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May 11, 2021

How To Attach Mobile To Crib

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Did you know that since the day your little angel was sent into the world by God, he has been able to perceive the world around him through the images, colors, and sounds from his environment? 

As a result, the positive effects from the beginning will help your little one form good habits, contributing to the baby’s overall development. And mobiles can be a useful sidekick to get that job done. Mobile helps babies develop hearing, promotes observation, and enhances concentration by arousing curiosity in babies.

Purchasing a set of mobiles is easy, but how to attach mobile to crib? Do you know the answer? If this question is still haunting you, then our tutorials may be of great help.

Read on and explore the way!

How To Attach Mobile To Crib? Specific Steps

First-time parents may find it challenging to attach mobiles to the crib. If they come with various pieces and a large base, the putting-together process may become even harder. 

Fear not! Here we provide you with straight-to-the-point instructions so that you can finish the job with ease.

Prepare all the necessary tools

First of all, you must prepare all the parts of the mobile and make sure that they are all available for the setting process. Check if there are any missing or defective parts. Typically, a mobile will come with a base, dial, arm, and the mobile with lovely toys for kids secured to it. 

Some modern mobiles need batteries to operate. If your mobile belongs to this type,  please take off the back of the base, add the required batteries, then reinsert the back.

Check the base

Now, get ready for a more thorough test of the base of your mobile. Take a look at the top; can you notice a protruding section? Make sure that your mobile includes this part as it greatly assists in the process of balancing the weight of the mobile and fixing it to the edge of the crib.

Besides that, a threaded post should also not be absent from the base. This part plays a very important role because it performs the task of attaching the base to the crib. In case the threaded post comes as a separate part, please use a screwdriver to attach it to the base.

Get down to the installing process

Once the preparation and part testing are complete, let’s move on with the installation. First, put the base of the mobile device inside the crib and place it slightly against the wall. Make sure that the threaded post can protrude between the two bars.

After that, we come to fix the base. This step requires a little bit of your strength. Now, screw the nut on the threaded post. Just do it until the nut is pressed against the crib wall as well as the base of the mobile is securely attached. When you touch it, and there is no more swaying, rest assured it is fixed.

All that's left is to simply anchor the mobile device to the arm and place the arm on the base. Note that the pieces can simply attach together, or you may need to attach them using specialized tools like screwdrivers. This largely depends on the type of mobile you buy.

Adjust for more comfort

In order for your baby to feel the comfort of and observe moving toys mounted on the mobile in the most intuitive way, do a little adjustment. Use a ruler to estimate the distance between the top of the mattress and the bottom of the base. In case you notice that it is less than 7 inches, adjust the mattress by lowering it.

And that's it, that's how to attach mobile to crib.

How To Hang A Mobile Over A Crib

how to attach mobile to crib

If you feel that attaching your mobile phone to the crib is taking too long and still wants your baby to play with swinging toys, why don't you hang a mobile over the crib?

Hanging your mobile phone in this way will not take you too much time and effort. You only need a drill, a hammer, and a ruler. Here is a list of straightforward instructions that you should abide by in order to successfully set up your mobile over the crib.

Consider the location of the mobile

Prior to the installation process, it is very important to position the mobile relative to the crib. In general, the position of the mobile depends on parents' personal preferences and children's vision. However, you must make sure that the distance from the crib mattress to the mobile is at least 16 inches.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the location of the cell phone in the room. Cell phones will not be in the aisle where they can hit other people's heads.

Drill the hole

Hanging a mobile over the crib is easy with the help of the ceiling. Use a 5/16 inch drill to drill a small hole in the ceiling and put a drywall anchor into the hole. Then, use a hammer to gently strike the anchor to make it more in place. 

Remember to use moderate force, not too hard one, because it can affect your whole process. Press until the anchor is completely level with the ceiling.

Get down to mobile assembly

Normally, the mobile isn't assembled when you buy it. Just like when you install the mobile to the crib, you also have to put all its parts together.

Modify the height of the string

The string is usually included when you purchase the mobile. However, there is the harsh fact that sometimes the string is of an incompatible length to hang from the ceiling to the height specified in the previous step. 

To avoid this, you should have an additional string. Your job is to estimate the distance between the screw hook and the string from its specified position. Then, similarly, measure along the excess string and get it cut with scissors. Use one more additional hook and connect both strings.

Hang mobiles

If you've made it here, congratulations, this is the last step in the process: hang the mobile! What you need to do is to hang that extra string from the hook on the ceiling. After that, connect the mobile string to it. 

Now your baby can enjoy the funny and relaxing moment that the mobile brings.

Some Types of Toys To Attach To The Mobile

Make sure you check out my guide on crib safe toys here.

Soft stuffed animals

Cute, colorful stuffed animals hanging around the crib are sure to make a strong visual impression on your baby. Children will imagine being lost in a zoo with cute and funny animals or in a paradise with lovely little friends. 

Stuffed animal toys are a suitable choice for babies who are learning to distinguish animals as well as their shapes and colors.

Crib ring

The crib ring is simple, but it helps to please the baby's eyes as well as develop the baby's senses. Crib rings come in a variety of shapes and colors. Parents should choose colorful rings to stimulate their baby's eyesight.


The balloons hovering in front of their eyes like a wonderful picture make babies want to reach out and play with them. The balloons of various sizes will help with the development of the hand and eye coordination as well as exercise agility. 

When hanging the ball, you should hang the ball a bit high to avoid the ball from touching the baby's face, and raising your hand to catch the balls will make children enjoy and want to be conquered.

Wrapping Up

Mobile can not only entertain your babies but also help them sleep well and have better sleep habits. They are truly a lifesaver and a great toy for our little angels. 

If you’ve been reading this post, now you know how to attach mobile to crib to help boost your kid’s development.

What are you waiting for? Even me, the clumsiest mom can do it alone, so you can do it too.

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