Can A Graco Sense2 SNOOze Really Be An Alternative To SNOO? 

 June 23, 2023

By  Mei Lele

If you are a parent-to-be or new parents, we think you already heard about the SNOO Smart Sleeper. It is an advanced technology bassinet that can adjust the motion, vibration, and sound to soothe a baby to sleep. 

However, the SNOO smart sleeper is really an expensive  baby item that does not fit the budget of many parents. Is there any other bassinet that can be an alternative to the SNOO?

You can consider the Graco Sense2 SNOOze bassinet made by Graco - a popular and trusted brand in the baby’s items market. In this article, we will compare the Graco Sense2SNOOze vs SNOO bassinet to see if it can be an SNOO's alternative.

Features That Make SNOO So Expensive

Why is the SNOO smart sleeper so expensive but thousands of parents purchase or rent them? We will explain the reasons for the popularity of this bassinet in the table below.

graco sense2snooze vs snoo

Review Each Features Of Graco Sense2SNOOze

The Graco Sense2SNOOze is a popular bassinet on the market and is loved by many parents. We will dive deeper into each feature of this bassinet right below.

Cry detection

graco sense2snooze vs snoo

Cry detection is a technology advance that you could not find easily on the baby items market. I think this is the most supportive feature of a smart crib.

Graco Sense2SNOOze bassinet applies cry detection technology to recognize your baby’s crying or fussing. With built-in microphones, it can hear your baby's cries, then adjust the motion, vibration, and sound to calm the baby back to sleep.

Vibrating and rocking motion

The Graco Sense2SNOOze bassinet uses vibration and motions to soothe the baby. 

The bassinet has three levels of motion, which rocks back and forth continuously horizontally. These motions are safe for the baby to sleep in because the Graco Sense2SNOOze bassinet is certified by JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association). However, there is no option to move the bassinet up and down or in any particular movement.

You can use two vibration speeds of Graco Sense2SNOOze (low and high) to calm the baby to sleep. According to some parents’ reviews, the vibration mode is wonderful and works magically for their baby.


graco sense2snooze vs snoo

This bassinet has a built-in white noise machine with 10 sleepy songs and 10 soothing sounds. These sounds will help to block out other noise and re-create life inside the womb. 

The bassinet will automatically change the sounds to respond to the baby's cries or fussing. You can also manually change the sound by scrolling through them with 3 buttons on the front panel. 


Similar to other bassinets, the Graco Sense2SNOOze provides mesh side walls. They allow the baby's breathability with airflow and provide parents visibility. 

You will have three different color options to choose: Ellison, Hamilton, and Roma. It will help you to find the best bassinet color that matches your house decoration. 

The bassinet provides you with more flexibility with a removable canopy and integrated wheels. You can reverse the canopy to cover the light or sun from your sleeping baby. Conveniently, you can remove this canopy to save more space or to get your baby in and out easier.

With the integrated wheel, parents can move the bassinet around the house to find a good place for their baby's sleep. However, some parents complain that the wheels are only available on two legs so it is not so convenient. I think the manufacturers already consider the danger for the baby if placing wheels on all four legs.  

If you want to keep the necessary things like diapers, wipes, or even some formula close, the Graco Sense2SNOOze will meet your demand. It provides storage pockets to keep essential things handy for unexpected night changes or feeds. 

The control panel of this bassinet also has soft nightlights. They will help you to change the operation mode manually during the night without turning on the light and waking your baby up. 

Age/weight limits

graco sense2snooze vs snoo

Like many other bassinets, the Graco Sense2SNOOze bassinet also has age, and weight limits are 6 months old and 20-25 lbs. 

When your babies are around 6 months old, they begin to get up on their hands or knees. It will be dangerous to let them sleep alone in a smart bassinet because they may fall out. In addition, when the baby grows up and heavier, it won’t be comfortable for them to sleep in a small bassinet. 


Do you know in 1955, Graco invented the first automatic baby swing on the market? Their products are high-quality and loved by parents all around the world. The Graco Sense2SNOOze is their famous smart bassinet, which has typical safety for the baby as a regular bassinet.


graco sense2snooze vs snoo

The price of this bassinet is around $300, more affordable to many parents. Normally you only use a bassinet for a maximum of 6 months for a baby. The Graco Sense2SNOOze bassinet provides essential features like cry detection with various soothing motions and sounds so it will be a good investment for your family. 

Can A Graco Sense2 SNOOze Really Be An Alternative To SNOO?

The table below is our summary of all the features of Graco Sense2SNOOze with cry detection and the SNOO smart sleeper. 

There are similarities between Graco Sense2 SNOOze and the SNOO, especially the cry detection technology. This feature can be considered the first priority when you choose a smart bassinet for your baby.

The Graco bassinet also provides soothing motion, vibration, and more options of sounds to soothe the baby to sleep. Even though it does not have high-technology features like weaning mode, app control, or sewn-in swaddle, the Graco Sense2 SNOOze bassinet is still a safe sleeping area.

In addition, the Graco bassinet also offers integrated storage and canopy, which you could not find on the SNOO smart sleeper. You can easily move the Graco bassinet around to find a perfect place for your baby's sleep.

So we think, with the affordable price of around $300, the Graco Sense2 SNOOze can really be an alternative to the SNOO bassinet. 

graco sense2snooze vs snoo


Do you have any questions about the SNOO bassinet? Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions we received from many parents. 

Do pediatricians recommend the SNOO?

The SNOO bassinet is an advanced technology crib, created by Dr. Harvey Karp. He is well-known as a pediatrician and the author of the book “ “. 

With cry detection and automatically changing the soothing level, the SNOO has won 20 top honors, including the National Sleep Foundation's Innovation of the year in 2017

The sewn-in swaddles guarantee infants' safety by keeping them on their backs during sleep for the first six months. That is the reason SNOO is the only bed that meets the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) back sleeping. 

What bassinet is most comparable to the SNOO?

Besides Graco Sense2SNOOze with cry detection, there are other bassinets on the market that come close to the SNOO such as 4moms manaRoo bassinet or HALO BassiNest. 

The 4moms mamaRoo bassinet also rocks your baby to sleep with five unique rocking motions and 5 customizable speeds, so you can modify it to find the best one for your baby. 

This bassinet provides a built-in white noise machine as the SNOO bassinet, with four soothing sounds: rain, ocean, fan, and shush. You can adjust the sounds and movement directly through the 4moms app on your phone. 

The HALO BassiNest is a 360º swivel sleeper, that helps to keep the newborn close to mothers so they can care for babies from bed. This bassinet is especially suitable for breastfeeding and C-section moms.

It also has four soothing sounds: heartbeat, white noise, babbling brook, and rainforest, and two levels of gentle vibrations to calm your baby to sleep. In addition, the bassinet has two storage pockets for you to keep the baby’s essential things close. 

Is the SNOO SIDS approved?

The SNOO smart sleeper helps to reduce bed-sharing and prevent stomach sleeping, which may be able to reduce infant death. That explains why the SNOO bassinet was recently accepted into the FDA's breakthrough devices program. It is undergoing review as a potentially life-saving device capable of preventing the leading causes of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

graco sense2snooze vs snoo


In conclusion, after comparing Graco Sense2SNOOze vs SNOO, we think it can be a low-budget alternative to the SNOO. 

It has many similar high-technology features to the SNOO smart sleeper such as cry detection, soothing by motions, vibrations, and sound. In addition, the design may provide more flexibility and comfort for the parents. If your budget is around $300, we highly recommend you try the Graco Sense2SNOOze for your baby. 

If you still want to try the SNOO bassinet with a low budget, why don't you try the SNOO rental? It offers you a similar experience to the SNOO purchase but lower cost, returns easily and no need for storage space.

Mei Lele

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