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June 9, 2023

Snoo vs Halo

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Infants' sleep seems small but closely affects the family's health and quality of life. Many parents feel impatient after spending hours and hours putting a baby to sleep and waking up in the middle of the night to look after their baby. That's why bassinets were born.

As a mom, I understand that people often hesitate when buying a product between different brands. A product may be perfect for you, but only for some. SNOO is considered the smartest and safest sleeping crib on the market today, but its price makes many people hold back. So we found another line worth trying from HALO.

This article will focus on comparing these two famous brands, but understand; the purpose is not to promote or debase either side but to help people have an objective view and understand more clearly the characteristics and features of each product line. It is very good if you choose a crib that fits your needs. Please read and judge for yourself.

SNOO Vs HALO: Models And Features

SNOO Vs HALO: Models And Features

How Does The SNOO Smart Sleeper Work

For five years, Dr. Pediatrician Harvey Karp and leading experts from MIT Lab Media (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) have worked to create a sleeper for babies—the best and safest ever.

Named SNOO, this bassinet has been on the market since late 2016 as a great gift for parents with the hope that they will have more time to sleep when they are less tired from taking care of children.

SNOO has mesh walls for healthy airflow and a water-resistant mattress to keep the sleeper clean and smelling fresh.

White sound

The way the bassinet works is to imitate the environment in the womb to help the baby feel safe and comfortable. The cradle will gently rock the baby while providing a protective embrace and letting the baby hear white noise to create the feeling of being in the womb.

Vibration/ Rocking Motion

Snoo vs Halo

You can set the crib's vibration mode to: swing through the night or turn it off after 8 minutes. In addition, you can also adjust the speed of white noise's audio vibration.

SNOO has a special feature called Motion Limiter that allows parents to restrict SNOO's movement to the first two levels (recommended for babies). Go to the Settings icon of the SNOO app, click on your baby's profile, enable Motion Limit, and save. With Motion Limit On, you'll see an M icon in the upper right corner.

Motion detection

The SNOO crib is also especially smart when it can detect whether the baby is crying because of hunger or needs to be changed. The SNOO will then wait a few seconds before responding, allowing the baby to self-soothe. If the crying continues, the SNOO's slight shake will be a little faster. The white noise will be a little louder, too. 

SNOO then moves through four levels of sound and movement that increase until the fuss stops. And this bed will not activate the sound and motion mode if the baby doesn't stop crying. The main goal is for parents to find out as quickly as possible.

Smartphone integration

Snoo vs Halo

Through an app, you can connect your phone to the sleeper. You will know if the baby is sleeping well if you hear the baby cry to check, change diapers, or give milk to the baby. Also, the modes


The special sack is a flexible nightgown inside the sleeper. So it can be opened and fastened according to the needs of the parents. As a result, the baby is kept still, does not roll over while sleeping, but can still be carried outside to change diapers, diapers, or feed when needed.

SNOO Vs HALO: Detailed Feature Comparison

It can be denied that SNOO has many smart features. The white sound technology and action detection are cool. But SNOO was initially introduced in 2016, and other alternatives have existed since then. They can have eye-catching and more compact designs. Many unique features are worth trying. Moreover, many of them are more affordable! 

After carefully considering other bassinets, we decided to select HALO - a product that also receives the love of many families. Check out the specific comparisons between SNOO and HALO to find the product you like best.

Feature 1: Price

Snoo vs Halo

Currently, the sleeping crib products from HALO range from $97 to $480. Meanwhile, the SNOO on the web costs over $1000. With such a price difference, HALO will be the more economical choice.

Winner: HALO 

Feature 2: Sound/Vibration 

SNOO prides itself on the white noise mode that helps babies fall asleep naturally and quickly. The vibration mode is flexibly adjusted to ensure the baby adapts best without affecting health.

HALO has two vibration modes and four soothing sounds. It can turn itself off but doesn't adapt to the intensity like SNOO.

Winner: SNOO

Feature 3: Age/Weight Limit 

Snoo vs Halo

The SNOO has a weight restriction of 25 pounds. The recommended age is newborn to about 6 months. The weight limit for HALO is 20 pounds for infants under 5 months of age. When comparing how long a baby can sleep in a sleeper, the SNOO is slightly longer.

Winner: SNOO

Feature 4: Smartphone integration

HALO has not developed this integration, and SNOO has a built-in smartphone app that allows you to control SNOO remotely by selecting the best motion and white noise levels for your baby. See your child's sleep patterns—and track progress daily, weekly, and monthly with the SNOO Sleep Log.

Winner: SNOO 

Feature 5: Height-adjustable/ Detachable

The HALO Luxe is one of the most versatile bunk beds on the market now, with full swivel capabilities and a 12-inch height adjustment range. Meanwhile, the SNOO is not adjustable to the height you want, nor can it be disassembled to make the room as neat as HALO.

Winner: HALO

Feature 6: Cry Detection

Snoo vs Halo

If the baby cries, SNOO will wait a few seconds before reacting, giving them time to comfort themselves. If the weeping persists, SNOO's gentle rocking becomes quicker. SNOO then progresses through four stages of increasing sound and action until the fussing ceases. After a few minutes of continuous sobbing, SNOO is supposed to "time out," switch off and notify parents through the app, suggesting that the baby likely wants a change, a feed, or more comfort. HALO still depends mainly on your observations and actions.

Winner: SNOO

Feature 7: Bedside reach

If you want to observe your child closely without having to move much, then HALO will be a perfect choice. Changing diapers and breastfeeding will become much easier when you can make it sit on top of your mattress. It reduces the need to lean or bend over to reach your infant, making it perfect for the first few weeks of postpartum recovery. 

Winner: HALO

SNOO Vs. HALO: Which One Should You Choose?

Snoo vs Halo

Parents love SNOO due to its main features: smart app, white sound, detection motion, and vibration, but its price is too high. If you are not too concerned about the price, you like the modernity of this cradle, like the way everything is linked through the smart app, this is indeed a better choice. Indeed, you will have more time to do what you want. 

On the other hand, the SNOO is expensive and cannot be flexibly dismantled and adjusted like HALO. You won't be able to get as close to your baby as you would with HALO. It will be quite inconvenient if you want to move to another place or travel. If you carefully consider the price issue and the above factors, you can choose the HALO model Luxe. 


Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about SNOO and HALO on the forums. We will answer briefly to help you capture the necessary information.

Snoo vs Halo

Is HALO Better Than SNOO?

If you find that spending a large amount of money is entirely worth it for smart technologies ( white sound, cry detection, mobile app) which can help your baby to have a quality sleep. SNOO might be your favorite product.

If you like the compactness of a bedside sleeper and prioritize easy access. You can choose the more affordable product - HALO.

Both have their pros and cons. Your family's needs are the deciding factor. 

Should I Rent Or Buy A SNOO Baby Bassinet?

When considering whether to rent or buy SNOO, think about your space, your budget, and if you expect to have more children. Moreover, renting a bassinet is also a good way to protect the natural resource of wood.

There is a reasonable cost when you choose the Newborn Special rental option. When paid monthly, SNOO costs about $100. You may save almost $800 on SNOO when you use it for the recommended 6 months.

Do Pediatricians Recommend The SNOO?

There is no doubt that SNOO is always at the top of the product recommended by pediatricians. All its characteristics are carefully researched, and remember, SNOO's father is Dr. Harvey Karp and Mit-Trained Engineers.

How To Use A SNOO Baby Bassinet?

It's simple! Just follow these procedures after plugging in and configuring your smart sleeper:

Step 1: Swaddle Your Baby In The SNOO Sack

Open the sack and inner bands and place your baby with their shoulders 2 to 3" higher than the bag's neckline. Straighten each arm and tightly tighten the inner armbands over the baby's chest. After that, fasten the leg flap. Pull the top of the SNOO sack over each shoulder, then zip it up completely.

Step 2: Place Baby In SNOO

When laying the baby in SNOO, place their feet at the end closest to the power button. SNOO Sacks have wings with loops on both sides. Slide the loops of the SNOO Sack onto the SNOO safety clips on either side of the bassinet. Do this whether SNOO is enabled or disabled.

Step 3: Turn SNOO On

On the front of SNOO, press the activity button. As SNOO "boots up," it will flicker white for roughly a minute. Push the button again when it stops blinking. This time, the light will turn blue, and SNOO will start shaking and playing white noise.

Step 4: Customize Your SNOO Experience

SNOO's activity level can be reduced via the SNOO mobile app. (Push the activity button once to end SNOO.) When baby is nearly ready to transition to the crib, activate SNOO's Weaning Mode, which provides baby with sleep-inducing music all night—but no motion unless disturbed. When weaning is enabled, a W icon appears in the top right corner of the screen.

How Many Models Does HALO Have?

There are five versions:

  • HALO Flex HALO Essentia Series
  • HALO Premiere Series 
  • HALO Luxe Series HALO Twin Sleeper

You can read the HALO and SNOO Features Table above to choose your favorite version.

Is the HALO Bassinest a co-sleeper?

The Bassinest was the first co-sleeping tool to simulate the presence of a baby in your bed without really bed-sharing. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Snoo vs Halo


If you want to know a product is a good quality, look directly at its features and ingredient list. And in today's article, it is the characteristics of HALO and SNOO. We evaluate based on an objective lens and the opinions of thousands of other families.

You can trust them because these are the two most prestigious brands today. And again, consider your choice based on the conditions you have set. Thanks for your visit! 

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