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September 5, 2022

do baby mattresses expire

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As you know, caring for a baby is not easy. If you have been parents, you could understand that many things to care about, such as clothes, car seats, bottle cots, etc. When pregnant for the second time, you tend to save money on buying new things by keeping your first child’s stuff. That’s fine, but one thing you should consider is reusing a baby mattress. So do baby mattresses expire? Let’s find out in this article.

Do baby mattresses expire?

do baby mattresses expire

“How long are baby mattresses good for?” is a common question for parents regarding baby crib mattresses. To be honest, the baby mattress typically does not have an exact expiration date. However, it is believed that quality crib mattresses should endure for at least three to five years. 

However, the lifespan of crib mattresses is longer or shorter than the period mentioned above, depending on factors such as the storage environment, washing method, or usage.

Before choosing to reuse the baby mattress rather than buy a new one for your infant, there are a few factors to consider. It should genuinely be evaluated based on the state of a particular mattress.

Is it safe to use an old crib mattress?

do baby mattresses expire

I know some parents reading this have been reusing hand-me-down mattresses for the second child. But have you ever wondered if you can use the same mattress for the second child? 

I recommend you not to reuse crib mattresses. It can contain health risks for your baby. One of the reasons why you shouldn’t reuse an old mattress for a baby is hygiene. Sometimes, you cannot avoid the baby spilling milk or urinating on the mattress during use. You think you have washed it, but this liquid has penetrated the interior of the mattress. It can cause the mattress to become damp and mold growth.

Baby mattresses are usually firm. But if it is used for a while, the firmness of the mattress will decrease. It affects the development of the baby's spine. In addition, the surface of the mattress after a few washes will be thinner, leading to tearing or sticking up.

How do I know if my crib mattress is safe and usable?

do baby mattresses expire

There is no hard and fast rule regarding when your baby’s mattress needs to be replaced. However, there are sure signs indicating when it is time to go shopping for a new one. 

The first sign you can notice easily is odor. If you see your baby’s mattress has a scent like a mold or something that smells different from the laundry, you usually use.  It needs to be replaced. It is essential to check it regularly and vacuum it often to eliminate any dust mites or other harmful organisms lurking inside it. 

The second is a deformed shape. Baby mattresses often have a flat, firmness because infants cannot control their mobility. If the mattress is too soft, your baby can sink into it and be at risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Additionally, crib mattresses flat surface supports the baby's mattresses' flat surface supports the baby’s skeleton development early, especially their spine. So, if your baby’s mattress is not flat and firm, they are most likely broken, and you need to buy a new one.

Materials of crib mattresses that good for baby

do baby mattresses expire

You know what? The lifespan of a mattress also depends on its material. There are three common types of mattresses on the market: foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, and organic mattresses. I will hightlight the pros and cons of these types of beds to help you choose the mattress that is suitable for your little one.

  • Foam mattresses come in different firmnesses, suitable for children under two years of age. In addition, foam mattresses create a comfortable feeling to help your little ones sleep safely without worrying about being allergic. The drawback of this type of mattress is that it is thin and easy to lose shape.
  • The innerspring mattress is the most popular type of mattress today. It is durable, thick, and elastic. It is suitable for both children and adults. But sometimes the springs can be inflated when used for a long time. So pay careful attention before putting your baby on it.
  • Organic foam mattresses are a great option if you want a mattress free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. The surface of organic mattresses is firmer than others to avoid the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). 

These types of mattresses are not only more comfortable but are also eco-friendly and biodegradable that giving your little the safest sleeping environment. The only drawback of this kind of crib mattress is its cost.

Tips to maintain and care for crib mattresses

Anything that is used for a while will be damaged. But if you know how to take care, it will still be in good condition. So I want to share with you a few tips to keep the old crib mattress looking like news. 

  • Using a waterproof cover helps prevent the risk of moisture from the mattress inside;
  • Changing the mattress cover regularly and vacuuming dust on the surface of the mattress;
  • Using the special laundry detergent for infants;
  • Wrapping the crib mattress in a bag, then vacuum if you plan to use it for your second baby. It is the best way to remove dirt and keep the baby mattress like new;
  • Drying the mattress in the air helps to eliminate harmful bacteria for the baby.
do baby mattresses expire


Parents should consider this issue carefully through the risk of using old mattresses mentioned above. I hope the article can help you answer the question “do baby mattresses expire” and provide helpful information and some tips to store your baby’s mattress properly.

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