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September 9, 2021

boost your children's intelligence

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Parents often think that children love toys the most. Therefore, every time they go shopping or buy gifts for their children, parents "surf" through the first toy counter and stay there for a long time to choose.

But parents do not know that children who can play and interact with their parents will not only be more confident, but their brains will also develop many times more. No matter how expensive and beautiful these toys are, they do not bring as many benefits to children as when they laugh with their parents.

But there is a problem that most parents cannot find a solution to, which is how to patiently play with their children without getting bored. Indeed, playing with children is not easy. Getting children to enjoy playing with their parents is even more difficult. And so parents have to leave playing with their children to expensive toys, model cars, shiny kitchen sets and of course TVs, phones, and tablets.

Believe it or not, the best toy for kids at all ages to boost your children's intelligence is completely free. 


The importance of interaction

boost your children's intelligence

It's not about what foods to choose to help your children develop skills and intelligence, but how you interact with them.

It's not that "he’s too young to learn", but brain development and neural connections take place at its strongest during the first 5 years of life.

It's not about which method will help your baby's brain development from birth, but how much QUALITY TIME you can spend with your children.

Quality time is not measured by hours and hours cuddling your baby, but your attention and presence when he needs it, instead of "Mommy/ Daddy is busy, I will play with you later".

It's not when children learn more words or words, but how parents provide data for children to make their own information connections.

It is not at all costs to minimize crying, tantrums, and anger by following your children, but teaching them to understand and recognize how they are feeling.

It's not about stopping your children's negative emotions, but recognizing and teaching them how to express their feelings in an appropriate way.

It's not about what to do to stop a bad behavior, but you need to know the reasons behind the bad behavior to prevent or respond to it.

Your children can only get these things when they have a strong relationship with parents or caregivers, let them practice positive interactions to form the most optimal development foundation.

If you have not yet thought of what to play with your children, the following simple games not only help parents and children closer together, but also make children excited and find joy in being near their parents.

7 easy and simple ways to boost your children's intelligence

boost your children's intelligence

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