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August 19, 2022

do I need baby towels

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Many parents are wondering: Do I need baby towels, or is using a bath towel for a newborn safe for the baby's skin? Don’t worry; you are in the right place. 

The skin of a newborn is relatively immature and sensitive, very sensitive to cotton, and prone to redness and irritation with towels with raw nylon material. Therefore, parents must choose towels with standard materials and sizes that absorb effectively. 

This article will give mothers the necessary information when buying and using baby towels. At the same time, we will suggest practical ways for moms to use towels properly for babies.

Why Are Babies Towels Important? 

do I need baby towels

Baby washcloths are necessary for babies because they provide a safer way to clean their baby’s skin. 

Baby towels are softer to protect and comfort a baby's sensitive skin. Today's baby bath towels are made from cotton, linen, and silk. These materials will help prevent rashes and skin irritation in babies.

Baby washcloths can also be found using natural and organic materials. Organic and natural fabrics are less likely to undergo bleaching or be made with fabric dyes. It will ensure the safety of your baby's skin and health.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Towels For Babies

Baby skin is susceptible and easily damaged. Therefore, baby towels must be made of soft materials and avoid scratching the baby's skin. So when choosing a bath towel for your baby, you need to consider the following factors:


do I need baby towels

Material is the most important thing parents need to pay attention to when buying baby towels. Parents should choose bucket towels or cotton towels labeled "100% cotton". 

This material is considered the most suitable for a baby's skin because it is incredibly soft, thin, and has good absorbency. The fabric is woven from natural, benign materials, which will not cause irritation and redness for the baby.

In addition, other towel materials suitable and safe for children are towels made from bamboo fibers - a natural ingredient that helps reduce the appearance of mold and bacteria. 

With 4 times the absorbency of conventional fabrics, antibacterial and breathable, bamboo towels are the perfect choice for mothers with babies.


do I need baby towels

The chemicals that color the fabric are hardly friendly to the baby's skin. Therefore, mothers should choose milk towels or bath towels with few colors and textures, ensuring absolute safety for the baby's skin.


do I need baby towels

Parents should focus on the origin of baby towels and choose reputable brands with years of experience producing baby products to buy good quality and durable products. 

Many products can still be soft and comfortable when purchased. However, after only a couple of washes, the towel quickly got dusty, cracked, or torn.

Many parents also mistake harming their baby when choosing a cheap towel. Many parents have bought bucket towels for babies of unknown origin and unknown brands. 

Most of the towels of unknown origin originate from China, the price is relatively low, but they also contain many dangerous substances that affect the baby's soft skin.

Some reputable baby towel brands today that parents can refer to include: Kidplaza baby bath towel, Mollis baby bath towel, and Poemy baby bath towel for newborn baby,...


do I need baby towels

There are many different sizes of towels on the market. Usually, mothers should choose a size of about 115 x 115 cm, which will not be too wide when the baby is small but can still take advantage of it until the baby is a bit older. 

As the baby grows in height and weight, the mother can choose more headscarves. This type of towel is convenient to dry and makes it easy for mothers to fix the towel when the baby is active.

Do I Need Baby Towels: How To Use Towels For Children Properly 

Using baby towels properly plays an essential role in protecting your baby's skin and health. Here are some tips to help parents use baby towels appropriately.

Sorting types of towels when using

do I need baby towels

Choosing and buying the right towel is crucial in cleaning and caring for your baby. Many parents use towels arbitrarily, without classifying and separating the uses of each type of towels, such as mouth wipes, face wipes, sanitary towels, bath towels, and nursing towels,...

Each towel has its function, so do not use it for many different purposes; face towels are only used to wipe the face; they should not wipe hands, people, etc., causing bacteria to spread and penetrate the body.

Do not wrap your baby tightly with a towel

do I need baby towels

Young children are often startled during sleep, so mothers use towels to wrap the baby tightly. But in fact, the baby needs to be free to move his limbs; wrapping the towel too tightly will affect the child's development, easily cause bone complications, affect the ability to breathe, and increase the risk of pneumonia. 

Do not leave towels in the bathroom or hang towels close together on a shelf

do I need baby towels

Bathrooms harbor bacteria. If parents leave the towel in the bathroom on the same hanger when the towel is wet and combined with sebum, dust, and dead cells, the towel quickly gets dirty and has a bad smell, causing skin infections, allergies, and skin diseases. 

Parents should leave towels for babies in a clean, cool place and do not give towels close to each other.

Wipe the baby gently with the baby bath towel

do I need baby towels

Many parents often mistake wiping their children's bodies and hair using a firm hand towel to dry quickly. However, this inadvertently causes damage to the baby's skin. Therefore, after bathing or washing the baby's hair, parents should use a clean towel to dry it instead of rubbing it vigorously and gently.

Do I Need Baby Towels: How To Care For Baby Towels

In addition to how to use towels for babies, how to wash and maintain towels also receive a lot of attention. Baby towels need to be stored properly to ensure safety for your baby's sensitive skin. Therefore, when you need to make the following notes to keep your baby's towels clean:

  • Wash used towels every day in warm water (about 50ºC);
  • Use a laundry bag specifically designed for baby's towels if you use a washing machine;
  • Soak your baby's towels in organic bleach to remove stubborn stains;
  • Always dry towels in a well-ventilated, sunny place;
  • When storing towels in the cabinet, it is necessary to use a desiccant bag;
  • Change towels every 3 months.


We have just provided parents with information about baby towels and how to choose good towels and use baby towels properly. I hope the article will bring helpful and practical experiences for parents!

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