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February 15, 2023

Choosing between distilled water or purified water for baby formula

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How do you choose between distilled water or purified water for baby formula?

The formula is a drink that contains many good nutrients for babies. 

In the following article, we will answer questions about the best way to mix infant formula with 2 types of water: distilled and purified water.

Differences between distilled water and purified water?

Differences between distilled water and purified water

Distilled water

Distilled water is pure water extracted from nature and distilled for purification. Distilled water does not contain minerals, so people use distilled water in medicine, such as preparing injections, oral drugs, brand-name drugs, medical washing, and wound washing. Using distilled water is not as healthy than purified water.

Purified water

Purified water is water that is led through an RO membrane or a specialized filtration system used to remove impurities that are potentially harmful to humans. It is a type of water that can be drunk directly, and served for daily life.

Is distilled water safe for baby formula?

Is distilled water safe for baby formula

The answer is yes. Distilled water is safe to use with formula. Distilled water does not contain any other nutrients or impurities. When mixed with formula milk will help your baby absorb all the nutrients available in baby formula.

However, a few notes when choosing to buy distilled water is that you need to choose to buy distilled water products at reputable stores. 

Before buying, please check the expiration date on the packaging. Quality distilled water products will have sharp packaging, the information on the bottle body is clearly and fully printed and the brand logo of the manufacturer is printed. Buying contaminated distilled water will seriously affect the health of the baby.

Is purified water safe for baby formula?

The answer is of course yes. Purified water is water that is carefully filtered to remove impurities before being bottled. You can use pure water directly with baby formula.

However when choosing pure water. You must carefully read the list of ingredients in the water. If the water has a lot of additives like fluoride or too many electrolytes. Then these substances are not good for the health of the baby.

What is better for baby formula: distilled water or purified water?

What is better for baby formula: distilled water or purified water

Purified water offers many health benefits that do not need to be boiled first such as helping to absorb nutrients and maintain the digestive system. Avoid the risk of diseases: like typhoid, diarrhea, and gastritis caused by using contaminated water.

However, purified water has some limitations such as:

It is easy to encounter products containing a lot of fluorides that can adversely affect brain cells and nerve cells. 

At the same time, Maintenance systems are of great significance for purifying pure water. users must pay attention to the filtration system and regular maintenance to remove dirt or micro-impurities that accumulate for a long time.

Distilled water is also considered the purest type of water. However, clean water is thanks to the distillation method, not through the filtration method. It is a type of water that can be used for drinking and cooking every day. However, now it is used more in the experiment and production of drugs. 

During distillation, harmful contaminants can be removed. But when over-distilled, distilled water is stripped of too many essential nutrients that can negatively affect the baby's health.

In summary, we should use purified water to make baby formula. The reason that most people use purified water is. Pure water contains many nutrients and is filtered more carefully than distilled water to help avoid dangerous diseases in the baby's body. While distilled water is only commonly used in the laboratory.

Do I Need to Boil Distilled Water for Baby Formula?

Do I Need to Boil Distilled Water for Baby Formula

The answer is definitely yes. Distilled water must be carefully filtered and boiled before making baby formula. When the water is boiled, harmful bacteria and impurities are removed helping to avoid impurities that are harmful to the baby's health.

There are some opinions that if you use unboiled mineral water to make milk for your baby, it will be better, more convenient, and more economical. However, using unboiled mineral water changes the nutrients in the formula.

In addition, this will adversely affect the immature digestive system like adults, making the baby unable to metabolize all the minerals in mineral water. This will put the baby at risk of kidney stones in the long run.

Do I need to boil purified water for baby formula?

Do I need to boil purified water for baby formula

Because purified water has removed all harmful bacteria or dirt, boiling pure water is not necessary. People can use them directly such as drinking or cooking daily. Especially can directly mix baby formula. Unless in case you want to increase the temperature of the water to make milk, then bring it to a boil.

If you want to use pure water with 100% purity, then carefully study reputable brands to buy clean water. Consult consumer reviews and buy popular water. At the same time prepare a good water filter so that your family can use quality water.

What is the appropriate temperature of the water for making baby formula?

the appropriate temperature of the water for making baby formula

Surely mothers are also confused about what is the correct milk temperature. Most formula kinds of milk come with instructions to prepare milk at a temperature of 40-50 degrees Celsius. Do not mix milk with water that is too boiling up to 100 degrees Celsius because the formula contains many nutrients and ingredients. heat-sensitive vitamins. High heat will destroy the nutrients in the milk or kill the beneficial bacteria in the formula.

The top 2 types of pure water to make baby milk are recommended

Currently, on the market, many types of purified water are advertised loudly. The appearance of too many items makes buyers confused and do not know which type is best for both adults and children. 

Don't worry, we will suggest to you 2 types of water that are most popular in the world market and Vietnam today. 1 category for families with a stable income. and 1 category for high-income families.


Aquafina is the offspring of Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage Limited but is designed and manufactured under the copyright project of PepsiCo New York, USA. Pure water is loved by many people around the world.

The design: The packaging is made of safe, biodegradable plastic. Designed in light tones of white and blue.

The materials: It is a pure spring water product. 99% of the ingredients are H2 and O2. There are no other minerals.

What we like

  • Selected and carefully treated for optimum water purity.
  • Licensed and certified by food safety authorities.
  • Experimenters have researched and used modern equipment for production.
  • There are no other harmful impurities in the water.

What we don't like

  • Easy to buy fake Aquafina on the market


Fiji natural mineral water is the leading importer in the US market. It is a high-end product that caters to the middle and upper class. The flavor it brings makes users feel extremely different. Every drop of water that Fiji brings is sweet and fresh.

The design: The outer packaging is environmentally friendly biodegradable soft plastic. Designed with fresh bright blue colors with bright red hibiscus flowers for a soothing feeling.

The materials: Natural mineral water from the island nation of Fiji. The main ingredients are H2 and O2 without impurities.

What we like

  • Is a protected water source away from sources of pollution and impurities.
  • Cast directly at the source
  • It has a distinct, unique mellow taste and high electrolyte properties.
  • Pure water is completely clean and contains many minerals beneficial for health.

What we don't like

  • High price, hard to buy. 
Choosing between distilled water or purified water for baby formula


Hopefully, the above 2 types of water will help you choose the right pure water for your baby. Bringing the best in nurturing a baby's health.

It is important to choose and use the right water source to make baby milk. Parents must be fully knowledgeable about pure water. Thereby helping children have a comprehensive development without being affected by health.

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