SNOO Reviews: Is This Smart Bassinet Worth It? 

 May 15, 2023

By  Mei Lele

With so many different sleep smart bassinets, it can be hard to know what to choose. Every parent wants their child to sleep through the night without having to get them up, change their diapers, or put them back in bed. 

Well, that’s not possible, and we all know it, but we still want it to happen. If that’s your goal, I’m here for you! I want to help answer a few of your questions about SNOO and let you know how satisfied our customers are with this product.

It's no surprise that tiredness is the most common new parent issue. That's why SNOO, the smartest and safest infant bed ever created, was created.

The greatest goal is that SNOO will help your baby sleep better and keep you rested so you can be a better parent.

What Is The SNOO?

SNOO Reviews

The SNOO was designed from the ground up to make your viewing experience more fun than ever before. The first thing you'll notice when you sit down is its height-adjustable seat, which lets you adjust it to your preference. 

You can also move your head around, so it's always looking at whatever you're watching onscreen – this means that even if someone else comes into the room while you're watching TV, they won't be able to see what you're seeing!

It relaxes the baby with a gentle rock and a constant whooshing sound while the baby is wrapped in the swaddle. Then, when your infant makes a noise, it raises and/or alters the volume and rocking motion.

The same thing happens with white noise. It not only increases the volume by four levels, but it also changes the type of white noise. For example, it begins with the pitter-patter of rain and progresses to a womb-like shoosh at level two.

The SNOO will automatically cease if the infant has not settled by the time level four is reached. If you are not paying attention, it will give you a push message informing you that your kid needs your assistance SNOO +1, Baby +1.

How Does The SNOO Work?

SNOO Reviews

SNOO uses white noise and gentle swaying movements to assist in calming your baby, who believes they are still in the womb. It uses the 5 S sign to calm your baby.

SNOO will gently shake them and make white noises. When your baby cries, SNOO detects it, creating louder white noises and shaking the baby more vigorously.

It involves lulling them to sleep, so they don't have to get out of bed. If your baby continues to cry after a few minutes, he'll interrupt and presume he needs anything from you.

In addition, the SNOO crib is especially smart when recognizing whether the baby is crying because of hunger or needs to be changed. This bed will no longer activate the sound and motion mode at that time but let the baby cry. Parents will be able to hear their baby cry to check in, change diapers, or give milk.

The unique belt is designed as a flexible nightgown inside the crib so that it can be opened and fastened according to the needs of the parents. As a result, the baby is kept still, does not roll over while sleeping, but can still be carried outside to change diapers, diapers, or feed when needed.

SNOO Reviews

SNOO Reviews

Here's an overview of the SNOO's primary features:


You snuggle the baby in, and the SNOO softly rocks and plays white noise to lull them to sleep. Three microphones, motion sensors, two motors, and a speaker are included. The SNOO activates to quiet your baby when they fuss.


The SNOO's sensors detect movement in the bassinet and respond by adjusting the rocking intensity and loudness of the white noise until the baby falls asleep again.

Sensitivity Is Adjustable

In the app, you can change the sensitivity. Higher sensitivity levels cause the rocking and white noise to have a lower activation threshold and begin sooner.

There Are Five Levels Of Intensity

The SNOO offers five levels of rocking intensity: baseline levels 1–4 and 5. What I particularly admire is how smooth the transitions between these are.

App Controlled

A smartphone app controls the SNOO; you turn it on by pressing a button on your phone, and the smart technology takes over from there.


The SNOO has a revolutionary swaddle design that keeps the infant safe on its back, as well as a system that allows the bassinet to operate only when the swaddle is in place.

Calming Like The Womb

In 2016, the SNOO smart sleeper reached the market, raising the bar for what you can expect from a bassinet.

The SNOO bassinet, according to the firm behind it (Happiest Baby) and its designer (Dr. Harvey Carp), mimics the soothing feeling of a womb.

When your baby begins to wiggle or fully awakens, the bassinet's sensors monitor the movements and sounds and change the white noise and rocking intensity to put the baby back to sleep-all without you having to raise a finger.

As Safe As A Baby Bed Gets

The SNOO is also marketed as the "safest baby bed ever manufactured" by Happiest Baby.

They attribute the safety milestone to the SNOO bassinet being the only bed on the market that fully meets the AAP's (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommendation that a baby sleeps only on the back for the first six months.

The industry-leading safety requirements have already been mentioned. It has patented swaddle technology and safety clips that prevent the SNOO from being activated until the infant is safely in place and the swaddle is secured.

Is The SNOO Safe?

SNOO Reviews

The SNOO Sack is billed as "the safest baby bed ever produced," and with good reason: its design keeps your baby on her back, the safest sleep position according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, encourages a healthy hip position, and prevents material from covering a baby's mouth and nose.

At the time of writing, the SNOO is one of three safe sleep environments that meet the American Academy of Pediatrics' safe sleep guidelines. These guidelines are intended to prevent the occurrence of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), which occurs most frequently between the ages of 2 and 4 months. Cribs, bassinets, and travel cribs are also acceptable.

Newborns are delicate beings. So it's natural to question whether the SNOO, with its automatic baby jiggling and white noise settings, is safe for newborns. SNOO, on the other hand, was developed to be used from the start and has been rigorously evaluated for newborn safety. It's also been around for at least five years and has been used safely by thousands of families.

Is The SNOO Worth It?

SNOO Reviews

If your budget allows it and you intend to use it again, I'd say it's a good purchase, especially with the 30-day trial. It was for us. The SNOO helped Samuel go asleep faster, giving me more time to sleep in between feedings, it got him sleeping for longer stretches, and most significantly, it gave me peace of mind knowing he was resting comfortably on his back.

However, each infant and family are unique, and there is no assurance that it will work for you. You could obtain one of those unicorn babies who sleep through the night from day one and save spending up $1000 to $2000 on a bassinet.

How Much Does The SNOO Cost?

SNOO Reviews

SNOO costs over 1000$. That's a lot of money for the ordinary parent, especially when you don't know if it'll work for your child. Some will argue that you can't place a price on a good night's sleep, so it may be worth paying for some. 

However, parents can ultimately decide for themselves to decide whether to buy their baby a great first bed like SNOO.

You can rent the SNOO through the SNOO rental program. Therefore the rental scheme was created to make it more affordable to parents without vast newborn budgets who also needed a safe baby bed and extra sleep.

The standard SNOO rental program is priced at $100 to $200 per month, with a one-month minimum rental period. You will pay an amount in advance (one month plus the reconditioning cost).

Each SNOO rental includes the mattress, an organic fitted sheet, and two sleep sacks. After your rental period is finished, you will own everything.

Another attractive feature of the leasing scheme is that there is no obligation after the first month. So utilize it for three months, then decide you've had enough and return it.

Which One Should You Choose? To Buy Or To Rent A SNOO?

SNOO Reviews

Suppose you decide to purchase a SNOO bassinet. However, if you wish to hire a bassinet, you should budget roughly every day. So, renting may save you money depending on how long you want to use the bassinet.

However, if you don't mind paying a little more, a SNOO bassinet can be worth it. For example, if you intend to have more children, you could reuse the bassinet until it is no longer needed.

On the other hand, renting the bassinet appears to be the better alternative, as it will cost much less than purchasing the device. Even after factoring in the reconditioning fee and shipping, renting is less expensive than buying.

The bassinet has a one-month minimum rental time, so you may try it out and see if renting the SNOO is worthwhile. If you opt to keep the bassinet after the trial, you may be charged storage fees only under limited circumstances.

I recommend the renting program if you want to give SNOO a shot. That's an excellent method to put it to the test. You may test it out to see if you're comfortable with it and if our kid will react to it without having to pay the full fare.

Why Should I Buy SNOO? And Why Shouldn’t?

SNOO Reviews

Meanwhile, SNOO is the magic crib most effective at lulling babies to deep sleep with rhythmic vibrations and an accompanying sound device to make the same noises as babies in the womb. Therefore, parents can rest assured when putting their children to sleep separately in this special bed.

In addition, the SNOO crib is especially smart when recognizing whether the baby is crying because of hunger or needs to be changed. This bed will no longer activate the sound and motion mode at that time but let the baby cry. Parents will be able to hear their baby cry to check in, change diapers, or give milk.

The development of technology always has two sides. SNOO smart crib products are no exception. Although being introduced as a super product that gives parents absolute peace of mind and helps them sleep longer, many people believe SNOO intentionally disconnects the connection between parents and the new baby.

Because letting a baby lie next to you and experiencing parenting in the first few months is extremely necessary for every family, this process will be interrupted when this bed separates the baby. The parents will gradually lose their instincts, and the emotional bond between them and the baby will also become more fragile.

That is quite expensive to invest in a product only to use for the first few months of life, and on the market today, many other cribs also have the same function, but the price is much cheaper, even only about ¼ but also meets the needs of parents.

However, parents can decide for themselves to decide whether to buy their baby a tremendous first bed like SNOO.

Feedbacks From Parents Who Used SNOO

“ Have you started leaving your baby’s arms out? Or one arm yet? I know the SNOO makes it so you can safely swaddle until six months, but it says most babies can start with one arm by 4 months.

My baby is a terrible sleeper (with or without the SNOO), so I’m dreading doing anything just yet that will make it even worse, and stopping the full swaddle has always been an adjustment for my kids.”

“ We’ve been doing arms out for a few weeks, and it’s been great! My son hated the swaddle and would bust out of it; his little fist would poke up through the neck hole and wake himself up. After a few nights, I just let him have his arms out and have had no issues!”

“ We took our arms, moved to his bedroom, and started sleep training all at once. That way he can soothe himself by sucking on his hands. It’s been about a week. It was a rough week, but he’s stopped crying at night except for one dream feed!” 

“We did arms out at 3.5 months and moved her into her crib permanently about 3 weeks ago when we were trained. We never used the weaning mode, and I could tell she wanted more space / did not like being strapped down. Good thing we did because she rolled to her stomach two nights later and has slept that way ever since.”

(Source: What to Expect)

How To Use SNOO

The steps required to begin utilizing the SNOO are explained below. They include startup, intensity level changes, and the automatic shut-off feature. Don't forget first to connect the SNOO to the app.

Place your infant in the center of the SNOO, with their head on the opposite side of the button.

Swaddle both swaddle wings over the bassinet's safety latches on either side. Check that the wings are fully installed.

Start the SNOO by pressing the front button once. The light changes from white to blue, indicating that the SNOO is in baseline mode.

When you turn on the SNOO, you can program it to start on Level 1 or Level 2. It will cause the SNOO to go through one cycle of calming before returning to the baseline after 2 minutes.

When the infant becomes unhappy and begins fussing or screaming, the SNOO will give them a few seconds to self-soothe before increasing the volume and swaying.

If the infant continues to cry, the SNOO will increase the volume and motion by cycling through each level again.

When the maximum soothing level is achieved, the SNOO will continue to try to soothe your baby for 3 minutes before shutting down and alerting you via the app.

To manually raise the intensity, press and hold the button for 3 seconds. The hue of the light will change to reflect the intensity change.

To progress through the stages, release the button and hold it for 3 seconds each time.

To stop at any moment, simply press and release the button or remove the swaddling sleeve.

If the SNOO could not calm your baby, simply remove them from the bassinet and comfort or feed as needed.

SNOO Reviews


I hope this post has assisted you in determining whether the SNOO is the best option for your family or has provided you with an SNOO alternative. Remember that while all the tools in our toolbox might help us be better parents, they are never a substitute for parenting. There is no shame in expanding your toolkit!

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