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July 3, 2022

Can You Put Gripe Water In Formula

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Many parents try various techniques to calm their fussy or colicky infant, including switching the formula or adding gripe water.

To be fair, some infants find it difficult to take drugs no matter how they are provided, and parents start to think about can you put gripe water in formula?

However, before mixing anything with gripe water, parents should consider it carefully because it may unintentionally cause infant side effects.

Can you put gripe water in formula?

Can You Put Gripe Water In Formula

Everyone detests seeing their young children in distress. You may feel exhausted due to your baby's colic or stomach issues. However, it will not take too long for gripe water to work. Gripe water is a moderate supplement, but it works best when administered separately.

Why do manufacturers insist on not putting gripe water in the formula? 

Some infants find it difficult to take drugs because they simply dislike the taste of the medication. As a final option, some parents will try combining the formula like milk or juice with gripe water. However, gripe water loses some of its effectiveness when it is diluted. 

More importantly, caregivers might not notice that the combination of gripe water and milk may cause side effects. For instance, according to News Medical Life Science, it is advised to wait 3 hours after taking an antibiotic medication before consuming dairy items such as cheese, milk, butter, and yogurt. 

To answer why you should not mix antibiotics and antipyretics with dairy products, Neal Patel, RPS spokesperson, said:

"The calcium in milk binds to the antibiotic, preventing it from entering the bloodstream to combat illness. It is possible that the infection will not be eradicated by the end of the course even if the milk only affects half of the medication."

In daily meals, infants consume breast milk as the main source of food. While in gripe water, the ingredients often include sour fruits such as lemon juice and citric acid. Dr. Vasant Lad recommends that sour fruits and milk are incompatible because they make milk curdle. 

In general, gripe water should not be mixed with formula. However, there are many different ways to serve gripe water to kids without using formula.

Other ways to give gripe water to a baby

Some parents struggle to give their infants gripe water. You can try to serve gripe water with different props, such as a dropper, a syringe, or a bottle.

Can You Put Gripe Water In Formula
  • If you use the dropper, directly place it into your child's mouth. Gently press the dropper on the inside of the cheek. Before giving them more, let them have a small amount at a time.
  • Slowly inject a few drops of gripe water with the accompanying no-spill syringe toward the side of the mouth, letting your child swallow between each administration. It is also crucial to take care not to deliver it too rapidly or shoot it into your baby's throat because doing so could shock them and cause them to choke on the gripe water.
  • Use the baby's bottle instead of a syringe or dropper if the mother finds it challenging to provide the gripe water. To make it easier for babies to swallow the gripe water, mothers may put the appropriate quantity of gripe water inside the empty bottle for the baby to drink.

How do you use gripe water?

It is vital to think about the serving size of gripe water. Your baby's age determines how much of a serving you use for each application.

Using the gripe water usage dose guideline is suggested.

  • 1 mL up to 15 times per day for infants from two to six weeks old.
  • 2 mL up to 15 times per day for infants between six and 10 weeks old.
  • 5 mL up to six times per day for infants aged 10 weeks to 6 months.

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Do you provide gripe water before or after feeding?

When babies feel gassy from eating too quickly or from gulping while feeding, they typically need gripe water after feeding. It is advisable to wait 30 minutes after feeding so that the food has time to digest.


There are many common questions from a lot of parents about serving gripe water to your infant. To ensure that all of your concerns are solved, we have gathered those questions into this FAQ.

Why does my baby have such nighttime gas?

Some newborns get gassy more frequently than others, but most babies do. Having gas is frequently worse at night. This has nothing to do with what the mother does or eats and is primarily caused by the baby's undeveloped digestive system.

Why does gripe water make my baby sleep better and longer?

The baby usually feels comfortable and is able to calm down and rest when the pain is reduced. After relief from colic, peaceful sleep frequently occurs naturally. Once their colic pain is relieved, some babies begin acting like their happy, playful selves.

How do I store gripe water?

Store this item away from direct sunlight, at room temperature. Most gripe water brands do not require refrigeration.

How long should I keep serving my baby gripe water?

Until the infant outgrows these digestive discomforts,  gripe water can be administered whenever you see your child has colic symptoms. Additionally, gripe water can be quite effective at reducing colic discomfort and stomach pain brought on by teething and the introduction of new meals.

Can gripe water make my baby poo easier?

For newborns and infants, gripe water is believed to ease gastric discomfort, facilitate gastric passage, perhaps prevent constipation, promote bowel movements, and even possibly ease colic.

What distinguishes gripe water from gas drops?

The gas relief drops assist the infant in burping out all the stomach air that has been stirred up by crying fits. With its components of ginger and fennel, gripe water also facilitates burping and helps calm a baby's upset stomach. Together, they ease babies' stomach discomfort and offer long-lasting relief from gas pains.

Can You Put Gripe Water In Formula


Some babies might like gripe water because the product can calm them down. Even if your infants do not like the taste of the product, parents should not serve it with any kind of formula for the best result. Although a baby's colic may feel like it lasts for a very long time, colic usually disappears on its own as the child grows older.

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