nursing chair, I do not think you will regret it if you buy a used one.

Additionally, the purchase is unquestionably worthwhile if you are like me and intend to use the chair for many years.

Is The Rocking Chair Safe For Babies?

Do I Need A Rocking Chair For Babies

Generally, using a rocking chair is safe if you abide by the manufacturer's safety recommendations and confirm that your particular model did not recall for any reason.

The condition known as "shaken infant syndrome," "shaken impact syndrome," "whiplash shake syndrome," or "abusive head trauma" can result from shaking a newborn vigorously and forcefully. The child's fragile brain repeatedly strikes the skull, damaging it. The bones, fragile blood vessels, and weak neck muscles all take a beating.

However, this trauma usually occurs when the child shakes out of rage or frustration. Therefore, rocking a baby cannot possibly cause brain damage unless it does on purpose. Thus, do not let it spill over onto your child, whatever the source of your annoyance.

Is Rocking Good For Babies?

Why does rocking appeal to babies? Is a rocking chair required in the nursery? They experience the identical sensation when being rocked that they did while still in their mothers' wombs.

Therefore, rocking helps a baby fall asleep quickly and calms the parent. The youngster falls asleep spontaneously and profoundly while rocking in a rhythmic motion. Some parents consider singing, rocking, or hugging their kids to sleep as "excellent parenting."

Babies enjoy movement in a carrier, your arms, a rocking chair, a stroller, or a moving vehicle. Children feel calm through the vibrating, swinging, or rocking motions.

However, there is "a but" with this rocking. If a baby is a few months old, rocking a kid to sleep minimizes the burden on the parent. But when kids get older, it can lead to a problem known as a sleep association. 

The infant will develop a habit of expecting the same pattern every time you try to put them to sleep or when they wake up in the middle of the night, making them feel powerless or alone, which might be problematic.

As kids rock, their bones can extend alongside their muscles, helping them grow, and promoting healthy development and growth.

Because it calms us down, lowers our pulse rate, and soothes our brain, rocking helps us go asleep.

At What Age Should A Baby Stop Using A Rocking Chair?

Babies rock back and forth on their hands and knees at about six months.

To make more floor space, think about removing the rocking chair you used when they were learning new physical movements. 

If you still have rocking chairs or other equipment that kids have outgrown, put it away and think about creating a small reading nook with some plush floor pillows and a fresh area rug.

Do I Need A Rocking Chair For Babies


From your circumstances, you will know if a rocking chair is worth it for the nursery.

A rocking chair is a perfect prop for you if you can not lull your fussy babies to sleep every night. Also, a rocking chair can help you feed, bond, and rest your back after a busy mom's day.

On the other hand, buying a rocking chair costs an arm and a leg; you will need to sell it in the future for babies to get more space to play.

The answer to the question: "Do I need a rocking chair for babies?" depends on each parent's perspective. But if you still want to buy a rocking chair with a low budget, consider buying second-hand rocking chairs for a good deal.

Mei Lele

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