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March 26, 2021

thule stroller standing board

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Parenting is hard. And it is not double, but 1,000 times harderwhen you have more than one child. Have you ever been in a dire situation where there is only one stroller, and neither of your kids wants to walk? 

“A piece of cake”- You may claim and come up with this solution: Let the older child walk while the younger sits. But the case wouldn't be that easy as your older child may grumble and fussy at any minute. Buying a two-seat stroller may be costly, and you are on a tight budget for it. What a predicament!

Maybe you have already thought about this ahead and got yourself a stroller with stand for older child. But most of us do not think that much when buying things for our first born. 

While buying a double stroller is a costly and bulky option, you can get yourself a stroller with glider board. As an example, let's take a look at my favorite brand: Thule stroller standing board. 

About Thule

Founded in 1942, Thule is a Swedish company known for its quality products. Since its inception, Thule has worked through its business to add value to the community, helping families and outdoor enthusiasts feel at ease in their busy lives. 

The Thule range includes everything from car racks, bicycle racks, camera bags, backpacks, luggage, and tents. You can find everything you need for your family and your journey here without breaking a sweat.

When it comes to tools to help parents nurture and take care of their children, Thule offers a wide variety of strollers with many eye-catching designs. In addition, the company also manufactures inferior accessories to suit specific groups of people.

All in all, this is a good company that you can place your trust in.

Thule Stroller Standing Board Review

Thule stroller standing board has been appreciated and received a lot of positive feedback from many users because of the utility it brings. 

To be more specific, a stroller board is a standing platform that is designed with two wheels for movement and can be attached to the stroller. This tool allows one child to stand on it without having to scramble for the cramped space in the one-seater stroller with the other child.

So what makes the stroller standing board from the Thule brand stand out from the crowd? Is this product really a bang for the buck? Keep reading as I will cover all the details you need to consider before adding this board to your shopping cart.


At first glance, the Thule Stroller Standing Board seems quite compact. It really strikes my eyes with the simple yet sleek design. 

First, let's talk about dimensions. This board is 15.7 x 13 x 6.3 inches. This size fits relatively well for any stroller and suitable for storage purposes. 

In addition, Thule also designs its Stroller Standing Board in accordance with the lightweight trend, which perfectly suits the current market tastes. 

To be more specific, it weighs only 2 pounds. Compared to other boards on the market, such as the UPPAbaby Cruz PiggyBack Ride-Along Board with up to 3.8 pounds in weight, this number should be highly appreciated.

However, I find it a minus point when it comes to the color. This product comes to the market with a simple design, so its color is also straightforward. For me, the two basic colors of black and white give me quite a good impression as an adult, but for a child, it is not the case.

Your kids may find it boring with just the monotonous colors of black and white, especially the little girls, as they all love colorful and girly designs. Of course, the preferences vary from child to child, but I think they share the same point of view in general.

If you are worried about whether this standing board looks weird when attached to a flashy stroller with vibrant colors like pink or red, then let your hair down. For me, this product still looks good in that case as it makes up only a small part of the whole stroller. 


Despite its compact design, the Thule stroller standing board is large enough for a child to feel safe and secure when standing on it. In terms of functionality, this board can withstand a maximum weight of up to 44 lbs, which is the equivalent of a six to seven-year-old kid.

Overall, this performance level stands at a mid-range level. On the market, there are quite a few types of standing boards for strollers with such performance levels, such as Bumbleride Mini Board Toddler Board, Joolz Black Footboard, to name but a few. 

However, I am completely satisfied with this performance. Honestly, you can hardly demand too much weight for a compact product. My six-year-old newphew can still use this product smoothly without any problems. He loves it very much and asks me to use it every time we are out for a walk. He even named this product the powerful automatic skateboard.

Talking about stability, the Thule board still gains a plus point as it offers a relatively good balance. Rest assured that your child can feel at ease, and the risk of him or her falling off will be minimized to the greatest extent.


Are you afraid of the noise when taking your baby out for a walk? Do you get annoyed when the creaking sound comes from the stroller? If you do, then you might not be into this product as the noise it creates is sometimes troublesome.

This is probably the biggest minus point of the Thule stroller standing board, and many consumers have complained about it to the manufacturer. 

For me, the sound this product creates is acceptable, not unbearable. It doesn’t matter when you are on a busy road or in a supermarket where there are a lot of people around. 

However, if you take your kids to quiet places like the park, then the noise may become transparent. Yes, I got you, noise-haters! So take this point into account before you add this product to your shopping cart. 

Ease of use 

The stroller standing board from the Thule brand is claimed to be quite easy to use, and I find this statement quite correct when purchasing and trying it out. 

First, you may find the board super easy to attach to the stroller with just a few steps. Besides, folding the product away also requires you little to no effort.

You might ask a lot of questions when using a standing board, like "do I have to bend over to adjust it?" or "Can I push it away with my feet like the other products?" Then the final answer is that this board will fold upside down towards the stroller. All you need to do is bend over and clamp in position when folded.


What is the best stroller with glider board? This is the question I asked when deciding to purchase this board. Before buying an accessory, I always consider its compatibility with other products, and I bet that you are also in the same boat. 

This standing board, in general, fits quite well with Thule Sleek and Thule Spring. If you want to boost their performance to the greatest level, then use it with these two strollers.

However, if you own other types of strollers, like the Urban 2.0 jogging stroller, or the Thule urban glide, then I am sorry to say that it is not a good fit. So make sure you check the dimensions before purchasing.

How to Install The Thule Stroller Standing Board

Installing this standing board into the stroller is also a piece of cake and doesn't take much time. You should be able to get it fully operational within 10 minutes. Just follow these steps, and you will be done.

First, attach the two wheels to the gilder board. No matter what side wheel it is, it just needs to be installed randomly. Simply click the casters into the slots and then screw the arms on the sides of the board. 

Some postures will require the use of arm extensions.  The next step is to stick the friction pads in the area you intend to attach the strip connectors. Now, tighten the strip connectors, and you're ready to screw the longest red screws you get in the set. Then, it’s time to attach the board to the posture; just click the board arms into the connectors, and the installation process is almost complete.

Don’t forget to check if you can fold your value with the board on it and make necessary adjustments.

Honestly, there's no need to worry too much as the mounting is easy and doesn't take much effort. Young moms can even install it themself without the help of their husbands.

However, before using it for the first time, you must ensure that there is enough space for the child to stand freely and flexibly between the stroller and the handlebar.


Is Thule Stroller Standing Board Easy To Clean?

The answer is Yes. Because the surface of this product is quite smooth and dust-proof, you can be completely assured of the cleanliness that it brings. Since then the cleaning takes place also a lot easier.

Can Two Children Stand On It At The Same Time?

If you are considering letting two children stand on the board as you have up to three or four kids, then we regret to inform you that you shouldn’t. 

Why? Since the maximum weight limit of this product is 44 pounds, which is equivalent to a six-year-old child, you should not let two children stand on it at the same time. 

The stability of this standing board will be negatively affected if it exceeds the manufacturer's recommended load. If your kids are younger and lighter, you should also restrict them from standing on the standing board as they can play, push and fall.

Another bad news is that for kids under 2 years old, Thule Glider Board is not a good fit.

What Is The Best Stroller With This Glider Board?

Again, Thule Spring and Thule Sleek will be the best fit for this Thule stroller standing board. Most of the other strollers are incompatible. So, take this into consideration before making up your mind.

Can My Child Use It Like A Skateboard

A big No. You should never let your child utilize the platform for pushing the stroller like a skateboard.  Severe danger can happen at any time. 

Is Thule A Trustworthy Brand?

You can completely rest assured of the quality and prestige that Thule brings. With the motto of bringing the best in life to you, Thule always satisfies almost all customers, even the most demanding ones. If you still don't believe it, this company's long existence will partly prove the truth.


You have got yourself a little peak behind the curtain of the Thule stroller standing board. Even though there are some drawbacks, I am quite satisfied with the quality of this product. It’s compact, lightweight, easy to fold away when not in use, and it has a quite competitive price compared to other standing boards on the market.

The only minus point I don’t like about this product is its noise, but I can still accept it. If you are not a noise hater, and your baby won’t be disturbed by the noise, then Thule stroller standing board is a good option to go for.

Anyway, the choice is yours. Make sure you walk through the end of my review to have a better outlook on this product. Be wise before you put it in your shopping cart!

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