About me

Wow hey, thank you so much for checking this page out. Like, really, thanks!

If you are here, I assume that you are either interested in my articles and want to know who the hell I am, or you are just simply curious. Well, it doesn’t matter. You are here now.

A little bit about me.

My name is Mai, a mom of an amazing 18-month-old boy as of Jun 2020.

I have a full time job at day time, I blog at night time and I mom all day and night.

The first couple months of my pregnancy, things went really well. But the last few weeks before giving birth, things started going wrong. Stretch marks, PUPPP rash, sleep deprivation, you name it.

After having my son, I spent the first 4 months sleeping only 2 to 3 hours a day because the rest of time I spent to take care of him and massage his neck to relieve his infant torticollis syndrome (titled head).

I was struggling big time financially, to pay off the mortgage, debt to my siblings and the bills.

I was depressed. And stressed out. I felt like my life was in the toilet.

But I made it out of the mess. Alive. Sane. And the most important of all, my son is healthy, happy and titled-head-free.

I also jump all over the internet to search for all the resources I need as a daily mom. And I realize some other moms are facing the same problems I had.

So I said, why not creating a website, sharing what I know. Hopefully some moms can resonate and feel more relax to mom their own ways.

My site is also a participant in several affiliate programs, including Amazon affiliate. So I would appreciate if you can use my site, to go to Amazon and make your purchase. This has no extra cost for you, but it gives me a little support to keep my site going and help me to achieve my goal.

My career goal, except from raising a human being, is to be able to make money online and work from home so that I can always be there for my little one and my family.

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