Do All Baby Formulas Taste The Same? The Most Searched Questions About Baby Formula 

 June 23, 2023

By  Mei Lele

Are you seeking baby formula? 

Formula milk is an essential nutritional product for infants. In the period of raising a baby, this is an indispensable product in every family.

Indeed, in feeding babies with powdered milk, parents also have difficulties and questions about the best way to use baby formula. 

Let’s choose to buy products at reputable stores. Check the expiration date on the packaging. Quality formula milk products will have sharp packaging, the information on the bottle body is clearly and fully printed and the brand logo of the manufacturer is printed. 

Never mind, you’re in the right place. We will answer all your baby formula questions through the following article.

Do all baby formulas taste the same?

do all baby formulas taste the same

The answer is no. Baby formulas taste different, and what sets them apart is the taste. 

Manufacturers have marketed many different milk flavors so babies can enjoy various sources of nutrition. Besides, they can change their taste daily, month to month. 

The most important thing, many flavors will help babies freely choose the suitable milk for them, helping the baby to love this drink more. From there, taking care of and raising the baby will be easier for each family.

Do different brands of baby formula taste different?

do all baby formulas taste the same

Certainly yes. Of course, brands still have the same key ingredients to make up the formula. However, each brand is markedly different. 

First is the difference in taste, some flavors are sweeter, and some are fattier. Some brands create their special flavor to distinguish themselves from other brands to attract customers to enhance the experience. 

Second, the difference in prices and products with different prices will help families choose products suitable for their family's budget. 

The third is the difference in the convenience of each product. For example, some families will place the importance of convenience and speed on the product first, while ignoring the difference in taste or price.

Among thousands of different types of milk. Below, we will give you an extremely detailed and easy-to-understand example of the difference between two famous Japanese formulas Meiji and Morinaga.

From there, you will answer the question that not all milk has the same taste.

Meiji formula

  • The Meiji formula is only divided into 2 types: 0-1 years old and 1-3 years old.
  • The Meiji formula was the first brand in the world to sell DHA supplements in 1987
  • Meiji was the first formula brand in the world to bring formula close to natural milk by selectively breaking down β-Lactoglobulin not found in breast milk.
  • Meiji produces formula in a convenient form for mothers to prepare milk for their babies when they have the opportunity to go out or travel.

Morinaga formula 

  • Morinaga formula is divided into 3 types: 0-6 months, 6-36 months, and over 3 years old.
  • Morinaga is the first formula brand in the world supplemented with Lactoferrin, which has antibacterial and antiviral effects, boosting the baby's immunity by 2 times.
  • There are 2 flavors, strawberry, and vanilla, for children to choose from and change the baby’s taste.
  • Morinaga milk is only available in powder form, not in the convenient stick form like Meiji.

Which formula has better taste?

do all baby formulas taste the same

Currently, on the market, there are many brands of formulas that are advertised and launched to all customers. Brands with different flavors so that parents can freely choose for their children. 

It can be difficult to compare which recipe has a better taste because each flavor will suit each baby's taste. 

According to the polls, Similac is the best-tasting formula brand for breastfed babies. And is the most sought-after, appreciated flavor by moms on the market today.

Here is the Similac formula product that we just mentioned above for your reference.

Similac Infant Formula for babies born 

Similac is a product line of the oldest and most famous brand of milk powder in the world - Abbott USA that is safe, researched by nutritionists and manufactured using the most advanced technology.

High quality and effective results for children are the reasons why Similac is frequently sought after and sold out in the world market.

The design: Designed with bright colors and cute patterns for children, the box consists of 3 layers of thermoplastic (polyethylene), an alternating layer of paperboard, and a thin layer of aluminum. 

The materials: Essential nutrients such as Lutein, natural Vitamin E, and DHA along with golden nutrients AA, iron, Omega 3, Omega 6, Taurine, and Choline.

What we like

  • Without artificial growth hormone
  • Includes special nutrients found in breast milk such as DHA and ARA to support healthy brain, eye, and bone development of babies.
  • Supplementing the IQ Plus nutritional system to help your baby get smarter.
  • Calcium-rich milk helps children develop good height.
  • It contains 2'-FL HMO to boost your baby's immune system and support a healthy digestive system.

What we don't like

  • The high protein content makes many babies prone to constipation.

What should baby formula taste like?

Although each brand now produces a wide variety of flavors for consumers to choose from.

But the traditional flavor of formula milk is often less sweet, has a taste like cereal, and especially has a fatty flavor so that babies feel like drinking milk.

The milk lines have an excellent, sweet taste that will help the baby's metabolism better, and improve the digestive system.

Here are the top 3 best-flavored formula brands that we highly recommend:

Nestle Nan

Nestle Nan is a formula product that is well-known for its sweet and refreshing taste of the Nestle brand, which helps babies enjoy the absorption of good nutrients in milk, making mothers feel more secure.

The design: Designed with 2 main light colors blue and white. There are 3 layers: thermoplastic, paperboard, and a thin layer of aluminum. 

The materials: Contains high levels of DHA, ARA, Biphidum BL and Bifidobacteria, OPTI PRO Protein, and Smart lipid.

What we like

  • Researched for its easy-to-digest formula with mild, natural ingredients that closely resemble breast milk. An added blend of prebiotics and proteins to support the digestive system.
  • Does not cause constipation in the digestive system of children.
  • Balanced and comprehensive development between body and mind.
  • Promote and strengthen the immune system to help children limit common diseases.

What we don't like

  • Not a desirable product for baby weight gain.

Enfamil A+

Enfamil A+ for babies is a familiar formula from the Mead Johnson brand established in 1900. Up to now, the brand has been present in 50 countries, gaining the prestige of thousands of parents in using Enfamil A+.

The design: Enfamil has 3 types, with 3 different colors: yellow, blue, and purple. The box has 3 layers: thermoplastic, paperboard, and a thin layer of aluminum. 

The materials: Lactose, vegetable oil blend, skimmed milk powder, pure whey protein blend - the source of MFGM, unicellular oil, ARA, DHA, MFGM Pro, Colin, Fiber, Vitamins, and Minerals.

What we like

  • Enfamil A+ is integrated with MFGM nutrients to help babies enhance both intelligence (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ) right from birth.
  • Full of minerals that increase the body's ability to absorb nutrients, support weight gain, and have better height.
  • Lightweight pillow easy to carry even when you travel
  • Made of fabric that's easy to clean and dry

What we don't like

  • When you wash too much, the quality of the fabric will be affected a little

Can a baby not like the taste of formula?

People often think of infant formula as an indispensable nutritional drink for babies. But not all babies like formula milk for the following reasons.

The first reason is that the baby is getting bored of milk between 4 months and 6 years old or maybe earlier. According to research experts, when the baby is 3 months old to 4 months old. 

Babies at this age are very fond of milk and suckle quite quickly. This leads to the baby's digestive tract having to work harder than usual. Since then, their digestive tract needs rest to stabilize the physiological regime.

The second reason is that the taste of the formula milk you feed your baby does not match the baby's preferences. Nowadays, there are many new flavors that babies can't get used to, while the ones that babies most often suck on are just traditional milk flavors similar to breast milk.

The third reason is that your baby has been drinking too much formula for a long time. The familiar milk flavor has caused boredom for the baby. Since then, the babies will be bored of drinking formula. 

What to do if the baby is bored with milk

do all baby formulas taste the same

Probably in the period of taking care of the baby and formula feeding. Every mother encounters a time when her baby gets bored with formula. This is a question that many people ask, so when I encounter this case. Please try the following methods:

First, try changing the method of formula feeding. If in the past, parents often gave their children formula milk according to the quantity and portion size prescribed by the doctor. But if the baby is going through a period of boredom, then the quantitative division will certainly not make sense. 

Never force a baby to suckle when he doesn't want to. The solution will be that you only breastfeed when the baby is hungry and crying, not on a specific daily schedule. Offer your child meals only when he wants to eat.

Second, once your baby is used to and adjusting to a formula, moms shouldn't change the formula too much soon. Even though your child has grown, moms want to change the taste of the meal. 

But at a certain age, mothers should only give the baby a maintenance drink of powdered milk. If you change the taste of powdered milk too much, the baby will not adapt in time, causing anorexia and boredom.

Is formula milk really necessary for the baby?

Perhaps, in the process of taking care of the baby, every family prepares for their child a suitable formula to help promote the baby's metabolism so the baby can absorb the good nutrients that help the baby. The baby is fully developed.

Is formula milk really necessary for the baby?

The answer is definitely yes. You can see in the process of taking care of the baby, every family prepares for their child a suitable formula to help promote the baby's metabolism so the baby can absorb the good nutrients that help the baby. The baby is fully developed.

At the same time, mothers will experience periods of low milk and not enough milk to breastfeed. Therefore, formula milk is a very necessary product to support children's nutrition to help them grow quickly and always be in a state of fullness.

do all baby formulas taste the same


Hopefully, the last article has helped parents understand more about the ingredients in formula milk. 

Moreover, thanks to the answers to the questions being asked today, parents can choose the best formula products for their babies, making the process of raising babies easier.

Mei Lele

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